15 Proven Health Benefits of Eating Parmesan Cheese

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Some of you might think that healthy food and drink should be in least fat, no salt, low sugar, and it is all about that non diary product. what about health benefits of eating Parmesan Cheese? Who say healthy cannot be tasty? Some of the tasty food is considered to be healthy and make you go “Why do I need those popular junk foods when I have this tasty and healthy combo?” One of the healthy and tasty foods is chocolate. You can read Health Benefits of Chocolate Drink for Everybody . The next is the staple wake up drink for everyone, coffee. Coffee even gives you the best work to lose weight in Benefits of Black Coffee for Weight Loss.

The other food that you might think cannot be healthy is cheese. You might wonder about the  Benefits of Cheese for Health and Beauty. Well, you might be friendly with some kinds of cheese like cheddar for your sandwich, mozzarella for your pizza, and parmesan for your spaghetti. When you think about unhealthy food, you should think about the main food, not the cheese as the addition to spice up the taste. In the other word, we can say that cheese is actually healthy if you know how to consume it. And this time, we are going to talk about the health benefit of the mostly loved cheese, parmesan cheese, including its nutrition facts, cautions and recommendation in eating parmesan cheese.

Nutrition from eating parmesan cheese

Parmesan cheese is a kind of cheese which is considered onto the hard cheese. The parmesan usually served as granule or powder. The milky and nutty like taste makes people love to use parmesan into any kind of cultivars.  You can sprinkle it on your favorite food such as spaghetti, pizza, or mix it into your cheese cake and potato chips.

People commonly know that cheese formed mostly by fat. However, don’t you know that this kind of cheese also contains the other beneficial substances for health? According to World Population Food, every 100 grams of parmesan cheese contains:

  • 392 calorie
  • 2.5 gr carbohydrate
  • 25.5 gr fat
  • 38.0 gr protein
  • 1265 mg calcium
  • 0.4 mg iron
  • 820 mg phosphorus
  • 150 mg potassium
  • 755 mg sodium
  • 0.32 mg vitamin A (retinol or carotenoid)
  • 0.20 mg vitamin B1 (thiamin, aneurin)
  • 0.73 mg vitamin B2 or riboflavin

And the other substances which is very light in amount such as magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin B6

Based on the fact that parmesan has a lot of beneficial substances in it, we should believe that it has many benefits for health. These are the health benefits of eating Parmesan Cheese:

  1. Maintain healthy eye

Some of the substance in parmesan cheese may support your eye’s health. One of these is the high vitamin A in parmesan cheese.  Vitamin A will keep your eye healthy, and help the vision in dim surrounding.

  1. Strengthens bones and teeth

As the parmesan cheese made of dietary milk, this kind of cheese also contains high calcium. Calcium is very good to maintain the health and even strengthen your bones and teeth. In addition, the phosphorus in parmesan cheese will optimize the calcium absorption by bones and teeth. Therefore eating parmesan cheese is very good for children who need the nutrition to develop and grow well.

  1. Strengthens muscle

Protein is significantly needed when you try to build up your muscle. By looking at the protein in parmesan cheese, we can say that eating parmesan cheese will be very beneficial to strengthen our muscle. Besides act as the protein synthesizer, parmesan cheese will also help in the process of metabolism in body cell, muscle, and bones.

  1. Give calming effect

Parmesan cheese has lower calories comparing to the other snack such as cupcake, and chips. Parmesan cheese also contains more nutrition value than those snacks. Eating parmesan cheese as your snack will also help you to calm down during your busy day. It is because the tryptophan in parmesan cheese.

  1. Improves sleep quality

A research proved that eating enough parmesan cheese will improves sleep quality. It is because parmesan cheese contains tryptophan which is in charge to release the comfortable feeling and reduce stress. When we don’t feel stressed, it is easier for us to sleep well. In addition, eating parmesan cheese right before you sleep will get rid of the negative thinking and relaxed your nervous system.

  1. Maintain good nervous system

Talking about the nervous system related with the parmesan cheese consumption, we can add another benefits of parmesan cheese. Health benefits of eating Parmesan Cheese, contains vitamin B6 and B12 which is very useful to maintain the good nervous system function

  1. Good for digestion

Our digestive system can easily process parmesan cheese. In another word, it will enableour body to quickly absorb the nutrient. Some nutrients in parmesan cheese attributes to the healthy guts development inside our digestive system. The healthy guts will actively fight bacterial infection and prevents us from any disease related to our digestion.

