8 Superb Health Benefits of Pumpkin for Baby

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Previously we talked about a grain that has many usefulness for both the adults and baby’s growth in the benefits of Barley for baby. We found that even though an item is not popularly consumed by many, it is still able to give off many beneficial nutrients for our lives.

Today we’re gonna talk about something different. Although it is often consumed, not many people know that the benefits of pumpkin for health are very diverse. The fruit, which is used to decorate the atmosphere of Halloween, is believed to be good for those of you who are on a diet.

Pumpkin is a type of vegetable that thrives in tropical countries like South East Asia countries. You can find these pumpkins at markets and stalls that are selling fruit and vegetables.

However, many don’t know the benefits of this vegetable. Besides being delicious to be processed into various types of dishes, it turns out that pumpkin is also good for your little ones.

Babies who have turned six months are generally able to eat their first food. Make sure that the first food is soft enough. Soft foods can also be found as one of the benefits of Banana Suji Halwa.

The food needs to be easy to swallow and does not trigger food allergies as well. Pumpkin might be one of your little one’s first solid choices because of its soft texture. Here are some of the benefits of pumpkin that you need to know.

Health Benefits of Pumpkin for Baby

1. Energy Source

The first and most important benefit is to become a source for energy for your baby. It’s actually one of many health benefits of Baby Banana too though.

Pumpkin is included as one of vegetables that are low in calories. Small-sized Pumpkins usually only contain 20 calories and large ones can contain 30 calories. 

Although low in calories, pumpkin is still a good source of carbohydrates for your little one’s growth. One cup of pumpkin slices contains about 4 grams of carbohydrates. This amount is sufficient for daily carbs needed for your little one.

2. Low Fat

Like most vegetables in general, pumpkin contains very little fat and cholesterol. A small pumpkin or one cup of sliced ​​pumpkin contains only about 0.2 grams of fat.

While a medium pumpkin usually contains about 0.4 grams. Lower fat could mean many things. Healthier body, lower cholesterol, and low risk of obesity.

3. Supports The Kid’s Development of The Brain and Nervous System

Iron and folate intake should not stop after your little one is born. Iron and folate are commonly found in meat, eggs and other animal foods. However, this one nutrient is also contained in pumpkin. A cup of sliced ​​pumpkin contains roughly 0.5 milligrams of iron and 35 micrograms of folate.

Your little one’s body needs iron and folate to maintain normal red blood cell production and prevent anemia. Folate is also important to support the normal development of your little one’s brain and nervous system.

4. Boosting Immunity

Many fruits like Dragon fruits benefits for baby, contain a lot of antioxidants, which is important to boost immunity. Pumpkin is one of them.

Pumpkin is also included as one of vegetables with a good source of vitamin C. One serving of pumpkin or one cup of pumpkin slices contains about 19 milligrams of vitamin C. 

The body really needs vitamin C to form collagen in the skin, blood vessels, joints and bones. Vitamin C also helps your little one to fight infection by boosting his immune system.

5. Protecting Against Free Radicals

Pumpkin is also high in beta carotene and lutein. Beta carotene is an antioxidant to protect the body from damage caused by pollutants and chemicals known as free radicals.

Meanwhile, lutein can improve your little one’s eye health. A cup of sliced ​​pumpkin contains about 135 micrograms of beta carotene and 2,400 micrograms of lutein, which is a perfect combination for a healthier baby.

6. Makes Baby Sleeps Better

You know, when sleeping, your little one’s brain is working to filter and store the information he has learned during the day. Well, you can support your little one’s sleep quality by feeding him yellow pumpkin slices.

This is because pumpkin contains amino acids which can make your little one’s body feel more relaxed and sleep better. With adequate sleep, your little one’s growth process can be more optimal.

7. Reducing Cancer Risk

Other than having the Gulkand health benefits, moms can gain the benefits of pumpkin for their kids. The most important one is to reduce the risk of cancer. Cancer is a very dangerous type of disease, and to this day, an optimal medicine still doesn’t exist.

According to research by the National Cancer Institute in the United States, the Beta Carotene content in pumpkin can reduce the risk of cancer. Because at this time around, there are so many substances that can trigger cancer. Pumpkin fruit will be needed to be able to ward off cancer from your little one’s body.

8. Reducing Constipation

Apart from its delicious taste, pumpkin is a fiber-rich fruit that is sure to nourish your little one’s digestion. For babies who enter the eating period, they will often experience constipation or even diarrhea.

Pumpkin for babies can also be a natural remedy for this problem. Not only that, if the digestion is healthy, the risk of getting diarrhea is also smaller. Healthy tummy can surely make the kids happier