10 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Chili Seeds

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Chili seeds inside the fruit chili give a spicy flavor when added to the dishes. Usually, before the chili fruit is added to the cuisine, the chili will be mashed first. It is because some people say that the chili seeds which are not refined are able to cause appendix.

As for the spicy flavor of chili which comes from the chili seeds and white fiber inside the chili have the benefits for body health. But, before we move to the main discussion, let’s see the nutritional contents of chili first:

  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 240%
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 39%
  • Vitamin A 32%
  • Iron 13%
  • Copper 14%
  • Potassium 7%
  • Non-Cholesterol
  • Energy 40 Kcal 2%
  • Carbohydrates 8.81 gr 7%
  • Protein 1.87 gr 3%
  • Total Fat 0.44 gr 2%
  • Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
  • Dietary Fiber 1.5 gr 3%
  • Folate 23 mg 6%
  • Niacin 1.244 mg 8%
  • Asam pantothenate 0.201 mg 4%
  • Pyridoxine 0.506 mg 39%
  • Riboflavin 0,086 mg 6,5%
  • Thiamin 0,72 mg 6%
  • Vitamin A 952IU 32%
  •  Vitamin C 143.7 mg 240%
  •  Vitamin E 0,69 mg 4,5%
  •  Vitamin K 14 mg 11,5%

Here are the health benefits of chili seeds:

1. Smooth Digestion System

Digestion system of body functions to digest food and beverage that come into the body. Digestion system consists of the small intestine and large intestine. These intestines have a different function but with the same purpose, it is to support the digestive system in the body.

A healthy digestive system is characterized by the ability of the body to do defecation routinely without any obstacles and problems that are used to disturb the digestive system such as diarrhea and constipation. The constipation is a condition where the body is lack of fiber intake which causes bowel obstruction. Meanwhile, the diarrhea is a disorder of digestive system which is caused by the bacteria of the food or beverage consumed.

Consume chili seeds can help to overcome the digestive problems and also can smooth the digestive system of the body. So, if you get any problem with your digestive system, you may try to consume chili seeds. But, remember to mash it first. Read also health benefits chili leaves

2. Prevent Cancer

The next benefit of chili seeds is to prevent the growth of cancer. Cancer is the division of cells in the body uncontrollably. As a result grow abnormal new cells and become cancerous. According to research, cancer is the second cause of death after heart disease. On the other hand, cancer is sometimes difficult to detect at an early stage. And most cancer patients know if they have cancer at an advanced stage. As a result, it is difficult to do help for a full recovery.

Another case if the patient has known in advance the early stadium. Then, the growth of cancer can be inhibited. In order to prevent the growth of cancer is to consume chili seeds. Chili seeds contain the compounds named capsaicin which is able to eliminate the causes of cancer and inhibit the spread of cancer in the body. So, if you want to consume chili, you should not remove the chili seeds because the capsaicin compounds contained in the chili seeds. Read about health benefits green chili peppers

3. Lower the Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol is a yellow liquid which is produced directly by the liver. The cholesterol has important benefits for the body, it is to regenerate old cells into new cells. But, the excess of cholesterol levels can increase health risks such as stroke. That’s why it’s important to keep cholesterol in normal levels in the blood.

Chili seeds are good for lowering cholesterol levels to normal because there is a substance called phytosterol which acts as good fat for our body. Phytosterols will remove plaque in the blood vessels, prevent the absorption of blood cholesterol in the intestine, and also lower cholesterol formation so that no cholesterol buildup in blood vessels or coronary heart. Therefore, our blood vessels remain elastic and the heart remains healthy.

So, for those of you who love spicy food as long as within normal limits, it is able to minimize the risk of the excessive cholesterol in your body. Read also health benefits of Indian green chilies

4. Weight Loss

Did you know that chili seeds are also able to lose weight? Well, it is because chili contains capsaicin which will speed up metabolism and help the body burn calories faster due to the chili seeds increases body temperature and heart rate.  Furthermore, studies show people who like to eat spicy usually eat in small portions so that the weight is more controlled. Read more about list healthy fruits weight loss

5. Treating Influenza

If you get symptoms of flu, try to consume a spicy food which contains chili seeds. It is found that the capsaicin contained in chili seeds also helps to increase the excretion of sweat and relieves the symptoms of the disruptive flu. Spicy foods will also help open the airway, reduce sinusitis, and the other flu symptoms.

6. Stabilize Mood

Not just chocolate that can improve mood but chili seeds also have the same function as chocolate. Red chili is able to boost the levels of endorphins and serotonin that relieve pain and give feelings of comfort. This hormone could help treat stress and depression. So, if you have a bad mood, try to eat something spicy as your mood booster. Read also health benefits of damiana tea for a mood booster. 

7.As Antioxidant

Chili seeds can act as antioxidant which against toxic substances and disease seeds in the body. Some of the antioxidants in chili are vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, phytosterol, beta-carotene, and beta-cryptoxanthin. By eating chili, it will reduce the risk of cancer and eliminate free radical contained in the body. Read more about benefits of green tea as top source antioxidant.

9. Warm the Body

Some people love to consume spicy food when the weather is getting cold it is because the spicy food is able to keep the body warm. The spicy chili element produced is able to make our body warm. In addition to essential oils, fat content in chili also helps warm the body.

Side Effects of Chili Seeds

That’s the health benefits of chili seeds that you can obtain. But, in consuming the chili seeds, you do have to be careful because the chili seeds also contain a lot of side effects of the body as below:

  • Maag
  • Appendix
  • Intestine Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • A headache
  • Heartburn.
  • Liver
  • etc.

Well, that’s all the information about health benefits of chili seeds and also its side effect for body health. I hope this article will be beneficial for all of you and remember to always take good care of your health. Good Luck!