5 Proven Benefits of Juniper Berry For Skin (No.1 Works!)

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Juniper berry is an evergreen shrub which is different from the other berries such as blueberries, cranberries, and so on. People most often use it as a spice or medicines.

The juniper tree identified by its thick and needle-like blue-green leaves, short reddish-brown logs, tiny yellow flowers and blue or black fruits (derived from the female trees). The tree can grow anywhere between six to twenty-five feet high. The leaves grow in twirls of three on the woody twigs, release a lemon- or apple-like fragrance when crushed.

People have been using leaves as benefits of strawberry leaves and branches since decades for medicinal and spiritual goals. It noted as a domestic ornament shrub, often used in wildlife planting and shelterbelt. The pungent wood is also a primary material for making furniture, fence posts and pencils.

One of the primary uses of these berries is in its oil. Known widely as medicine and several modern research as the natural antiseptic and antioxidant, the essential oil of juniper berries is a favorite therapeutic oil. It’s also one of the oils the FDA allows for limited internal use.

Juniper berries are rich of flavonoid and Polifenol which is excellent to cure acne and other related-skin problems. Here are some benefits of juniper berries, especially its essential oil for your skin. Just like other berries and good for your skin, you may find the same benefits of sources as an essential oil.

So, here are some Benefits of Juniper Berry For Skin:

  1. It cures acne

Healing acne is not easy, straightforward way. Many people tried many treatments to free their face from this skin problem. These are how to apply them:

  • Prepare the junipers essential oil
  • Mix them with water as the cleanser
  • Then, apply them to your skin face gently.
  • This effectively reduces the sebum and blemishes; which is the leading causes of acne

You may find another essential oil in herbals like health benefits manuka oil, and health benefits of frankincense-oil.

  1. It prevents the infection of wounds

By applying juniper essential oil directly to the wounded skin, the astringent substance in it would help the wound dry and healed fast. Many doctors use the essential oil during the birth of both mother and the baby to reduce the infection of umbilical cord cut.

  1. It helps increase skin conditions

One of the general skin conditions is Vitiligo; a long-term skin condition loses the pigment, and the skin affected turn to white like patches. Rub the affected-skin with juniper essential oil and do a soft massage. It helps to restore the natural color of skin or if you want to get more nourished, like the avocado face mask benefits.

  1. It assists you to deal with eczema

You can add some drops of the essential oil to the clean water, and use it to take a bath. Its relaxing smell is best for your respiration, and the antioxidant will soothe eczema.

  1. It reddens your skin face

Rubefacient is an agent which makes your face look red. Not only that but also the rest of the body. When applied to the skin, it increases blood circulation below the surface, which the skin begins to look red.

The irritation of the skin may occur if you applied in excess. But, increased blood circulation below the skin benefits the skin and keeps it healthy and well-oxygenated. That’s the Benefits of Juniper Berry For Skin.

The Side Effect of Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Juniper berry oil may cause your urine to smell like violets if taken orally. When you notice the effect, it means you’ve been too long using the herb. You should consider stopping using it. Overdose using juniper berry oil may cause the kidney irritation and blood in the urine. Make sure you consult a qualified physician before taking this oil orally.