30 Proven Health Benefits of Tamarind and Turmeric Drink

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Tamarind and turmeric drink is one of the drinks that are very easy to be made and relatively safe to be consumed daily. The traditional potion that is made from South East Asia’s herbs not only have benefits for women but also for men. This is also good for those who wants to have a healthy glowing skin and healthy body. Thus, there are many Health Benefits of Tamarind Fruit and Health Benefits of Drinking Turmeric with Milk and Honey

Turmeric as one of the ingredients for this drink have an active chemical compound that have an anti-inflammation trait, strong anti-bacteria, and can heal some types of diseases such as curcuminoid.

Here are the Active Chemical Compunds in Turmeric

  • Mineral contents, consists of aluminum, magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium, natrium, potassium, cobalt, and bismuth.
  • Contain vitamin C and A that have an important role on the skin tissue’s and eyes tissue’s health.
  • Contain two to five percent of essential oil, consists of phenylpropane tumeron, arrangement or aril kurmen, zingiberene, and curcumol curl.
  • Dammar substance, glucose, fructose, and active substance from arabinusa compound.
  • Three to four percent of substance contents from heptanoid, consists of dihydrocurcumin, curcumin, bisdesmetok, and sirkukumin.

In Indonesian, it’s called jamu drink and there are many Jamu Juice Benefits for Health. Here are the health benefits of tamarind and turmeric drink that can maintain and increase the health of your body!

1. As Body’s Detoxification

The tamarind and turmeric drink can have a role as an antidote and can dispose the toxics that had been settling in your body. This can happen if you use chemical medicines excessively and for a long period of time.

2. Weight Control

For someone who doesn’t want to gain anymore weight, consuming the tamarind and turmeric drink daily can be the best step. The nutrition in turmeric can suppress the feeling of hunger for a pretty long period of time, therefore can help you to lose some weight without hurting your health.

3. Cure Sore Throats

A sore throat can indicate that someone is having a cold and heatiness. The tamarind and turmeric drink is capable to cure the cold and sore on your throat quickly. You can consume this drink two times a day.

4. Heal Burns

Turmeric have an anti-inflammation substance that can quicken the drying and healing process of burns and prevent further inflammation.

5. Heal Sore Ultraviolet Burns

Spend a long time under the sun light can cause you irritation and burning sensation on the skin. Inflammation can happen if it doesn’t get treated immediately by drinking the tamarind and turmeric routinely.

The nutrient in it can protect the skin from burning sensation and can increase blood cells inside the body to make it healthier and more active to ward off the bad effects of sun light. See also: Health Benefits of Indonesian Bay Leaves

6. Organize the Period Cycle

Drinking the tamarind and turmeric is also good for women to help their body stays healthy and not easily tired on their period. The period will be organized and smooth without causing any pain on the stomach and cramps on the entire body. See also: Health Benefits Konjac

7. Glowing the Skin

There are many health benefits of tamarind and turmeric drink. Consuming tamarind and turmeric drink routinely can make the skin more glowing, smoother, and free from skin problems. Nutrition in the drink, especially the vitamin C and its fibers are able to maintain the health of the collagen and natural oil under the skin layer, thus making the skin moisturized and avoided from dehydration. See also: List of Arabic Herbs

8. Get Rid of Body Odor

The essential oil in tamarind and turmeric drink can scent the body and control the sweat that mixes with bacteria that can cause bad body odor. Essential chemical substance in it will tie up the excess sweat from coming out and kill the bacteria that can cause bad body odor.

9. Heal the Eyes that are Sensitive to the Lights

Some people have very sensitive eyes when receiving lights and will be uncomfortable to focus on they are seeing. Vitamin A in the turmeric can fix the eyes’ retina when seeing the lights and decrease its sensitivity. See also: Indonesian Herbs Health Benefits

10. Cure Swelling on Mucous Membrane in Mouth

The swelling in oral cavity, especially on the mucous membrane, can cause inflammation that will be resulted in some health problems such as bad breath. Also inflammation and clogged food on the teeth gap can cause rotten and appearance of bacteria. The turmeric that have a strong anti-inflammation trait is able to cure the inflammation around the oral cavity quickly. See also: Health Benefits of Curcuma Zedoaria

11. As Anti-Premature Aging Treatment

Turmeric contain a pretty high level of vitamin C in it and other substances that are able to fix skin damages and increase the collagen tissue to become healthier. The more diligent and organized we consume tamarind and turmeric drink, the more we will not develop fine lines on our face and make our face stays young as long as it can.

