8 Health Benefits of Zucchini and Yellow Squash (Proven)

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Zucchini yellow squashZucchini or commonly called as small summer squash is one of fruit that is origin from America. Now zucchini has spread in several countries. This small summer squash have some varieties such as light green, green colors and yellow. The shape of this zucchini seems like cucumber. Even though zucchini is a fruit but it is usually cooked as a vegetable because when zucchini was cooked as a dishes it will gives many benefits for health.

Zucchini has much of vitamin c and, the other contents that is good for body. Other component of zucchini such as potassium, protein, phosphorus, folate, fiber, copper, carbohydrate, and vitamin A. All of contents is important for body health. Therefore, consuming zucchini as a dishes regularly can give many health benefits for body.

One of variety which is many and usual consumed as a dish is yellow squash. Yellow squash has many an important contents and it can be used in some dishes.

Here are some benefits of zucchini and yellow squash for health body.

  1. Help to lose weight

There are many people who wants to lose the weigh. However most people do it with the wrong way or unhealthy way. Actually to lose weight is not too hard, the only needed is to be discipline. One way that will help to reduce weight is by consuming zucchini or yellow squash. Zucchini is belief can help to lose weight because the content which is low calories. Even though zucchini is low calories but it will give feeling of being full and also it is the great way to satisfy the appetite without adding the other calories. The other content of yellow squash is mineral and fiber. That is why zucchini is effective way to lose weight. By cooking zucchini as a dish will help on diet program.

  1. Help to lose cholesterol.

Zucchini or yellow squash besides help to lose weight, the other abundant content of zucchini such as vitamin c, vitamin A and fiber. That content can help to lose cholesterol. The fiber with acid which is produced by liver will help to become dissolved fat on body. Cholesterol more used to produce acid so the cholesterol on body will reduce.

  1. Help to prevent cardiovascular diseases and stroke

Most of nutrition on zucchini is effective to prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The magnesium content especially help to reduces risk cardiovascular disease. When magnesium combine with potassium, it also will helps to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

  1. Help to cure asthma

Zucchini is a great source of vitamin c and that is good to help cure asthma condition. Vitamin C is a source of antioxidant, it has a great function to keep the immune system and fight an asthma problem. Anti-inflammatory from zucchini helps to keep lung stay in a good condition.

  1. Help to prevents cancer

The fiber on zucchini help to relieve the cancer condition by fighting cancer-causing toxins from the cells in the gut. Vitamin A, C and folate which are a powerful antioxidant on zucchini can to destroy the carcinogens that can cause a variety of cancer.

  1. To improve Eye Health

Zucchini has a high concentration of beta carotene and lutein. Lutein helps to prevent cataracts and macular degeneration, which often causes blindness. A cup of yellow squash serve a needed of beta carotene and lutein that will improve eye health.

  1. To Strengthen Teeth and Bones

The calcium is considered as one of the important element that needed by body. The calcium is not found on a milk, but we can find it in other ingredient such as in yellow squash or zucchini. Zucchini itself has a high level of manganese and vitamin C which can to in maintaining healthy bone structure, the absorption of calcium and enzymes creations.  Iron, folate, zinc and phosphorus found in yellow squash that it all contribute to strengthen teeth and bones and help fortify against osteoporosis.

  1. Reduce prostatic hypertrophy

Yellow squash has been proven to reduce some of condition symptoms called benign prostatic hypertrophy, or BPH. A man with BPH suffer from an enlarged prostate gland problematic, it causing difficulty with both urinary and sexual function.

Zucchini or yellow squash has a high content of water or about 95 %. Some of good lutein inside are very good to aye health. The other content of zucchini is vitamin B6, riboflavin and manganese nutrition which are have he function to body health.

As we know, eating enough fruits and vegetables is very important. One of fruit or vegetable that will give many benefit for health is zucchini or yellow squash. Zucchini can be a choice to keep body health and prevent some diseases.