Physical and Spiritual Benefits of Doing Japji Sahib for Mental Health

Japji sahib is the composition of morning prayer done by Sikhs. As we know, Sikhism is a pantheistical religion in Punjab area of India. Japji sahib is done based on the main Sikh holy scripture, Guru Granth Sahib. There are some parts in japji sahib. The first is Mool Mantar or the opening, a set […]

Best Benefits of Not Washing Hair for 2 Weeks You’ve Never Imagined Before

How often do you wash your hair? Is it every day or once in two or three days? Do you think washing hair is important and promoting such beautiful hair? To answer this, in this article, we will talk about something surprising. Yes, it is the benefits of not washing hair for 2 weeks. You […]

Top Benefits of Kera XL Hair Growth Serum – #Hair Treatment

For hair treatment, you may choose to go to the beauty salon or doing some natural hair treatment. Indeed, the treatment you get will boost the healthy and shiny, silky hair. In this article, we will talk about Kera XL Hair Growth serum which is known to protect your hair from damage. The greater thing […]

Amazing Benefits of Cabbage Leaves for Mastitis – #Breast Health

Mastitis is a health problem that causes breast tissue to become sore and inflamed. This includes symptoms such as breasts swelling, skin redness, fever, flu-like symptoms, and breast tenderness. It is a common problem in breastfeeding women of 21 to 35 years old with the highest risk being in the age group of 30 to […]

Top Benefits of Cabbage Leaves for Breast Enlargement You Need to Know!

The consumption of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables will help to promote body health. In this article, we will talk about cabbage leaves that are believed to have great health benefits. One of them is the way it helps to promote breast enlargement. Moreover, it is known that cabbage leaves provide nutrients that […]

Benefits of Guava Leaves for Toothache (Proven Home Remedies)

Guava leaves have an amazing benefit for health as strong home remedies. It is very effective if we compare the accessibility and the effect of guava leave usage. Well, we can find guava leaves anywhere near our house and we can use it based on our needs. The old medication had been relied on Health […]

Benefits of Guava Leaves for Teeth (Effective Home Remedy)

Its not a secret that traditional medication often involve natural ingredients such as roots and leaves of plants. As we know, traditional medication usually uses the ingredients we can easily find around our house. One of the beneficial ingredients we can easily find, and use is guava leaves. Well, guava is not only beneficial for […]

Wonderful Benefits of Marine Life to Humans You Need to Know!

Could you imagine if the earth has no sea or ocean at all? And if there is just land on earth? You couldn’t have known what fish is or you couldn’t have understood how to swim. But, the more important thing is you couldn’t have felt how beneficial ocean and marine life for the human […]

Great Benefits of Lifebuoy Hand Wash for Health – #Healthy Habits

Handwashing should be a habit for life. This activity promotes a healthy life and can prevent certain health problems. In this case, many of you might just wash hand with water alone. Indeed, it isn’t enough to clean hands. Then, you need to wash your hand with soap. In this article, we will talk about […]

Top Benefits of Eggplant for Kidneys Health You’ve Never Known Before

Kidneys have a role in removing harmful waste material from the bloodstream and balancing the body’s fluids. To protect kidney health, you need to include healthy foods in the diet. In this case, foods that contain antioxidants can help neutralize free radicals and protect the body including kidney. They can help to prevent oxidation and […]