10 Unexpected Benefits of Mango Peels on Skin Treatment

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Mangifera Indica is the latin for mango fruit. This oval shaped fruit is originally from India. The size of the fruit is about 25 until 30 cm. Mango fruit contains a lot of vitamin such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. Mango fruit has a tasty and delicious taste. Mango fruit has been sold in many fruit traditional markets.

Everybody already knew the benefit of the mango fruit, but for the peel itself still many do not know the benefit. After peeling the mango usually we just throw away the peel. Even though the mango peel also contains a good nutrition content for body health and skin beauty. So from now on do not just throw the rich in benefit mango peel away.

The benefits of mango peels on skin are as follows:

1. Rejuvenation the skin

The mango peel has a rejuvenation the skin function. The rejuvenation skin aim to prevent the appearing of wrinkles before the time. Wrinkles on face is not eliminable because wrinkles on face is a natural process along with the addition of age. But the wrinkles on face can be delayed by giving a good treatment on face.

Wrinkles on face can be caused by:

  • Air polution
  • Free radical
  • Stress

Processing ways of mango peel for the rejuvenation skin are as follows:

  • Clean the mango peel before using it.
  • Subtilize the cleaned mango peel.
  • Mix with the subtilized mango peel.

After that apply evenly on face, let it stand for fifteen minutes then wash it with water. Do this mango peel mask for two months to get the satisfying result.

More Benefits Related to Mango:

2. Help get rid of acne

Mango peel also useful to get rid of inflamed acne on face. Generally acne occur at age of puberty whether its male or female. Acne most influence factor on face is a genetic factor. Mango peel can help to get rid of acne. Similar way by subtilizing the mango peel until become a mask to remove the wrinkles on face.

3. Wage the blood circulation

A wage blood circulation is good for health. Health is the most precious wealth which has been given by the Creator, therefore it is an obligation for us to take care of our own health. Mango peel can wage the blood circulation inside body. The following is the processing way of mango peel to wage the blood circulation.

  • Clean the green-fresh mango peel.
  • Heat up the oil to fry the mango peel.
  • After been fried the mango peel can be consumed.
  • Consume the fried mango peel routinely until the blood circulation back to normal.

4. Anthelminthic for kid

Mango peel also has a function as a anthelminthic for kid. The processing way of mango peel for anthelmintic for kid are as follow:

  • Clean the mango peel into a pot.
  • Add two glass of water then boil the mango peel for about twenty minutes.
  • After been boiled filter the extract.  

5. Lose weight

Many that haven’t know about this benefit of mango peel which is to lower weight. Research once proved that mango peel can lose weight naturally. Types of mango that can lose weight are Irwin mango and Nam Dok mango. Both of these mango are contain bioactive with high concentration to hamper the growth of fat cells inside the body.

6. Compost

Mango peel also can be used as a natural fertilizer to fertilize the plant. It is very easy if you want to try this mango peel. Put the green mango peel under your plant, then the mango peel will unravel by itself to fertilize the plant as a truly natural compost.

7. Resolve the over bleeding during menstruation

During the menstruation sometime the amount of the bleeding is not normal even beyond. If this been let it will cause blood deficiency on the body. Mango peel can resolve this exceeded bleeding during menstruation.

Here are the processing ways to resolve the over bleeding during menstruation.

  • Clean the green-fresh mango peel.
  • Heat up the oil to fry the mango peel.
  • After been fried the mango peel can be consumed
  • Consume the fried mango peel routinely and consistenly.

Thus, there are many unexpected benefits of mango peels on skin. 

More Benefits Related to Mango:

Mango Peel Content

Mango peel contains a lot of useful content from the health term and the body beauty term. Here are the content of mango peel skin:

1. Contains AHA

AHA is short for Alpha Hidroxly Acids. AHA was used a lot of times as one of the cosmetic making material. This AHA was used a lot because of the good benefit for skin to enlightening and rejuvenate the skin. This because AHA peel the dead skin cells on skin and nourish the new one.

If you use the AHA materialized cosmetic, then you have to use a sunblock while doing some activity outdoor, AHA caused the skin become very sensitive to sun ray in broad day. Differently while doing some activity indoor.
Mango peel contains the natural AHA that can help enlightening and rejuvenate the skin.

2. Antihelmintic compound

Antihelmintic compound in mango peel has a function to eliminate the dangerous germ for the human body. Because of this Antihelmintic compound mango peel can turn the unwage bloodcirculation into wage blood circulation and mango peel can resolve the over bleeding during menstruation. This antihelmintic compound is the one that have a most role in the mango peel.

So, when you want to feel the benefit of mango peel, select the green and fresh mango peel. That fresh mango peel contains a lot of antihelmintic compound. The content of mango peel is rich in benefit for skin beauty and body health, so from now on do not just throw away the mango peel process it to get the benefits.