35 Health Benefits of Mixed Berry Smoothie – Top Varieties of Berry

Could you make a list of varieties of berries? The common ones are strawberry, cranberries, blueberries and mulberries. The fact is the list of berry fruits could be very long though some of them could be really toxic. When talking about the health benefits of berry fruits, the list is even longer and most people […]

12 Health Benefits of Kerson Fruit (No. 3 Is Shocking)

Kerson fruit is one of the fruit free that easily found in someone’s backyard. However, not a lot of people aware of the health benefits of kerson fruit. Children love the sweet taste of the fruits while adults decided to grow the tree in the backyard because it could make good shading. The cherry like […]

9 Benefits of Drinking Berry Infused Water Every Morning

Are you a person who likes to enjoy fresh drinks? In the summer, fresh drinks are the things that can save us from dehydration. However, now most people worry if too much to drink fresh drinks because of the content of sugar or soft drinks, because there are several Health Risks of Consuming too Much […]

9 Best Benefits of Berry and Banana Smoothie

Smoothie has been one of the people’s favorites. At this point, people like to consume it as it can be the good and healthy diet food. Indeed, a smoothie is the great food you can consume daily. Moreover, a smoothie can be made of various fruits and vegetables. What is even greater, smoothie has the […]

5 Proven Benefits of Juniper Berry For Skin (No.1 Works!)

Juniper berry is an evergreen shrub which is different from the other berries such as blueberries, cranberries, and so on. People most often use it as a spice or medicines. The juniper tree identified by its thick and needle-like blue-green leaves, short reddish-brown logs, tiny yellow flowers and blue or black fruits (derived from the […]

25 Science-Based Health Benefits of Mulberry Fruit

Have you ever seen a mulberry fruit, a purple fruit slightly reddish? At first glance, I see it like strawberries and grapes just with a slightly oval shape. This mulberry is so cute, guys! Mulberry that is often called murbei fruit is derived from berry family. In Indonesia, the fruit is known by the name […]

25 Benefits of Barberry for Human Health (No.1 Is Super Shocking)

Barberry is actually a popular name of berberis. When it comes to berries, the first thing that might crosses your head is this kind of food is going to be awesome for diet. Well, that statement is not entirely wrong though perhaps you should be careful with the calories and sugar intake if you consume […]

17 Health Benefits of Salmonberry #1 Medical Uses

Salmonberry or Alaskan Berry belongs to the same family as roses, as it is a shrub with a mounding or rambling growth habit, commonly known as brambles. Also known as Rubus Spectabilis as its scientific name, Salmonberry has a similar fruit structure with Raspberry, where the fruit is hanging away from its receptacle. Both berries are […]

22 Health Benefits of Huckleberry (#1 Proven)

Huckleberry (Solanum Nigrum L) is a plant of the eggplant (Solananceae) originating from Europe and West Asia, then spread to America, Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia. Huckleberry has another name Ranti (Javanese), bobose (Ternate) and black nightshade (Europe). Huckleberry plant can grow up to 120 cm tall. Huckleberry plants have the characteristics of stems that are […]

47 Health Benefits of Indian Gooseberry (Natural Home Remedies)

Known to have longstanding history in Ayurvedic medicine, Indian Gooseberry can be found in India, the Middle East and some Southeast Asian countries. It was once considered as a miraculous food in the ancient Ayurveda where it is used to improve digestion and promote longevity among others. It is not hard to see why it […]