8 Health Benefits of Tofu Dregs (Okara) That You Never Know

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Tofu dregs is one of the well-known dish in some region of Indonesia such as Central Java and some other region. However for urban region it is normal to not know the dish that comes from this tofu which is tofu dregs. Tofu dregs is a waste substance obtained during the tofu production process.

The boiled soybean will be hushed for a while, then will be milled. And then, the tofu extract from the milled soybean will be deposited into tofu. While the remain of the milled soybean will become the dregs. You may also read: Benefits of Tofu

The dregs character is identical with tofu which is has a whiter and tender color. Here where tofu dregs can be processed into various kind of dish that has enough nutrition for body. The other benefit of tofu dregs is can be used for animal food.

Nutrient Value of Tofu dregs

Tofu dregs often to be processed into various kind of dish and the flavor is not so different with tofu or other processed soybean dish. Is tofu dregs contain nutrition so that safe to consumed ? Yes, tofu dregs has some good enough nutrition value.

Below is some kind of nutrient that can be found in tofu dregs:

  • Kind of Nutrient/ 100 gram
  • Energy 400 kkal
  • Protein 26 gram
  • Carbohydrate 18,9 gram
  • Fat 12 Liter
  • Calcium 16 mg
  • Iron 3 mg
  • Phosphor 28 mg
  • Vitamin B1 0,5 mg

Tofu dregs initially only become a not well liked homely dish by many people. But evidently the nutrition value and benefit of tofu dregs are so good for people and other consumer. Here are some health benefits of Tofu Dregs:

1. Processed into Tempe

One of tofu dregs processed kind that mostly found in Central Java region is tempe gembus. This tempe processed from tofu dregs that processed with yeast like the one for making soybean tempe. The process for making tofu dregs is really easy, less matter, and more product. You may also read: Health Benefits of Tempe

Tempe gembus can be cooked into various dish suit with taste. In Central Java region, tempe gembus normally sold with a lower price. This dish is not only healthy but full of nutrients as well.

2. Cow Food

Tofu dregs is often used by cow breeder as a food source for the cow. Tofu dregs contain high calories amount so that can be a source of energy for the cow. Aside from other nutritional content in tofu dregs can fulfill the good nutrient for the cow.

The cow that fed from the tofu dregs usually fat-faster compared the one that not. Usually the breeder mix the tofu dregs with a boiled soybean juice so the cow very liked it.

3. Feed Source For Fish

Tofu dregs can be processed into feed source for fish as well. The high protein content able to accelerate the growth of the fish.The way of processing tofu dregs into fish feed is by keeping the tofu dregs in the open space.

Then the dregs was given a few additional material like white-egg nor a leftover fish feed to evolve the microorganism. After a few days and lot of microorganism’s been found then the tofu dregs can feed the fish. Cattle fish like catfish become a fish that liked this feed very much. You may also read: Benefits of Ornamental Fish for Health

4. Nata de Soya Production

Other tofu dregs benefit is can be processed into other dish and contain a high nutrient value. Nata de Soya is kind of dish that’s been produced from tofu dregs fermentation. Nata de soya is one of the result of tofu dregs processing so that become a white, chewy and delicious food material.

Nata de Soya Processing using a bacillus amyloliquefaciens bacteria. Tofu dregs processing into Nata de Soya can increase the nutrient value and increase the community consumption value. You may also read: Health Benefits of Boiled Soybeans

5. Tofu Dregs as Organic Fertilzer

The benefit of tofu dregs is not only useful for feeding, but can be used as fertilizer. The awareness to elaborate organic plant is growing higher. This matter is followed by the progress of agriculture system and organic fertilizer. Tofu dregs as a wasted material of tofu processing turn out can be use as source of organic fertilizer.

Tofu dregs contain some minerals like nitrogen, phosphate and calcium and potassium. These three kind of compound is really important to fertilize the plant. Tofu dregs can be formed into liquid or solid organic fertilizer. Organic compound that found in tofu dregs are also much more so it is very safe for human consumption.

6. Tofu Dregs Flour

Health benefits of Tofu Dregs, also can be used in a form of flour. Tofu dregs contain calorie and protein in high enough amount. Tofu dregs will be processed into a rice flour-alike nor a wheat flour. The production of dregs flour can be used for making cake and other kind of dish. In a developed research it is proven that dregs flour is very good to support children’s growth.  

7. Tofu Dregs For Bird Feed

Tofu dregs has been processed into various kind dish for human. Now a lot of tofu dregs has been used as special feeding material for livestock. Chicken and duck become the animal that like tofu dregs. The mix of tofu dregs with the remain of coconut mill is proven can increase bird’s growth.

8. Tofu Dregs Become Processed Cracker

Cracker is usually processed with some mixed type of flour and fish. However for people who allergic to certain fish and flour then they can not eat the cracker. Now cracker can be processed with a several step. Tofu dregs will be selected and filtered to remove dirt. After that the truly net tofu dregs will be mixed with flour and fish or with other type of flavor. Tofu dregs give a high enough antioxidant subscription in cracker processing.

Health benefits of Tofu Dregs, indeed can be used into some feeding source for human or livestock. However remembering tofu dregs is include a type of waste, so the processing way and the consumption must be done carefully. Tofu dregs can contain some type of bacteria if been processed with less hygiene way. Therefore for consuming the tofu dregs must be obtained from a clean and healthy processing.