Benefits of Green Chili During Pregnancy (Moms Should Know!)

Green chili is different from red chili in the sense of colour of course, and also spiciness. Compared to red chili or health benefits of bird’s eye chili, green chili is not as hot as the two, and therefore they are often deemed as “safe” for consumption by a wider scope of society, such as children and […]

Green Chili Benefits for Heart Health! Check It Out!

Green chili, apart from health benefits of bird’s eye chili and also black chili are three of the many variants of chili that we know. Green chili is less fiery than the red ones, with the spiciness hitting the tongue at a slower speed as well. Two main similarities in between health benefits green chili peppers and red chili are its function as spices […]

Benefits of Green Chili for Weight Loss (Your Diet Solutions)

Green chili, apart from health benefits of bird’s eye chili is also another important yet popular variant of the chili family. Known to be less fiery than the red ones, green chili in average are slightly less hotter than red chili, with the hotness striking at a slower speed as well. Meanwhile, the similarities in […]

12 Unexpected Health Benefits of Indian Green Chillies

What’s on your mind when you heard the word “chili”? It must be some words like ‘spicy’, ‘red’, and others. But actually, this spicy little thing is not always come in red. There are some green chilies as well, and one of the famous one is Indian Green Chilies. Why this one is famous, because […]

25 Health Benefits of Green Chili Peppers – Nutrition Facts

Do you like spicy taste? Have you ever eat something with green chili peppers? Something like noodle maybe, or something like fried foods that in Indonesia it called “gorengan”, its very suitable if paired with chili, especially green chili peppers. Have you ever imagine green chili peppers from a small form contained various substances, minerals, […]