10 Fabulous Benefits of Orange Peel Powder for Oily Skin Through Everyday Treatment

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The sound of the benefits of orange peel powder for oily skin might be rare to heard. Therefore, many people still not aware on this advantage. This is why the orange peel usually waste and not use anymore. Even several people still prefer to use it for mosquito repellent. But the health advantages of this peel is not really known. Hence, this is not a common for most people to keep and use the orang peel powder for skin treatment.

But now many people start to aware that apparently orange peel can bring a good benefit for the skin. Hence, the orange peel is turn into powder to bring more benefit and advantages. Mainly use for skin treatment, that believe can improve the oily skin face condition and turn into normal skin type. For further explanation, see below details.

Homemade Orange Peel Powder

There are many questions on how to make a homemade orange peel powder. This is actually not difficult. To create a homemade orang peel powder, simply provide the orang peel and follow below instruction.

  • Peel off several orange fruit and make sure to get only the external layer.
  • Cut off the peel into small pieces.
  • Dry the peel pieces under the sun for several hours.
  • Put the dry peel into the mixer and blend until fine.
  • Store the blended orange peel powder into a jar and use for several times according to the needs.

Benefits of Orange Peel Powder

For those who feel curious on the benefits of orange peel powder for oily skin, below are several lists of points on this advantages.

1. Absorb Sebum

The best benefit of the peel mainly for help to absorb sebum. Specially for those that experience extra oily skin condition. Through a frequent apply, it can help to manage reduce the sebum content in the skin face and manage to balance the oil content. This is the same benefits of banana leaves on face that will also help to absorb sebum in the skin face.

2. Natural Astringent

Another benefit of the peel also to work as a natural astringent. Therefore, wearing the orange peel powder can help to provide excessive control of the oil inside the skin face. Furthermore, it will help to balance the skin condition and avoid further blocked pores in the face due to enormous oil content.

3. Cleanse The Skin

Wearing the powder also can help to cleanse the skin surface. It will help to control the dirt from the skin surface area and make sure a clean skin surface too. Furthermore, it will provide healthy skin condition through avoid any possible bacteria. This is the same benefits of moroccan argan oil on face that also will help to make sure that the skin face keep clean and healthy.

4. Moisturize

The benefits of orange peel powder for oily skin including to help moisturize the skin face surface. It will help to avoid dehydration and keep the water content. Therefore, it will benefit to keep a fresh skin condition for longer period.

5. Refresh Skin

The powder also a good way to manage a refresh skin. Mainly to deal with free radical and pollutant effect to the skin. Since those might result a stresses skin surface. Through applying the treatment, it will help to get a fresh skin and renew the skin through a faster way. This is the same benefits of ginger tea for skin health that will help to provide a fresh skin surface too.

6. Rich in Vitamin

Orange is famous with the vitamin C content. The same way as the orange peel powder that will also rich in vitamin C content inside it. Through the content, it will help to supply the needs of vitamin C into the skin surface area. Therefore, the vitamin will improve the skin surface condition to become better.

7. Smoother Skin

The benefit including to help providing a smoother skin surface condition. It can help to avoid dryness and make sure the skin surface area becomes nice and better. This is the same benefits of papaya leaves for skin that will help to produce a smoother skin surface too.

8. Silky Skin

Another advantages of using the orange peel powder is to help produce a silky skin surface condition. It will make the skin glowing better and avoid any rough area. Therefore, it can help the skin to look more beautiful and healthy at the same time.

9. Avoid Acne

The powder also help to act as an anti bacteria that can avoid further skin irritation and infection. This benefit can be a good natural way to avoid the acne appearance. Furthermore, it will help to soothe the inflammation that mainly produce by the acne symptoms. This is the same benefits of aloe vera gel for acne that also help to avoid acne and provide a better skin surface condition.

10. Reduce Pimples

One of the great advantages of using the orange peel powder is to help reducing pimples too. Therefore, this natural treatment will lead the skin surface to be more clean and free from any unwanted spots. Furthermore, it will avoid any skin infection and lead to a healthier skin surface condition.

How to Use Orange Peel Powder

Using the powder daily in oily skin will bring significant improvement. Therefore, it is important to keep this treatment as daily habit. To make the benefit become optimum, below are several ways to use the peel powder:

  • Take one or two teaspoon of the powder.
  • Mix it well with enough water. It can added by honey or yoghurt for more benefits.
  • Apply to the bare clean face.
  • Keep it for several minutes until feel dry.
  • Cleanse the skin surface well with warm water.
  • Repeat the treatment two or three times a week.

Those all the benefits of orange peel powder for oily skin. Through this advantages, people start to choose keeping the orange peel and use it for another purpose. Therefore, not only can bring a natural treatment to help with oily face, it can also improve the use of an orange. Furthermore, this treatment has less effects and not harmful. Hence, it can be one of the best solutions for those with oily problems in their face.