11 Health Benefits of Garlic and Cayenne Pepper Seasoning

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There are thousands types of herbs and spices and people seem cannot live without them because herbs and spices are the key to culinary history. You must be surprised to find out how the history of garlic in culinary could be traced back to ancient period. Furthermore, adding them to foods is not only improving the flavor but also bring a lot of health benefits to human health. You must have known the health benefits of eating fresh garlic as well as the health benefits of cayenne pepper. Now do you know what the health benefits of garlic and cayenne pepper when you combine them?

Garlic and Cayenne Pepper in Combination

Garlic is one of the spices commonly found in the kitchen around the world. Its unique flavor is not only able to improving the flavor but also contains a lot of benefits. Garlic comes from genus Allium and has been part of traditional medication since ancient time and even mentioned in some Ancient Greek’s old transcripts. While cayenne pepper is another variety of chili with spicy flavor and among the essential seasoning that most people cannot live without. The combinations of garlic and cayenne pepper could bring you a lot of health benefits as mentioned below.

  1. Shortcut to Weight Loss

The combinations of garlic and cayenne pepper could be a shortcut to weight loss, garlic for weight loss is because it is low in calories, cayenne pepper will make sure optimal body metabolism to make sure optimal nutrients absorption, so there is no excessive fats to be stored that causes weight gain.

  1. Great for Heart

It is a common knowledge that garlic contains some active compounds that are great for heart and when it is combined with cayenne pepper which could solve blood clot problems will support optimal function of heart.

  1. Manages the Cholesterol Level

Some studies have stated that consuming garlic regularly could help optimizing the production of good cholesterol while lowering the bad cholesterol. At the same time, cayenne pepper contains capsaicin that prevents the accumulation of plaque in the arteries caused by excessive LDL.

  1. Contains Powerful Antioxidants

Both garlic and cayenne peppers contains some powerful antioxidants which are well known to be effective in fighting free radicals. A lot of research studies have agreed that free radicals are the root of some health problems and antioxidants are one of the active compounds that could prevent its worst effect.

  1. Regulates Blood Pressure

As mentioned above about the health benefits of garlic for your healthy heart because it is also great in regulating the blood pressure. While cayenne peppers contain anti-inflammation properties to help making sure there is no inflammation that will cause the pressure.

  1. Reduces the Risk of Atherosclerosis

For those who are not familiar with the term, atherosclerosis is a condition where arteries are hardened caused by certain factors. Fortunately, garlic and cayenne pepper contain some active compounds that could help relaxing the arteries.

  1. Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke

One of the direct affect that could happen when blood circulation is not moving properly is heart attack or stroke. Heart attack occurs when blood could not reach the heart while stroke occurs when brain doesn’t get enough oxygen because blood could reach the organ. Well, garlic and cayenne peppers are the natural solution to this conditions because they could help improving the blood circulation and at the same time optimizing the function of heart.

  1. Home Remedy to Cold

For over centuries, people who have been using garlic and cayenne pepper for home remedy believe that they could treat cold effectively. They usually add more garlic and cayenne pepper to a super spicy soup to help the patients fighting with the cold and even light fever.

  1. Immunity Booster

The hardest part after illness is recovery. Traditionally, people will consume chicken soup with extra garlic or spicy soup with extra cayenne pepper as immunity booster. Well, it is not just a claim but has been proven scientifically as well that garlic and cayenne peppers contains high amount of vitamin C that is enough to be used as immunity booster.

  1. Contains Detoxification Properties

Do you know that the combinations of garlic and cayenne peppers are excellent body detox? Cayenne peppers will stimulate people to sweat after consuming it and sweat is one of the ways to detox your body. Furthermore, cayenne peppers also stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins from your body supported by garlic which contains sulfur that could act effective as metal detox.

  1. Improve Appetite

If you are in the current stage of losing appetite caused by certain factors, just try some recipes which required a lot of garlic and cayenne peppers. Just like the health benefits of chili, you must be surprised how fast your appetite will be improved.

Cautions of Too Much Garlic and Cayenne Pepper

It is true that no matter how beneficial something is if you consume it too much will bring you harm instead of benefits. Garlic and cayenne pepper contains specific compounds that could be harmful if they are entering your body in high dosage and will lead to conditions, such as:

  • Garlic could cause bad breath so be careful in consuming them, especially in a first date.
  • Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin that is responsible to its spicy flavor. If you consume it too much will cause heartburn and stomach problems that could lead to conditions like diarrhea and vomiting.
  • Allergic reaction is something you should aware as well because garlic and cayenne pepper contains specific oily compounds that could cause inflammation in the skin that could cause the burn sensation.

Well, the list of health benefits of garlic and cayenne pepper as mentioned above are enough reasons why you don’t need to hesitate to add them to your daily diet. Most Asians and Mexicans are so fond of those two seasonings because for them there is no delicious food without garlic and cayenne pepper. Even some Asians like Indonesia and Thailand will consider the foods are worth it when they are spicy hot.