10 Surprising Health Benefits of Anna Apple

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Apple is one of kind of fruits that has a lot of benefit. Not only for a diet program, apple also take an effect for an expectant mother and the embryo. Apple has also spreaded widely in Indonesia market and it is very easy to get it whether the native archipelago one or the imported one.

The famous region source for apple in Indonesia is Batu city, Malang and one of it’s favorite is Anna apple that has the similar shape and color with the imported apple. When it is ripe the color of the apple peel become equally red.

The unique thing is when the apple just picked, the flavor of the fruit is slightly sour, But after 3-4 days after it was picked the flavor of the fruit will taste sweeter. Moms, do you know that consuming an Anna apple while in pregnant has a rarely known benefit for the mom nor the embryo.

Here are some of the benefits:

1. A Natural Protein Source

Protein is an Amino acid compound that functionate for the development and the regulator of the body. When being in pregnant, protein is required. Remembering Apple is rich of protein so it is suggested for an expectant mother to consume it.

2. Decrease the Premature Possibility

A lot of expectant mother experienced a premature baby birth. Generally, baby with prematurely birth was caused by the excessive of the bile secretion until it caused a compilation. In fact the embryo could be lack of nutrient so that the embryo could not grow in a healthy way inside the womb. To prevent it, mom can consume an apple while in pregnant.

3. Decrease the Nausea

A lot of mom experience a morning sickness and sensitive tummy. This thing is because of the increasing gastric acid and in the end givea nausea. By consuming an apple like Anna apple every day can help decreasing the gastric acid and avoid the nausea.

4. Decrease Constipation

Constipation or hardly defecate is kind of disease often happen to an expectant woman, moreover when the tummy getting bigger and doing squat will be very difficult. For a more healthy defecation, it is suggested to consume an apple fruit like Anna apple for the fiber intake so can help the defecation process.

5. Increase the Appetite

While in pregnant, sometimes the appetite will be irregular moreover while less-than-six-month-pregnancy. Things like this make the appetite decrease even though an expectant mother requires enough a nutritious food intake for the expectant mother and the growth and development of the embryo. To overcome it, you can consume apple to help you increase the appetite. 

6. Decrease the Swollen

Not only the part of the stomach that grows bigger, some of the body parts while in pregnant grows bigger as well. While in pregnant, our body will hold back a lot more fluid to preserve the pregnancy. But you also need to aware of the preeklamsia indication. To overcome both of these, consume an apple every day for your health and the embryo.

7. Decrease the Asthma Risk

With consuming apple every day your body and the embryo will stay protected. One of the disease that can be avoided is the asthma disease. The content of this fruit is can not be denied because the various of benefit.

Indeed, here are all the health benefits of various types of apples:

8. Make Skin Healthier

For woman majority, The health of skin always become the center of an attention. Because of this, a lot of beauty clinic that it’s member are woman. But while in pregnant, you have to pay attention to the effect that has been given while going through the treatment for the mother and the embryo’s 

It is better to lookup a safer way to keep the skin healthy while in pregnant without have to go to the clinic, which is by consuming an apple so the skin can keep healthy and soft.

9. Decrease the Stiff

The bigger stomach sometimes gives the stiff,tired,sore to the joints because of the increasing pressure. Apple can helps to ease the sore for the expectant mother so the body will feels fit.

10. Prevent Alzheimer

Apple contains a lot of substance that can transport message between the nerve cells inside the body that can prevent Alzheimer or senile. While in pregnant apple is good to prevent Alzheimer to child and keeps the brain’s memory.

Indeed, here are all the health benefits of various types of apples: