3 Main Benefits of Jicama Scrubs for Beauty Purpose

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Who doesn’t recognize jicama ? This white-solid  texture fruit can be found easily in the market. Jicama (pachyrhizus erosus) generally originated from Mexico and Central America. This sweet and crunchy fruit can thrives in tropical area. This fruit diameter is approximately between 7 until 10 cm. (Also read: Health Benefits of Jicama  )

Jicama usually consumed as a table-fruit, but it is not rare to be made as sweets nor mixed fruits etc. Other than that, in non-food sector, jicama also often made as make up mask or scrub to beautify the skin.

To be made as makeup mask, the extract of jicama can be shredded and be strained until it form precipitate that later can be made as makeup mask.

So how about the dregs ? Is it necessary to be thrown away ? Aw, not yet. Because actually the dregs of jicama also can be beneficial for your skin beauty. This following article ill discuss about benefit of jicama dregs that can be obtain for our skin beauty.

Nutrition content of Jicama

Because of the content occur in jicama, jicama is quite popular to be consumed as makeup mask to beautify the skin. Next is the information of jicama nutritional content.

Table 1. Information of Jicama Nutrition per 100 gram

Nutrition Content Number
Energy55 kkal
Protein1,4 gr
Fat0,2 gr
Carbohydrate12,8 gr
Calcium15 mg
Phosphor18 mg
Iron0,6 mg
Vitamin C20 mg
Vitamin B10,04 mg
Vitamin A0,5 IU
Water85,1 gr

Now, let’s take a look about the benefits of jicama scrubs for beauty:

Benefit of Jicama DregsManfaat Ampas Bengkoang

Although the precipitate is the one oftenly used for making the makeup mask, The jicama dregs is still can give some tantalizing benefit. Here are the benefits of jicama scrubs for beauty purpose. 

  1. Help get rid of acne

To help get rid of acne, You can use the jicama dregs by applying it evenly on the face. But before that make sure you clean your face with clear water first. Let the dregs makeup mask stand on your face for about 15 minutes until the jicama makeup mask dries up. After that, clean the jicama dregs that still stuck on your face with clear flowing water. Do regularly for the maximum result.

  1. Help removing the dead skin cell

To help removing the dead skin cell, You can use the jicama dregs as natural scrub to removing the dead skin cell and dirt inside skin. You can do the scrub with rotating motion so the dirt lifted. Let it stand for a while so the Vitamin C that contained in jicama can be absorbed well by your skin. After that clean your skin from the jicama dregs with cold water. Do it regularly for the maximum result.

  1. Help whitening the skin

For you that wanted whiter skin, it is no wrong to try natural makeup mask from jicama dregs. It’s quite easy as it shown above, Which is applying the jicama dregs on your face. Let it stand for about 30 minutes. After it dries up, rinse the jicama dregs from your face. Do it regularly to get the maximum result. 

How to make a natural bengkoang mask

  • Take 1 bengkoang fruit.
  • Skinny until clean then wash it up too.
  • You can choose to cut it into small pieces or not.
  • Grate bengkoang until run out.
  • Then squeeze the water without adding water.
  • Let the water juice bengkoang to settle.
  • Use the sediment from the juice bengkoang into a mask.

Not only bengkoang which has many benefits for the beauty of your skin. For maximum results, you can also mix a mask with some ingredients that of course have benefits for facial beauty.

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There are some information we can convey about the benefits of jicama scrubs for beauty purpose. After you read about this information, feels free to try it yourself to get the benefit of jicama dregs for your skin beauty. Thank you for your time for reading this article and hopefully it was helpful for you.