16 Best Benefits of Tamarind Tea for Overall Health Treatments

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Rainy season is just perfect when we spend it with a glass of warm beverage. There are plenty of choices to have. Be it a coffee, tea, chocolate or herbal mixture. If you are having trouble in making a choice, you may choose a menu of a delicious and beneficial beverage to the body.

It is called tamarind tea, the Health Benefits of Tamarind Fruit. Like the name said, it is a mixture of tea, tamarind and brown sugar. The taste? Undoubtedly delicious. Will this kind of beverage is useful for your body? Let us see the following explanation about benefits of tamarind tea for health.

Content of Tamarind Tea

Tamarind tea is having 3 main ingredients, tea, tamarind and brown sugar. Tea leaves is well known for having a caffeine which increase our heart performance. This can smoothen the blood circulation throughout the body as well as increase the body metabolism at the same time. While the tamarind is having the Vitamin B, Magnesium, Iron and Potassium which are useful for our body.

Potassium itself plays a role in maintaining the work of muscles as well as neural network of our body. Tamarind at the same time can also neutralized the fluoride content so it will nourish our bone as well as our teeth. Fluoride is commonly found in toothpaste products.

Although this is very useful to neutralize the mouth acid, but the excessive amount of this can also damage our teeth as well. Tamarind can neutralize this. In addition to that, by having a brown sugar, this can also provide carbohydrate intake for our body, but it does not necessarily increase our blood sugar level drastically, just like sugar does.

Benefits of a Tamarind Tea

Here are the health benefits of tamarind tea for you:

1. Warms up our body – This beverage can warm up our body. Other beverages which can also warm up our body can be found on benefits of consuming ginger tea article. Also read: Health Benefits of Tamarind and Turmeric Drink

2. Soothes our stomach when you have nausea or heartburn – Whenever you have a nausea, relief it by consuming this type of tea. This tea can relieve symptoms of nausea and prevents you from vomiting. This is also good for women in pregnancy too. Another beverages to relieve the nausea can be seen on the benefits of jamu.

3. This beverage is good to consume to relieve the menstrual pain. You can just simply drink it when you feel cramps on stomach during menstrual cycle.

4. This beverage can also treat a fever. When our body temperature increased dramatically, consuming this tamarind tea can help to ease this. Other drugs which can also treat fever can be found on the Health Benefits of Ledum Essential Oil

5. This beverage can also treat respiratory disorder when you have one. Cough and flu can also be treated by consuming this sour tea. Other ingredients which can also cure the cough can be found on the pineapple benefits article as well as the benefits of lemon and honey too. You may also read about: Health Benefits of Tamarind Water

6. Blood Pressure – This is also good to consume by people which have a low blood pressure or disorder (so called hypotension).

7. Cholesterol – This can also lower the cholesterol level in our blood.

8. This beverage is also good to decrease the body weight. By consuming this sour tea, this can dramatically increase the fat burning mechanism of your body, therefore this beverage is good to decrease your body weight. Another good ingredient for diet can be found on the benefits of brown sugar article as well as benefits of peanut for diet.

9. Stimulates the body metabolism to increase. You may also read about: Health Benefits of Black Velvet Tamarind

10. Fat Burn – Known to increase the fat burn mechanism of the body.

11. This is also known for the ability to reduce the risk for having a stroke or other heart disease. Another good ingredient which also good for a healthy heart can be found on the benefits of peanut article as well as the benefits of moringa leaves for the body.

12. For Blood Flow – A better blood circulation is one of the benefits of consuming this tamarind tea.  

13. Mouth Health – This is also known for the ability to cure the mouth related disorders such as canker sores as well as cavities.

14. This beverage is good for maintaining our skin healthy. Known for having plenty of Vitamin A as well as E to maintain the healthy and resilience of the skin.

15. This beverage is also known for the ability to prevent an anemia. Anemia can be prevented by consuming the sour tea on the regular basis. Another good ingredient to cure anemia can be found on the benefits of dates for anemic patient article.

16. Bone Health –  Good to maintain the healthy bone at the same time.

Thus, there are many benefits of tamarind tea for health. The recommendation intake is just drink it once in three days, or when you feel like it’s cold and you need something to warm you up.