9 Health Benefits of Mint for Skin

Mint is one of the popular flavors for ice cream, as well as in skincare products. It is commonly as Pudina, which is a popular flavoring component which is used in recipes all around the world. Mint is also popular as an active element in the skin care industry. You can find this ingredient in […]

Health Benefits of Pea and Mint Soup – Tasty and Creamy Soup

If one of your new year resolutions is healthy lifestyle perhaps you should start to make it a reality since it is February already. The problem mostly people face when it comes to healthy lifestyle is what kind of foods they should consume and what kind of foods they should avoid. Well, if you search […]

Benefits of Karpooravalli Leaves – The Mexican Mint from Africa

The Indians are people who know well about the best herbs and spices. Karpooravalli leaves are common herbs found in the Indian cuisine and also in some Asian’s cuisine such as Thailand and Vietnam. The unique smell of karpooravalli leaves and the medical properties contained in these leaves made the benefits of karpooravalli leaves well […]

22 Health Benefits of Mint Water #Natural Energy Drink

Mint water is one of the most popular modern health drinks people drink nowadays. The process of making mint water is quite simple, ranging from steeping it in hot water to letting it simmer as infused water. Mint water has the refreshing feelings which is produced by the menthol oil naturally and is known to […]

Top 22 Health Benefits of Mint Leaves (No.9 Shocking)

Mint leaves essential oils and extracts are natural sources of antioxidant and biologically active. Essential oils and extracts contain much of phytosteron, phenolic acids, triterpenes, Flanovoid, anthocyanins, saponins and carotenoids. The essential oil contained in the mint leaves is often called the mint oil. Mint leaves have been used by humans for over 2000 years. […]