14 Wonderful Health Benefits of Playing Board Games with Family

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There are many things you can do, in addition to keep your mind active and healthy. Playing games is one of the best choices you can take. In this case, you can try to play board games. Board games are competitive and cooperative games. Play board games with friends and family in a leisure time will actually make it more fun. Moreover, it can be played at any age

Those board games are monopoly, chess, checkers, life, clue, scrabble, mancala and many more. You can get those games properties easily with affordable prices.  Besides will entertain you, you can get the health benefits. Based on fact, board games are beneficially affects the health.

Here are the details of health benefits of playing board games with family:

  1. Makes feeling good

Laughing when you are playing board games is commonly affects endorphins. It is especially relevant to increase the endorphins which means increase your level of happiness. In other hand, it also promotes empathy, compassion and trust to other by sharing laughter.

  1. Makes family time

We are often too busy doing our activity all day long hence we almost have no time for family. Furthermore, playing board games will be effective and one of solutions in order to make family time. However, strengthening family bond is important after we have so many schedules. You can play board games with family after a family dinner.

  1.  Increases memory and cognitive skills

Problem solving is one of essential cognitive skills and you can train it with playing board games. This cognitive skill is in the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex. Both two areas in brain are responsible for memory and complex thought. Or you can read belinjau health benefits.

  1. Reduces the risk of cognitive decline

Cognitive decline such as Dementia and Alzheimer may affect because our brain lose its power. Due to the diseases, strengthen our brain is one of important things. That is in conclusion to reduce the risk of cognitive decline, playing board games is relevant. Or you can read health benefits of phytochemicals.

  1. Lower blood pressure

When endorphins increase, it helps to maintain blood pressure. As the result, this may bring up to relax muscle and circulation of blood where actually lower your blood pressure. Furthermore, next health benefits of playing board games with family are to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and artery damage. Or you can read symptoms of high blood pressure.

  1. Reduces stress

Essential benefits of playing board games is to reduce stress and feel relax. Based on online survey by games developer named RealNetworks, Inc., 64% respondents said that they play board games to relax their mind and 58% to relieve stress. Or you can read health benefits of popping bubble wrap.

  1. Grows immune system

Positives mind and feeling that comes along with laughter can avoid some diseases, which are also related to immune system. Your immune system boost as it helps you fight diseases. It is the opposite of negativity, depression and stress that probably make you susceptible to diseases.

  1. Therapy treatment

Motoric skill is needed in board games that actually play a role as a therapy treatment. Therefore, practice board games regularly will improve your motoric skill. This may help people with mental or physical disabilities, the elderly and those who are recovering from accidents.

  1. Enhances creativity and confidence

Board games are games that need to open up and connect each other. This mean it seems like to lead to confidence and creativity by how to solve the problems in a team. Because of that, the games are very suitable for those who are shy and quiet. Or you can read health benefits of playing guitar.

  1. Teaches to be patient

Consequently to win the games, you need to be patient in problem solving and to connect with other people. This will be useful in training patience in any case.

More Great Uses of Playing Board Game

  1. Makes you happy
  2. Bounding moment
  3. Spread love to each other
  4. Effects on psychological health

Health benefits of playing board games with family you can get while you just enjoying the games at home.