25 Science-Based Health Benefits of Mulberry Fruit

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Have you ever seen a mulberry fruit, a purple fruit slightly reddish? At first glance, I see it like strawberries and grapes just with a slightly oval shape. This mulberry is so cute, guys! Mulberry that is often called murbei fruit is derived from berry family. In Indonesia, the fruit is known by the name of Arbei, Murbei, and maybe there are other names depend on respective areas. Mulberry is very famous in the world with its sweet and slightly sour taste. There are several types of mulberry fruit. Mulberry red, black, blue, and white.

Mulberry fruit is widespread in southern Europe, the Middle East, northern Africa, the Indian subcontinent, and Greece. In the beginning, this fruit has a pink color then turns red when it ripe and finally turned into dark purple or black.

Because of the many health benefits that can be obtained from this Mulberry fruit that we will discuss later, Mulberry fruit must have many healthy contents that needed by our body. What are the contents? Please see mulberry fruit nutrition list based on USDA Nutrient Database.

Nutritional Value of Mulberry

  • Energy                         43 Kcal
  • Carbohydrates             9.80 g
  • Protein                         1.44 g
  • Total Fat                      0.39 g
  • Cholesterol                  0 mg
  • Dietary Fiber               1.7 g
  • Folates                         6 ug
  • Niacin                          0.620 mg
  • Pyridoxine                   0.050 mg
  • Riboflavin                   0.101 mg
  • Vitamin A                   25 IU
  • Vitamin C                   36.4 mg
  • Vitamin E                    0.87 mg
  • Vitamin K                   7.8 ug
  • Sodium                        10 mg
  • Potassium                    194 mg
  • Calcium                       39 mg
  • Copper                          60 ug
  • Iron                             1.85 mg
  • Magnesium                  18 mg
  • Selenium                     0.6 ug
  • Zinc                             0.12 mg
  • Carotene-B                  9 ug
  • Carotene-A                 12 ug
  • Lutein-zeaxanthin     136 ug

According to chemists, mulberry leaves contain several chemical extracts for the body such as ecdysterone, androsterone, lupeol, beta-sitosterol, routine, moracetin, isoquercitrin, scopoletin, scopolin, alpha, betahexenal, cis beta hexanol, cis lambda hexanol, benzaldehyde, eugenol, lanaloolbenzyl alcohol, butylamine, acetone, trigonelline, choline, adenine, copper, zinc, vitamins (A, B1, C and Carotene) and amino acids, chlorogenic, fumarate, folate and formyltetrahydrofolic acids, monocytes and phytoestrogens.

From the small shape, this fruit has a very useful content for our body. What are the benefits that we can get from this fruit? Please pay attention to the list that we have collected about the health benefits of mulberry fruit.

1. General benefits

These mulberry branches can be used to make long-lasting baskets that usually used by people who work in agriculture and animal husbandry. This mulberry tree bark reputedly to be used to make paper. The fruit can be used as a compliment to make pie, tart, cordials, or as ingredients to make herbal tea. Mulberry leaves are widely used as food for silkworms.

2. Anti-cancer

Mulberry fruit can be used to prevent cancer. Mulberry fruit can provide nutrients for our body cells more effective so it can prevent our bodies from getting cancer.

According to a research conducted on animals, the results show that the antioxidant content in mulberry can reduce oxidative stress, thus potentially reducing the risk of cancer. There is another way to Prevent Cancer Naturally With Foods and Habits.

3. Prevent stroke

Another important health benefits of mulberry fruit is to prevent stroke. Mulberry fruit has nutritional content that works to strengthen our body so the body can be free from the signs of stroke. We also recommend eating these fruits regularly for those of you who have suffered a stroke.

4. Improve blood circulation

Mulberry fruit has a very important benefit for the body, improve blood circulation. This is caused by the content of resveratrol that found in leaves and mulberry fruit that serves to stimulate blood flow so that blood circulation will return smoothly. This brings a good effect to the body because the body will deliver nutrients and oxygen more optimally thus helping to reactivate the declining cells, improve organ function and repair skin condition.

5. Clean the body from dirty blood

Mulberry fruit carries another important mission. Mulberry fruit can filter the blood in the body, then dirty blood is removed and thrown out the body.

6. Healthy kidney

Our organs can also get the health benefits of mulberry fruit, one of them is our kidneys. The content that contained in this mulberry fruit can enter our kidneys and free our kidneys from dangerous diseases. You should check about Symptoms of Kidney Stones .

7. Good for liver

The other organ that can get the benefit from this mulberry is our liver. Mulberry fruit serves to remove a variety of toxins that enter the liver so there will be no chance for disease to develop in our bodies.

8. Health for eyes

For those of you who work by using a lot of time in front of the computer, you definitely need something that can help your eyes stay healthy. Everyone knows that vitamin A is needed for eye health. Mulberry provides vitamin A content that needed by your eyes.

So, consume the mulberry fruit or make it into juice and drink it, so that the content of Vitamin A in this fruit can strengthen the eyes sight and reduce the tension in your eyes. There is also Vitamin A Benefits Apart For Eyes Vision.

