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Many people use pepper including the health benefits of guinea pepper as a herbal spice for some cuisine. It is believe can add the taste of the dish plus bring some good benefit for the body. Therefore, many kind of pepper is use by people around the world, including the kind of guinea pepper. As one of the interesting spice, it bring authentic and specific flavour into the meal.

Guinea pepper is common in South Africa. It is one of the trading spice that distribute around the world. Therefore, this spice is quite easy to get around the world. The taste is quite specific with some spicy unique taste, a little bit hot in mouth. It is common taste and shape like original pepper, unless that the round shape is bigger than original pepper.

The pepper can mix into salad, Asian cuisine, steak and many more. Not only bring more taste, some even mix it as a herbal solution for some medical treatment. Therefore, it bring advantage for the body health. Furthermore, it can add and mix into some spicy beverages to get a warming body during winter.

There is no specific information on the nutrient inside the pepper. However, in general this spice contain several vitamins and minerals that good for the body. For further health benefits of guinea pepper is listed in below:

1. Anti Oxidant

The pepper contain enough anti oxidant that is good to manage and avoid free radical effect from the environmental into the body. Therefore, it is a good way to manage a healthy body that can be free from cancer possibility. This is the same health benefits bancha tea that can help to act as an anti oxidant too.

2. Anti Cancer

As mention previously that it can help to manage the effect of free radical. Therefore, it is a good treatment to avoid the possibility of cancer diseases. However, this advantage need further research to bring more convince evident. Therefore, this benefit can be a valid issue.

3. Anti Inflammation

Guinea pepper also good to bring advantage as an anti inflammation. It can work to avoid any skin diseases relate to inflammation such as acne or eczema. Furthermore, it can help to reduce the swollen part of body to the inflammation and help to soothe the pain too.

4. Anti Bacteria

Consume the pepper also good to act as an anti bacteria. Therefore, it is a good way to avoid the possibility of any diseases and sickness due to bacteria infection. This make the pepper as one of the herbal treatment in several types of diseases. This is the same health benefits of drinking 3 cups of green tea a day that can act as an anti bacteria too.

5. Improve Digestive

The pepper also work to improve the digestive system too. Therefore, it can help to fasten the digest by improving intestinal bowel movement. Furthermore, it can help to ease digestive by avoid any digestive problems. 

6. Avoid Fever

Guinea pepper also can use inside some beverages such as coffee or tea to help reduce the fever. The hot stimulate the body temperature to slow down and bring back normal body temperature. Therefore, it is common to consume during fever symptoms.

7. Warming Body

Another health benefits of guinea pepper also to warm the body during winter seasons or cold weather. Therefore, adding this spice into some beverages can help to warm the whole body system and avoid hypothermia. This is the same benefits of drinking warm water with lemon and honey at night that can help to warm the body too.

8. Relieves Throat

Consuming the pepper also can use to relieves sore throat. Therefore, it is good to reduce the inflammation and help to deal with the pain.

9. Analgesic

As mention before that guinea pepper can help to reduce the pain, this is also good as a analgesic treatment in some condition. Furthermore, it can help to soothe pain in several symptoms too.

10. Improves Hormone

By having this spicy pepper, it can help to improve the body hormone. No wonder if it is good to manage PMS and balance the body hormonal too. This is the same health benefits of vitex berry that can improves hormone too.

11. Blood Tension

In some people, this is a good natural way to manage the blood tension. Furthermore, it can lower down the blood tension and avoid hypertension.

12. Maintain Cardiovascular

The pepper also can use to manage the cardiovascular health. Therefore, it can be a natural alternative to avoid the possibility of heart attack or stroke symptoms. 

13. Improve Metabolism

Consume the guinea pepper also good to improve body metabolism. Therefore, it can increase body metabolic rate by converting food into energy in maximum level. This is the same health benefits of arugula that can improve body metabolism too.

14. Avoid Diabetic

Another benefit including to help avoid diabetic symptoms by manage the blood sugar level. It even can help to reduce the blood sugar level too.

Cautions And Recommendation

There are several cautions need to attend when consume the pepper frequently. Therefore, make sure to know the negative side of this ingredients. Furthermore, see below recommendation when decide to consume it every day:

  • Too much consume can make the stomach get hot. Therefore, do not consume during empty stomach. Otherwise it can cause stomach problems such as diarrhea or heartburn.
  • Make sure to avoid this ingredients if experience with some allergically symptoms such as itchiness, redness skin or swollen face.
  • Pregnant woman suggest to avoid this spice as it may lead into miscarriage.
  • People under medical treatment shall avoid using this spice in their beverage to avoid the interference of the pepper with the medical prescription.

Those all the health benefits of guinea pepper that can work to improve body healing in many aspect. Therefore, it is one of the good alternatives when looking at natural treatment in some medical problems. However, always consult with the medical practitioner first to avoid unwanted side effects. Furthermore, make sure to consume in proper portions to avoid any possibility of worst effects on the body.