15 Top Health Benefits of Langsat Fruit – Diet – Beauty Treatments

Langsat fruits have many benefit. The fruit is a variant of the species Lansium domesticum. The species is native to Southeast Asia. The Lansium domesticum can be planted on the height of 600 meters above sea level until 1500 meters above sea level and grows well at the rainfall condition of 1500 millimeters until 2500 […]

30 Top Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit – Beauty – Weight Loss – Body Treatments

Dragon fruit is a unique fruit which originated from South America. It has an oval or elliptical shape and also has a unique outer skin, because you will find a lot of spikes around it. That fact is not a surprise since this fruit belongs to Cactaceae family. So, dragon fruit comes from a plant that […]

15 Health Benefits of Guava Seeds – Eye – Skin – Weight Loss Treatments

Guava is round seasonal fruit and is green, yellow, or red in color on the outside part when it is ripe. The seeds also have white or maroon parts and many of small hard seeds encircled in very tender, delicious pulp. It is consumed raw or turning it into juice. Some of you possibly have consumed […]

17 Health Benefits of Bignay Fruit – Beauty – Weight Loss – Sexual Treatments

Bignays are fresh and nourishing fruits which are detected abundantly in southeast Asian nations. They fruits are popular for so much of their health advantages. They are small sized, brownish and very smooth to stared at. Antidesma bonus is the scientific latin name of the bignay fruit. Having the ability to reach just about 40 […]

23 Top Health Benefits of Key Limes – Beauty – Weight Loss Treatments

The Key lime is a citrus type with its oval fruit, that is yellow when ripe but usually picked green for selling on the market. It is much smaller and more acidic in flavor, with a heavy aroma. Key limes are natively grown in Southeast Asia and are widely in used. Meanwhile, here are health […]

15 Top Health Benefits of Kaffir Lime – Medical Consumption – Beauty Treatment

Kaffir limes are the popular title of Citrus Hystrix, a tropical fruit originally existed in various parts of Asia, including Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Besides from its many meal ingredient utilization, because of its especially acid and delicious taste, kaffir lime is also greatly popular in herbal medicine, mainly because of its rich substances […]

22 Proven Health Benefits of Annatto Seeds (#No.2 is Insane)

Annatto seeds are normally consumed for cosmetic products ingredients, however, this article will give out explanation of many numbers of various health advantages that may make you grabbing for annatto seeds to combined on all your food recipes. The fruit and seeds are the very important fragment of the plant, which breeds in a grouping with […]

15 Health Benefits of Uva Ursi – Reproductive – Beauty Treatments

Uva Ursi (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) is a subtropical small shrub native to Europe and Asia. It grows well in subtropical high-altitude environments, therefore they are found in North Europe, Iceland, Alaska, Sierra Nevada mountains, Appenines mountains, Pindus Mountains, and Himalaya mountains. They also can be found in mountains in North and Central America. Its other name […]

25 Scientific Health Benefits of Falsa Fruit (No 24 is Great)

Falsa or Phalsa is a small berry which grows in a small tree and native to India and South Asia. This fruit with Latin name Grewia aslatica now is being widely cultivated in tropical countries. Most of the falsa’s farmers grow its trees where there is the land which has loamy soils. Also, the taste […]

19 Scientific Health Benefits of Wood Apple #No.16 is Marvelous

Wood apple (Aegle marmelos) popular with many names such as Japanese bitter orange, Bengal quince, bael, golden apple, or stone apple, is native to South and Southeast Asia (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Indonesia). Hindu people consider the wood apple tree to be sacred, since it has been grown in India for more than 4000 years. […]