18 Powerful Health Benefits of Japanese Persimmon

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The benefits of persimmon fruit are quite plentiful. The persimmon fruit itself has a very nutritious content for our body. Even the nutritious content of this persimmon fruit is similar with apple fruit. Persimmon fruit contains a high fiber. Read: Health Benefits of Persimmon

The fiber content is twice more than an apple fruit. Beside the sweet flavor, persimmon fruit is also rich in benefits. The health benefits of Japanese Persimmon for our own body.

Here are 15 health benefits of Japanese Persimmon for body health

  1. Prevent blood vessel become solid.
  2. Stabilize the blood pressure.
  3. Prevent cancer.
  4. Delay premature aging.
  5. Keep the blood vessel flexibility so the blood pressure remain normal.
  6. Keep the lungs health.
  7. Strengthen the spleen.
  8. Slimming your body for the overweight.
  9. Prevent the macular disease for an oldster.
  10. Increase the red blood cells so the necessity of oxygen and food extracts will be fulfilled well.
  11. Keep the heart health.
  12. Increase the body immune system.
  13. Wage the blood circulation.
  14. Increase the metabolism process in body.
  15. Anti-tumor

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Benefits of Persimmon Fruit for Natural Treatment

Here are more health benefits of Japanese Persimmon:

1. Hypertension

The benefit of persimmon fruit only can be felt by our body consuming it. Aside from consuming it directly, persimmon fruit also can be juiced into a fresh juice. Drink this persimmon juice everyday so the suffered hypertension disease will get better and better.

The other processing way of persimmon fruit for treatment is by drying it up. The dried up persimmon fruit can be made as a drinkable potion. The ways of making it is very easy:

  1. Prepare two dried up persimmon fruits.
  2. Put into a pot then fill it with water and steame it until done.
  3. Puree the steamed persimmon fruit.
  4. Add one spoon of pure honey then mix it and drink it.

This traditional persimmon fruit potion is quite effective to cure cough with phlegm and asthma. Read: Symptoms of Asthma

2. Cure Stomach Ache

To cure stomach ache, you can ease it by consuming one fresh persimmon fruit. The sore and heat in stomach will vanish by itself. There is also a traditional potion to cure diarrhea or dysentery ways of making it are :

  1. Boiled 2 dry persimmon fruit.
  2. Steer until it become a porridge.
  3. Then mix with a squeeze of lime and glutinous rice.
  4. Consume the persimmon fruit potion 3 times a day.

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Benefits of Persimmon Fruit in Culinary

Even it is called ‘java apple’, persimmon fruit has a different flesh texture. If the apple flesh has a hard texture, the persimmon fruit texture is not. Persimmon fruit texture is softer and more juicer. The flavor is also way different than an apple fruit. The flesh of apple is tasted sweet-sour, while the persimmon fruit’s flesh tasted very sweet.

So it is still enjoyable if you eat directly without processed it into juice or any other processed persimmon fruit. The sweet flavor of the flesh also can be made as a cake topping like a cherry fruit. You may also read about Health Benefits of Chili Leaves

In some region in Indonesia, Persimmon fruit is called flirty fruit because of the white powdered colored skin of this persimmon fruit. This white color that stick on the persimmon fruit skin is a white powder. The similar shape with apple fruit is the reason why this persimmon fruit named java apple.