  1. Prevents cancer

Parmesan cheese contains vitamin B2 or riboflavin which actively acts as antioxidant to fight harmful disease such as cancer. The riboflavin within parmesan cheese will help the body to regenerate the damaged body cell and inhibits the growth of cancer cell.

  1. Prevents diabetes

A study revealed that the nutrition value in cheese, especially parmesan cheese able to increase the insulin. The effective insulin amount will actively inhibit the high sugar within the blood. This condition make possible for cheese to prevent us from diabetes, specifically type 2 diabetes.

  1. Safe for lactose intolerant

Besides the Health Benefits of Drinking Milk Every day, some people can’t really stand to drink milk to provide their need of dairy protein. some people are intolerant to lactose in any dairy products including milk. However, it is revealed that lactose intolerant is able to tolerate some kinds of dairy product such as cheese.

Although dairy milk is the main ingredient to make parmesan cheese, it is considered to be safe for that lactose intolerant. Therefore, recommended intake of parmesan cheese can be a win solution to fulfill the dietary calcium need for those who intolerant to lactose.

  1. Good for skin health

Cheese, including parmesan cheese contains biotin. Biotin is a nutrient which is good for skin health. Biotin is not produced by our body. Therefore, we should fulfill the need of biotin by eating parmesan cheese. In addition, parmesan cheese contains high vitamin A. We know that besides good for eye, vitamin A is also good for our skin and hair.

  1. Gains weight

As mentioned above, parmesan cheese contains huge amount of calories. It contains carbohydrate, fat, and proteins which will actively gain weight. However, the fat in parmesan cheese considered as the good fat. Therefore, eating parmesan cheese in suggested serving will safely gain weight.

  1. Potential Energizer

Although most people tend to avoid fat for the sake of their health, fat is still a important nutrient for our body. Fat is the best contributor for our well-being, as energy supplier. We know that we need energy to do our daily activity, to exercise, and even to think.

In this case, eating parmesan cheese will supply your need of energy. The fat in parmesan cheese had been significantly aged, so that the fat had been broken down to the smaller acids. It enables our digestive system to absorb the nutrient maximally while giving the energy needed by our body.

  1. Avoids beriberi

Beriberi or thiamin deficiency is a disease caused by the lack of vitamin B1 intake. The symptoms of this disease are heart impairment and eudema.  In this case, eating parmesan cheese is very beneficial, since it is able to provide patient’s need of vitamin B1. The vitamin B1 in parmesan cheese will help in circulating the body fluid and blood. In addition, it will make sure the heart work well.

  1. Good for pregnancy

As we know, pregnant women more nutrition for her and the fetus inside her. However, dairy intake may give you a stomach upset as pregnant women are very sensitive to it. Eating parmesan cheese may give the different effect since it is naturally preserved without any harmful additives.

Therefore, there is nothing but nutrition we can get from parmesan cheese. Almost all of nutrients in parmesan cheese are good for pregnancy including protein, vitamin, and mineral. The protein can also help repair your tissue and prevent pregnant women from any health problem during the pregnancy.

Cautions in Eating Parmesan Cheese

Besides the health benefits of eating Parmesan Cheese including the other kinds of cheese like Health Benefits of Eating Cottage Cheese, we still need to watch our intake of cheese. One of the cautions we need to pay attention is that any kind of cheese including parmesan cheese contains ample of sodium. Sodium is effective to increase the blood pressure.

Therefore, eating parmesan cheese might not be good for those with hypertension and heart disorder. Parmesan cheese which is usually in a form of granule also contains a lot of fat. The fat in parmesan cheese is not good for those with obesity and those in weight loss program. Either, the consumption of parmesan cheese should be supported by enough exercise to eliminate the amount of fat intake from parmesan cheese.

Besides, we should also pay attention to the storage of parmesan cheese. Although parmesan cheese have low moist, we still need to keep it perfectly wrapped, cool, and dry. The protein in parmesan cheese may enable micro bacterial to grow faster than in the other food. We should also pay attention to the expiration date and package once we buy the cheese.

Make sure that it is sealed properly. When you find your cheese dry, it means that the cheese has gotten too much air exposure. The air exposure might also increase the risk of unsterile cheese. We know that sterilization is significant for all dietary products.