9. Speed up in recovery body

For those of you who are in recovery after surgery also in the healing period due to other diseases, or is in recovery after childbirth try to consume this fruit. Murbei has a function to speed up the recovery in our body. Mulberry also has a function to improve blood circulation and prevent infection.

10. Keep blood sugar levels

This fruit is safe for you who are suffering diabetes. Why? Because this fruit will not affect blood sugar levels, its caused some compounds such as insulin in mulberry can help to balance and control the blood sugar. The content of flavonoids in mulberry also serves to prevent the increase and decrease in uncertain glucose levels.

11. Lowering cholesterol

Cholesterol that accumulates in the body is very harmful to the body. You must to know about Health Risks of High Levels of Saturated Fat and Cholesterol. Therefore, the bad Cholesterol needs to be removed from our body. Consuming mulberry fruit regularly brings the benefits of lowering cholesterol levels in our body.

12. Health for our heart

By removing the bad cholesterol in the body, mulberry brings health benefits to our heart. Because mulberry can strengthen the nervous system, thus preventing the occurrence of a blockage in the bloodstream.

13. Increase appetite

For those of you who do not have an appetite or eat irregularly, try to consume mulberry. You don’t have to worry about being fat. But, if you keep up with the sport as well.

14. Smoothly digestion

As you can see in the listed nutrient of mulberry above, mulberry also contains fiber. This fiber serves to smoothly your digestion so can improve the overall health of the body and avoid digestive problems, such as constipation.

15. Good for bone

Not without reason, mulberry contains vitamin K, calcium, iron, phosphorus also magnesium. All of these contents have an influence in the development and in maintaining bone health. So mulberry can prevent bone disease such as osteoporosis.

16. Work as antioxidant

The content of vitamin A and vitamin E, as well as various components of carotenoids such as lutein, beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, and alpha-carotene that owned mulberry, serves as an antioxidant that protects the skin, tissue, and hair from free radicals. So your skin looks smooth and your hair looks shiny and stay healthy.

17. Improve immunity

Mulberry fruit contains vitamin C that serves to improve immunity because it can help to stimulate immune function against virus and bacteria attacks. So that the immune system increases and helps our body avoid disease such as flu which is usually caused because our immune system decreased during the transition season.

18. Overcoming anemia

Are you anemic? Anemia is a condition in which a person lacks the amount of hemoglobin that works for carrying oxygen throughout the body tissues. This is the Symptoms of Anemia. Anemia caused by lack of iron. Mulberry fruit is one of the fruits that can be used to overcome anemia because this fruit has iron content that needed for patients who suffering anemia. Beside by using this fruit, you can also try Super Fast Anemia Treatments Naturally & From Foods

19. Good for skin

Mulberry fruit can nourish your skin. For those of you who have dry skin, try to consume mulberry fruit because this fruit can increase your skin moisture. Vitamins and substances that contained in mulberry fruit can make the skin more shining.

20. Good for hair

Who wants a beautiful and thick hair? All women must want this. We recommend that you make this mulberry into a good juice and drink it because the juice of mulberry can increase hair growth and keep the hair’s natural color. Mulberry fruit can also serve to prevent gray hair that grows earlier. Beacuse mulberry also contain Benefits of Vitamin C for Hair.

21. Prevent and overcome inflammation

A study poured in The Journal of Functional Foods in 2013, has proven that mulberry leaves contain anti-inflammatory which, when consumed with tea, leaves this function to prevent the development of small irritations into inflammation.

Mulberry leaves also have a role to overcome inflammation in the tissues, accelerate tissue repair and cell regeneration. Murbei contains flavonoids and anthocyanins that serve to stimulate cell regeneration.

22.  Lower Blood Glucose Levels

This has been proven by research conducted by the department of community nutrition IPB about health benefits of mulberry fruit. Another study showed that mulberry leaves contain a number of gallic acids or reverse acid that can work to lower blood glucose levels.

23. For Beauty Tricks 

Mulberry fruit can reduce black spots on the face and skin. You don’t have to worry about the side effects because the mulberry fruit is safe even when it used as a face mask.

24. Anti-diabetic Function

In addition, the nutritional content of mulberry fruit has a potent anti-diabetic function. Research conducted in Japan also proves that mulberry leaves can inhibit the cause of diabetes.

25. Maintain Overall Health 

There are many things that we can get from this Mulberry. Some people use it to make food, make it a drink or juice and use it as a medicine for tapeworms, arthritis, insomnia, and ringworm.

Caution of Mulberry

For those of you who have kidnyes problem, don’t eat too much this fruit, because mulberry has a lot of potassium. The pollen from the mulberry tree can cause an allergic reaction in a sensitive person. Other than that, because the mulberry fruit can bring benefits to our skin, recently there are many skin care products that have been mixed with mulberry extract.

However, a study in France showed that the product that using this mulberry extract contains arbutin that can be a trigger of skin cancer.