5 Benefits of Writing Down Your Feelings for Mental Health

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Every people have their own way to express their feeling, especially when they experience a bad thing that affects their mood. Perhaps they are going to talk to their friends, listening music (Read: Benefits of listening to your favorite song), be alone or maybe express their feeling through writing.

How about you? Which one do you prefer? If I can tell you, I will say that I myself prefer writing down my feelings than doing other things. Why? Because by writing down my feeling, it will make me feel better without need to bother talking to our friends, looking for proper music which fit in my mood or be alone.

Well, I won’t insist you to do the same thing as I do, but I just want to tell you that indeed writing down your feelings is very beneficial especially for your mental health (Read also benefits of reading). Therefore, I will give you the list of the benefits of writing down your feelings for your mental health:

Benefits of Writing Down Your Feelings will Free from Your Heart Problem

When you write what you feel either on diary or on status of social media, it means you free your heart from the problem that bothering you. It feels like you let the heavy load go off from your shoulder after you are holding for really a long time. If you don’t believe it, you may try it later. I bet you’ll feel what I feel.

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1. Clear Your Mind

Your feeling really depends on your mind. When you let the bad or negative thing enters your mind, it will affect your feeling automatically. The only way to escape is you must keep thinking positively. But, no one is able to do it all the time. Sometimes or perhaps there is a moment, the bad thing insists entering our mind and disturbing our feeling. So, what should we do when that is happened?

Well, writing down your feelings will give you a help. Just imagine that the negative or bad things that stop in your mind as the rubbish that you’ll throw away to the bin.

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2. Control Your Emotion

Emotion is our nature as human being; it is always being with us wherever we are. The unique thing about emotion is its fragility. It is so easy to wave it up and down, even for the little things especially the things which are related to the feeling. Even though every people have different level of emotion but the point is every people also have a limit. So, we do have to learn how to control it carefully.

One way that I can show you is write. Yeah, by writing down your feelings, you can learn how to control your emotion. In a research, it shows that writing is an effective therapy to overcome the pressure of emotion.

It is because when you write down your feelings, you’ll feel free, relieve, and convenient. Then, you are also able to express whatever you want even it is the hidden part of your emotion that you don’t want someone else to know.

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3. Help You to Sleep Quickly

Did you know that one of the causes of insomnia is over thinking? Yeah, over thinking can be able to ruin many things, including your bed time.

So, next time if you are going to bed, try to write first for 15 minutes or maybe more. You can write anything about your feeling. Because according to the study “Applied Psychology: Health and well-being” the researcher shows that the participants of study who write the things that makes them feeling grateful have better and longer quality of sleeping.

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4. Spared you From Stress and Depressed

When you are free from any problem, have a clear mind, and able to control emotion. Then you don’t have any reason to be stress or depressed. Why? It is because you have already wrapped all of the causes in your writing tightly.

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5. Love Yourself: Be Happier

Besides writing help you to move on from the bad or negative things, writing also will help you to love yourself. Just try to write everything that makes you feel grateful everyday from now on and then you may look it back one day as a reflection of what you have done. It will remind you of how good you are and what you have done in the past. Eventually you feel thankful and then will love yourself more.

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Well guys, I guess that’s all about the benefits of writing down your feelings for mental health. I hope you like it and you may try it later. Be happier!