10 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Jackfruit Leaves

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When talking about jackfruit, the first thing comes to mind is usually the fruit itself. This is mostly because the fruit is more popular and commonly used as cooking material. Thus, we become more familiar with the fruit than anything else from the tree. The thing is, we don’t know there are other parts of the tree that are actually beneficial, especially for our health.

This time, we are going to talk about one of that “forgotten” parts. The leaves. Yup, naturally it’s shouldn’t be surprising that the jackfruit leaves have health benefits. Look up other famous tree leaves, such as Guava leaves that many people believe can help to cure diarrhea. Or avocado leaves that has considerable health benefits. They’re all have benefits, and jackfruit leaves are no exception. If you have certain disease, and you can’t get the medicine or avocado leaves to cure it, don’t panic!  (Also read: Health Benefits of Jackfruits )

Nutritional Value Of Jackfruit Leaves

According to an article written by Shrikant Baslingappa Swami, N. J. Thakor, P. M. Haldankar, and S. B. Kalse, the leaves of jackfruit have shown the presence of sapogenins, cycloartenone, cycloartenol, β-sitosterol (Nath and Chaturvedi 1989), and tannins, and they have shown estrogenic activity.

You can use jackfruit leaves that you found around your location instead. So, here are those health benefits of jackfruit leaves :

1. It makes you stay healthy

Who doesn’t want to be healthy? While there are various factors that can affect your health, jackfruit leaves may increases the chance of maintaining your health at “good” condition. The content inside the jackfruit leaves will stabilizes your body resistance. Thus, you are immune to any disease. You may also read: Health Benefits of Jackfruit Seeds

2. Treatment for your skin problems

Ok, let’s say you were having some exercise routine, then somehow you injured your own knee during the routine. And though you have the wound taken care of, the scar just won’t go away. It’ll probably bothers you and makes you insecure. Don’t worry, jackfruit leaves will speeds up the healing process, and you can get rid of your insecurity as soon as possible. And also, it can act as a natural beauty treatment by lifting the dead skin cells.

Just follow these steps:

  • First you take a handful of jackfruit leaves (not too ripe nor too young).
  • Then rinse the leaves with clean water.
  • Crush the leaves until it becomes smooth or puree (you can use a blender).
  • Put the mashed jackfruit leaves all over your face (just like using a beauty mask). Do this at least once a week, or everyday for maximum results. 

3. Stalling the aging process

It doesn’t actually “stall” the aging, but it does prevent the process from come sooner. Jackfruit leaves is rich of Anti-oxidants agent, which is play the important role to prevent premature aging. You may also read: Benefits of Korean Skin Care

How is it important? The Anti-oxidants in jackfruit leaves counteract free radical in our body which is the cause of premature aging. This is a very important benefit if you don’t want to look older than your actual age.

4. It contains Phytonutrients which can prevent various diseases

According to the research, consuming a phytonutrient-rich diet seems to be an “effective strategy” for reducing cancer and cardiovascular (heart) disease risks. Also, Phytonutrients may or may not be the reason why jackfruit leaves can cures toothache, heal fever, prevent osteoporosis, and control blood circulation to prevent hypertension.

So, it’s not wrong to consume jackfruit leaves regularly in case you have cancer or heart disease written on your medical history, or maybe you just want to prevent various diseases.

5. Heal ulcers

You can heal ulcers with ash of jackfruit leaves. So, obviously this will only be effective if you use jackfruit leaves externally. The process is simple and as follows :

  • First you need to burn the jackfruit leaves that have been dried with maize and coconut shells.
  • Take the ashes.
  • Mix it with eucalyptus or coconut oil (optional).
  • Apply on the area you want treated.

6. Control of diabetes

Jackfruit leaves prevent diabetes by lowering your blood sugar levels. So, jackfruit leaves is good for diabetics. You may also read: Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate for Diabetics

7. Improve breast milk production

For mothers who are breastfeeding, consuming jackfruit leaves can help improving breast milk production.

8. Induce weight loss

For those who wants to reduce their weight, jackfruit leaf will be a good addition to your diet plan. You may also read: Health Benefits of Boiled Apple

9. Detoxification

If used for consumption, jackfruit leaves can remove toxic substances from your body.

10. Act as an anti-cancer

According to some researches, you can cure cancer with a blend of jackfruit leaves and leaves of the soursop. This is because the effect of cancer recovery properties might be stronger if jackfruit leaves combined with soursop leaves ( Health Benefits of Soursop Leaves ).

Other miscellaneous health benefits of jackfruit leaves are :

  • An extract from leaves and latex cures asthma, prevents ringworm infestation and heals cracking of feet.
  • Heated leaves are reported to heal wounds, abscesses and ear problems and to relieve pain.
  • An infusion of mature leaves and bark is used to treat gallstones.
  • A tea made with dried and powdered leaves can be used to relieve asthma.

Now that we have done talking about health benefits of jackfruit leaves, let us see what is inside a jackfruit leaves. 

Cautions of Jackfruit Leaves

Well, all parts of jackfruit contains a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity such as from the bark, wood, leaves, fruit, and seeds, may exhibit a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity. Thus, if you take any antibiotics and other herbs or supplements with antibacterial activity due to possible additive effects, please do not consume jack fruit leaves.

Jackfruit leaves improve glucose tolerance in normal and type 2 diabetes patients. So, you may be careful in using medications that may also alter blood sugar. Diabetics, before taking any herbal medicine, they must be monitored closely by a qualified healthcare professional, including a pharmacist. Medication adjustments may be necessary.

When using jackfruit leaves for consumption, make sure you follow these procedures :

  • Provide approximately 10-15 pieces of old jackfruit leaves.
  • Prepare two segments of rhizome of turmeric (sliced ​​thin).
  • Prepare seven glasses of white water.
  • Boil all ingredients (lift if boiling).
  • Let stand until cool (with a sealed container).
  • 3x daily consumption before or after meals.

Please take note that any method explained above are not definite way to solve your medical problem. You still have to rely on your doctor advice.