12. Shrink Down Distended Stomach

There are many health benefits of tamarind and turmeric drink. Vitamin C and other compounds in tamarind and turmeric drink including the tamarind are able to let out and quicken the process of fat destruction inside the body. If it is balanced out with daily work out, then the distended stomach will shrink down and be flatter. See also: Health Benefits of Gynura Leaves

13. Maintain the Stamina to Stay Healthy

Consuming tamarind and turmeric drink on daily basis will freshen out the mental and maintain the body’s stamina to stay fit and not getting tired easily to stay focus despite the busy routine that you have to go through daily and demanding more energy. See also: Indian Herbs Health Benefits

14. To Cure Severe Inflammation

On open wounds that develops bleeding, the first aid that is needed to do is to clean and give the anti-infection cure for the wound, then wrap the wound to stop the bleeding. Then, rather than drinking anti-biotic medicine that contain chemical compounds in it, just consume the tamarind and turmeric drink as much as possible to quicken the healing process of your wound.

15. Clean the Stomach

The essential oils in tamarind and turmeric drink can clean any kind of bacteria and food leftovers in the digestion, as well as gas produced by the food. Every food leftovers will be processed into feces since it is no longer needed by the body.

16. Prevent Blood Clotting

The tamarind and turmeric drink can make the blood and oxygen circulation to all of the blood vessels and other body parts smoother. Blood will have a good scent and clean because it got freshen up from the mineral substance inside the turmeric.

17. Prevent the Growth of Breast Cancer Cells

Nutrition contain in tamarind and turmeric drink can disrupt the growth process of cancer, thus prevent them from growing to other parts of your body. Breast cancer itself can be prevented as long as women consume tamarind and turmeric drink consistently, long before they get attacked by the cancer cells themselves. Therefore, it is very good to start consuming tamarind and turmeric drink since the young age.

18. Prevent Vaginal Discharge on Women

Mineral substances and essential oil in turmeric are able to scent the menstruation blood and decrease the stench from it. While tamarind is useful to clean the menstruation blood that is left at the female reproduction system. Both herb ingredients are able to prevent vaginal discharge before and after the menstruation because turmeric is able to balance out the female hormone when the menstruation comes.

19. Prevent Diabetes

Chemical compounds in turmeric and tamarind are able to decrease the blood sugar level and balance out if the sugar level is increasing. Consuming tamarind and turmeric drink routinely can control the blood sugar every time to avoid the body from diabetes. See also: Benefits Angelica Root

20. Cure Typhus

For someone who is attacked by the typhus symptoms, consume tamarind and turmeric drink immediately and routinely to cure the symptoms and prevent the typhus from going worse.

21. Prevent Alzheimer

The active chemical compounds in turmeric are able to fix the brain cells, also to make the blood vessels around the brain smoother and stronger. It can also make the brain better in receiving responds and signals that are given by the body. See also: Health Benefits of Basil

22. Cure Skin Diseases

The essential oils can decrease the itchy feeling all over the body and prevent bacteria or fungus from staying on the skin’s surface and cause some skin diseases such as scabies, ringworm, or rash. 

23. Overcome Diarrhea

The essential oils are able to thicken the liquid and slow down the feces, therefore preventing and curing the diarrhea. The hardening process of feces can happen when someone consumes the tamarind and turmeric drink routinely every night before they go to sleep. See also: Health Benefits of Mint Leaves

24. Produce More Breast Milk

Tamarind and turmeric drink is useful to produce even more breast milk and improve its quality so the nutrition in it can make a good impact for the baby’s growth all the time.

25. Cure Tonsillitis

Tonsils that grows bigger will make you uncomfortable when swallowing. The sore and fid feeling will appear. Therefore, you can consume tamarind and turmeric drink two times a day on daily basis both in the morning and at night before sleeping to deflate the tonsils.

26. Cure Anemia

Someone who lacks of blood or suffers from anemia will always look tired, pale, and not energized. To return back the body’s stamina, you can consume the tamarind and turmeric drink every day because the iron contain in the turmeric can increase the red blood cells level. Thus, there are many health benefits of tamarind and turmeric drink.