5 Unexpected Corn Husk Benefits in Many Fields

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Corn is one of the food ingredient that can be process into any kind of food and there are many Health Benefits of Corn.

Whether it is grilled, boiled, to steamed, corn become a tasty food and has various benefits for health. But a lot of people throw away the corn husk.

Even though there are a lot of other benefits that can be gained if we make use of the corn husk. Therefor please pay an attention of this corn husk content and it’s benefits review. Indeed, you might don’t know that there are many corn husk benefits.

Corn and The Husk Contents

Corn contains a high calories amount. Each 100 gram of corn contains 342 calories. Corn also contains high fiber so it is helpful to keep your body digesting metabolism system. Beside of that content you can also get the good Vitamin A,E and B to keep your skin health.

The high Antioxidant also good for preventing the growth of the cancer cells inside body and good to prevent the appearance of Alzheimer disease.

Corn husk also contains those materials but only in fewer amount. So, if you want to get the benefits of corn, select the not too old and fresh .

1. For makeup mask

Corn named Zea Mays can be used as makeup mask. The Vitamin A,C,B5,B12 and the citrid acid is very good to get the face skin beauty back. Not only the seeds that can be used for the makeup mask, but you can also use the corn husk as the makeup mask material.

This Vitamin C content inside the seed and the husk is helpful to whitening the skin. Skin regeneration is increasing until you feels younger. This is the processing ways to make the makeup mask using the seed and the corn husk:

  • The first thing you can do is choose the young corn. Peel and grate the corn seed but do not grate the hump. If you want it softer, you can wage the grated corn seed with the corn husk so the makeup mask batter is more and softer.
  • If the corn husk batter is set, You can flatten it on your face and let it stand for a couple minutes until the makeup mask dries up. Wash it with warm water first before using cold water. Do this makeup mask once a week to reduce the oil on your face so less acne will appear.

Corn has a lot of benefits to cure various kind of disease. Beside can be consumed directly after been boiled, the boiled water also functionater as medicine to cure some kind of disease. Here are some disease that can be cured by the corn and the corn husk boiled water:

2. Cure the Gallstones

What’s more corn husk benefits? To cure the gallstones, you can take 5 corn ear and 5 gram of cat’s whiskers leaves, wash it and boil it with 110ml of water. If already boiling take and strain and let it chill and consume it sufficiently. 

3. Cure High Blood Pressure

To cure high blood pressure, take 7 wrapped corn ear and add one handful of corn hair to be boiled with 110ml of water. This potion can be consumed every day because of the corn seed,husk, and hair content can stabilize heart performance and increase the blood circulation in whole body.

4. Corn Husk for Handcraft

Benefits of corn husk were already famous to be made as high valued,unique, and cute handcraft. No wonder in corn source region it is not only the farmers that can feels the impact, as well as the craftsmen also being helped by it’s wasted.

Here are more benefits related to corns:

That’s the corn husk benefits to know to keep your body health and for making the cute and high valued handycraft.