5 Specific Benefits of Cedar Chips and Pine Woods for Dogs

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For those who have pets must be know the benefits of cedar chips and pine woods for dogs. As one of the pet bedding material, it is believe this ingredients bring specific sensation for the pets, including for dogs. This is why many pet grooming or pet store provide this item to sell. Not only benefit to bring more comfortless, but also help to make the pet cage looks better. However, there are some research shows that a possibility of toxic may be appear. For better understanding on this matter, check out below the explanation of benefits of cedar chips and pine woods for dogs, including whether it is harmful or not.

Benefits of Cedar Chips and Pine Woods for Dogs

There are many benefits of using cedar chips and pine woods for dogs. That is why many pet store provide this item. For those who never know on the benefits, check out below lists of points.

1. Insect Repellent

One of the benefits of cedar chips and pine woods for dogs is as an insect repellent. These items is well known can help to avoid any bug and insect from the dog. Therefore, it will make them feel comfort and avoid any itchiness. The same way as the health benefits of applying rosemary oil on face that also works as insect repellent for many people. Furthermore, it will avoid the dog fur from any dangerous bug that will harm them and the people around.

2. Bedding Material

Most of the people use the cedar chips and pine woods for bedding material. Not only works for dog but also for many others pet. This items create a sensational feeling for our pets which make them love it. Therefore, it can effectively help the pets to avoid stresses. The same benefits of lemongrass for insomnia cure that will manage to avoid stress and to help with better sleep experience. Be notify that not only human that able to experience insomnia, but pets might able to have it when they feel uncomforted and stresses.

3. Bring Comfortless

Another advantage is to provide comfortless feeling for the pet, including for your dog. It is important to make our pet feeling happy and fun. So that it can bring them good feeling and good trust to their owner. Including for a dog that known can be so loyal to their master. Therefore, provide the item for your dog will add more comfortless the same benefits doing surya tratak that works in the same basis too. It makes your dog feel better.

4. Eliminate Odor

Cedar chips and pine woods also a good alternative to eliminate the odor. As our pet will be pee and poo everyday in their cage or around the backyard. By using the items, it will manage to eliminate this bad odor and help to keep the fresh air surrounding the area. The same benefits arrowroot powder in deodorant that works to manage the odor too.

5. Moisture Absorbent

Giving the items also one of the good solutions to moisture the absorbent of the pet environment. The same health benefits waterleaf juice that works in the same way too. This will help your pet to avoid from diseases and receive enough moisture which is good for their health.

Caution of Cedar Chips and Pine Woods for Dogs

Apparently, not only bring many benefits, but there are also some risk of the items. Therefore, always make sure to look at the potential risk below and find out the solutions of this risk too in below lists.

  • Some research mention that cedar chips combine with pine woods might contain toxic that dangerous for the pet. Therefore, make sure to try for minimum number first and look at your pet reaction. If they stay healthy, than it brings no effect to your dog.
  • Beware of any possibility that the items can be chocked to your dog. Therefore, watch them carefully while they’re playing around the items. Remind them not to swallow the items and tell them that it is not something to chew or consume. Provide better place to serve their food to avoid this possibility.

Those all some explanations on the benefits of cedar chips and pine woods for dogs including the possibility of any harmful that caused from this item. It needs wise decision before bring something to your pets. The best is to consult to pet doctor and make sure that you’re giving a safety items to your pet, especially your dog. Since not all things that looks good is non toxic, such as the cedar chips and pine woods. Therefore, always try in small quantities first and make sure there is nothing happen or no effects. So that at the end, it will be useful to define whether any item suit your pets or not.