14 Health Benefits of Listening to Your Favorite Song

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Who doesn’t love music? Everyone loves music, as music knows no age. Some even might not be able to go on their day without listening to music. Music is very essential to human’s lives, as it is practically well incorporated into almost every activity that humans do. Starting from rituals, religious practices, work, recreational activity, social activity, working out, sleeping. It is practically impossible wot imagine human lives without music. Here is the Health Benefits of Listening to Music.

The very sophisticated technologies that humans have invented as of now. Now, it’s even way easier, cheaper and more practical to listen to any kind of music. Before smartphones, we have to bring gigantic portable cd player or casette player everywhere, to listen to customized mixtapes. Or we can listen to the radio for less hassle. But the downside of radio is, we can’t choose what we listen to. But now, mp3 players, iPod, smartphones could accomodate people’s need to listen to music since it is very practical. People could also coustomize their own playlist with the help of many music platforms. So, it becomes easier for us to grow attached to music.

Music is recreational and therapeutical

Music might just be perceived as a recreational form of art. But actually, recent scientific studies have shown that music also brings many benefits for physical and mental health. To improve your physical and mental health, you can also  Health Benefits of Fasting. Music is a very popularly used as a form of therapy for any kinds of illness. This means, Listening to music is not only recreational but also therapeutical. For all the details, you can read the list below:

  1. Improves immune system

Based on a study which examines the effect of music on percussion players, singing and playing music could improves immune system. The study found that a passive listener of music has a weaker immune system than those who plays and sings. So, if you are really stressed out and feels your body is getting weaker, turn on your favorite music out loud, and sing along.

  1. A good diet method

If you are currently on diet to lose wight, you can try this tip. Listen to a slow music when you eat. According to a research conducted by Georgia University, listening to soft music could lead people to eat less calories and enjoy their foods more. If you want a maximum effect, you could also dim the lighting.

This kind of ambiance can be found in fancy restaurants. But it is recommended for you to apply this method at home. You might also want to know more about Health Benefits of Eating Raw Bell Pepper for diet.

  1. Helps you to sleep better

A sufficient rest and a high quality sleep is essential for your health. Sleep deprivation could leads to so many health problems. Listening to music could improves the quality of your sleep.

Based on a research, listening to classical or instrumental music an hour before bed could improves the quality of sleep. Such an easy way to stay healthy, right? For those of you who’s been struggling insomnia, you really should try to listen to music before bed.

  1. Reduces pain

Based on a study conducted by Drexel University, music therapy could reduce pain for cancer patients more than standard treatment. Playing classical music or patient’s favorite music could also reduce pain for patients in ICU or ER.

  1. Helps Stroke Patient Recovers Better

If you are currently struggling with stroke, you could listen to yur favorite music regularly, preferably music with positive mesages. Because according to a research, stroke patients who listen to music regularly recovers better and have better cognitive function than those who don’t listen to music regularly.

  1. Reduces anxiety before/after surgery

It has been proven that listening to music before surgery could reduces anxiety due to prior surgery. People who are going to undergo surgery must feel a lot of pressure or anxiety, fearing that the surgery might go wrong. If you know someone who is going to undergo surgery, you can recommend them to listen to their favorite songs before surgery to reduce the anxiety.

Meanwhile, listening to music post-surgery could helps the recovery process to be faster and better.It will help you relax and reduce stress and anxiety. Music will clear your state of mind. By having the right state of mind, it will be very beneficial to the recovery process post-surgery.

  1. Lower blood pressure

Listening to a slow meditative song could help lowering your blood pressure. The slow rhythm and low tempo could helps your body to adjust with it. So, if you are in such a stressed state and your blood pressure is over the top, start listening to meditative music to helps ease your ming.

  1. Improves the memory of Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients

Based on a study conducted by Music & Memory Foundation, music could helps improving the memory of Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients. Most of the time, people associate certain songs with certain memories or moments in their lives.

So, playing memorable songs to Alzheimer’s or Dementia patients could improves their memory, particularly the memory that is associated with the song being played. The music triggers their brain to replay certain memories in their heads. So that they can remember what they previously don’t remember.

It also has been proven that music stimulates many activities in the brain. So, listening to music sure does bring a lot of benefits for the brain. Take not that  Ways to Prevent Alzheimer and Dementia are also possible.

 Benefits of Music for Mental Health

Here are the health benefits of listening to your favorite song for your mental health:

1. Improves mood

Listening to your favorite music could improves your mood. It has been proven scientifically. The great thing about music and the sophisticated technology is, we could manage what kind of music that we want to listen to at any given moment.

There are a lot of platforms like Spotify that could help us arrange our custom playlist. Thus, if we are in a bad mood, we could always go for the playlist that could boost our mood. If we are sad, we could listen to sad songs, or happy songs, we can always adjust our playlist to our mood.

2. Reduces stress

Stress is often undermined by people. People take stress for granted, treating it just like an easy problem. When in fact, stress could leads to other serious conditions and medical problems such as depression, gastritis, heart disease, and many others. So, we must take stress seriously for the sake of our physical and mental health. Listening to your favorite music could be one of the ways to reduce stress.

Based on a scientific research, listening to your favorite music could decreases the hormone cortisol. Hormone cortisol is the hormone that hep fighting the effects of chronic stress. So, if you’re stressed, you could always go for a cheaper way to get rid of it, by listening to your favorite music.

3. Decreases rage on the road

When you drive in a very crowded road, or you’re stuck in a terrible traffic jam, you must get frustrated easily. It is proven that listening to music while driving could reduces stress and rage while driving. Emotional unsuitability attributed to most car accident, thus by keeping your emotional stability could helps preventing car accident.

Because, when you’re driving without rage, you could think rationally and you still can think straight despite of the traffic jams. This is very beneficial for you who lives in cities with the worst traffic  in the world.

4. Helps to concentrate better

Listening to music,  especially your favorite ones could help you to concentrate better. If you have a lot of deadlines but it’s hard for you to concentrate, put on some music to set the mood and starts concentrating. Music also helps to learn better, because you are focused and high in concentration. Thus, you could absorb what you are currently studying way better than not listening to music at all.

5. Boosts energy

When you’re working out, try to put on some upbeat music to boost energy. It has been proven that people who listen to upbeat music while working out performs way better than those who don’t listen to anything. Upbeat music helps your body to balance the rhythm in the music that you listen to. Thus, you’d work out way better, especially if you take note of Benefits of Stretching For Health.

6. Raises IQ

It is scientifically proven that listening to classical music could raises IQ. That’s why many mommies to be put music on their belly, so that the baby could also listen to the music played. This could help raising baby’s IQ when they grow up. It is also proven that a kid who learns to play instruments since an early age has higher IQ than those who don’t.

Above are the health benefits of listening to your favorite song for physical and mental health. After knowing the benefits of listening to music, you must not take music for granted. Ssince it turns out that music does bring many essential benefits for your physical and mental health.