10 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Chili Seeds

Chili seeds inside the fruit chili give a spicy flavor when added to the dishes. Usually, before the chili fruit is added to the cuisine, the chili will be mashed first. It is because some people say that the chili seeds which are not refined are able to cause appendix. As for the spicy flavor […]

TOP Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper During Pregnancy

Cayenne pepper is a spice that is often used in cooking food around the world, including Italy, China, and Mexico. In cayenne pepper, there is a substance that is not only to provide a sense of heat but also can provide health benefits, capsaicin. In its form as a supplement, capsaicin is believed to have […]

14 Proven Health Benefits of Yellow and Red Capsicum

Roses are red, violet is blue. Yellow or Red, Capsicum is good for you. There’s more than it’s color. This red and yellow pepper add an eye catching colour to any dish. Yet, after read this article, you will have another reason to pick them over its sibling (the green one). Yes, this colorful vegetables […]

15 Proven Health Benefits of Indian Long Pepper

For many centuries, Indian people using long pepper as one of the spice in their cooking. Therefore, many people called it Indian long pepper. Based on ancient Indian medicine Ayurveda, there are some health benefits of Indian long pepper. Like most of the pepper, it is rich with vitamin C and capsaicin. Due to its […]

10 Health Benefits of Eating Raw Bell Pepper (#Best Diet)

To live healthily, we must take a good care of our bodies. How do we achieve a healthy body? By maintaining our weight, so we won’t either be over weighted or under weighted. According to WHO, there are over 600 million people in the world who are obese. In which, 39 percent of adults are […]

25 Health Benefits of Green Chili Peppers – Nutrition Facts

Do you like spicy taste? Have you ever eat something with green chili peppers? Something like noodle maybe, or something like fried foods that in Indonesia it called “gorengan”, its very suitable if paired with chili, especially green chili peppers. Have you ever imagine green chili peppers from a small form contained various substances, minerals, […]

15 Proven Health Benefits of Eating Habanero Pepper

Habanero is a common kind of chili pepper. Habanero naming after the Cuban city of La Habana. They have some colors variant, but the most common are orange and red. Habanero originally comes from Amazon. It is known as one of the hottest chili in the world. Therefore, many people use this pepper as the […]

25 Proven Health Benefits of Green Bell Pepper Juice

As we know, paprika is food that bring many benefits to our body. Do you like paprika? Which one? Because paprika have several color and surely each of them bringing different flavors too. Do you know what the difference between green, yellow, red, purple, and orange bell pepper? Different colors on the peppers indicate whether […]

17 Health Benefits of Yellow Bell Pepper (No.11 is Incredible)

Living a balanced life is a must for everyone. We can achieve a balanced life by consuming healthy vegetables, one of them is Yellow Bell Pepper. It’s a vegetable that we can find everywhere in our foods. From Pizza, barbeque, to salad, we will find Bell Pepper in the serving. Bell Pepper has a latin […]

25 Proven Health Benefits of Purple Bell Peppers

Those who like spicy food must been know about paprika. Paprika is a plant that the taste of the fruit is sweet and a little bit spicy. Bell pepper have several color. That is red, green, yellow, and purple. But, for the green and purple bell pepper, the taste is a little bit bitter from […]