5 Health Benefits of Owning a Horse

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Horse is a majestic creature with four legs which always be depicted within the colossal or old movie as the only reliable ‘vehicle’ to cross any wilderness, combat fields, or meadows in a middle of a rush, wars, or even just fancy stroll caravan on the silk road.

You may get some health benefits by just owning a horse. Thus, it is not about the benefits bringing your pet to work only.

For centuries, horse already made it ways across the history. As the best earliest transportation mode, it is used within many historical events.

Sometimes even the performance of this animal can turn the ‘gravity’ of an event or tide of a moment, thus, scoring the history that we still recall until today.

Some countries also give medal for their services within specific event in the history.

Take the Britain, which serving the “Animal Victoria Cross”: medal for the contributing warhorse which served for British force cavalry.

Horse is a mammal with trinomial name Equus ferus caballus. It is one of the two extant (antonym of extinct, which means still survive and exist ‘till nowadays) subspecies of Equus ferus.

If it needs to trace back further, horse belong to the odd-toed ungulate (hoofed) animals of family Equidae.

The interactions and cultivations of human upon horse are mainly in the realm of equestrian (the horse riding purposes), consist of activities like riding, driving, pulling, and so on.

Since the horse may maintain speed until 70.76 kilometres per hour, it is a common to utilize its speed ability for various purposes like sport, work, warfare, entertainment and culture, therapeutic use, also other products from horses.

It is much more than just benefits of therapy dogs for autism treatment, but, here are five health benefits of owning a horse.

1. Keep you physically active.

When you are having a horse within your back-field, it means you can ride it whenever you want.

Even you may not ride it at your backyard only. Since you can ride it as your personal vehicle instead of a wagon car or normal 125cc bike, but also to many other places like market, school, campus, or workplace.

That kind of activity will lead you to a lot of physical fitness, strength, skills and abilities. By owning the horse, you may have all of that.

2. Improve the mental condition.

Actually, it is not just toward horse, but, interacting with animals has been already scientifically-proven to decrease the low-mental state condition through depressing the blood pressure and hormones which give you the negative feeling.

The equestrian activity also may act as the mood booster, since most of the physical activities along the horse are commonly occurs in the open air and wide spaces. Riding a horse is not always about speed, right?

3. May develop you into socially healthy.

Since you are making bond, a personal bond, with your animal, which in this case, your horse, you need to build a meaningful connection with it.

Regular interfaces with living creature will let you develop an exciting and natural practice of maintaining social bond with other human too.

Moreover, the people within your community will see you as a ‘tamer of the beast’, since you can control your horse and maybe, let them ride it! And don’t forget the health benefits having pet spayed or neutered.

4.  Build characters.

When you keep that animal at your care, you will learn that many things will change.

You will see the world within a different scope compared with other people. You will know that character building is also an integral part of horse ownership.

Even if you hire some guys to take care of your ‘stallion’, but still, you may understand (and it also understands you) that both of you belong to each other.

Some characters like responsibility, sportsmanship, commitment, punctuality, frugality, and patience may arise within you.

Be a real cowboy! So why don’t you think that your horse also act as the health benefits pets for families?

5. Preserve bone mass.

Since riding a horse is not only about ‘sit-in-the-back’ things, but also how you console with the movement, vibration, bridle control, bumpiness, etc., you need to use most of your limb so that you can keep your body stay intact up there.

Strong arms and legs is required within horse riding, since you also need to keep the ‘weight-bearing’ exercises such as carrying those stable equipment and loading the saddles.

You will be strong, eventually and you won’t find this thing as the health benefits of goldfish, right?

Those are five health benefits of owning a horse which can add some insight for you.