Here are 7 Health Benefits of Turmeric for the Skin

Turmeric, the brilliant yellow zest utilized all through Asia for quite a long time, has been recently grasped by the West, not only for its capacity to fulfill our craving for curry, yet for its noteworthy list of medical advantages. Taken for its root, turmeric has a long history of uses in cooking, texture coloring, […]

Benefits and Uses of Kaolin Clay Mask for Skin Whitening for Natural Beauty

Having white skin is a dream for most Asian women, and kaolin clay could help achieve that dream easily. Many beauty products out of kaolin are available in stores for one to choose from, ranging from soaps, scrubs, deodorants, facial powders, and facial masks. Kaolin clay is a type of soft white clay predominantly used […]

Benefits of Nutmeg in Skin Care – Natural Alternative Treatment

The number of people who are willing to try natural way for skin care treatment is progressively increasing today. The reasons are varying from the cost of professional skin care treatment which is expensive up to there is no time for them to do intensive skin care, so the one that left is alternative skin […]

15 Health Benefits of Red Clay Just Revealed Here!

People from the earliest civilizations have been using various natural ingredients for skincare. One form of skincare product that has seen its existence from the earliest days are clays. Clays are naturally formed silicates that comes from the Earth’s soils, which contain important vitamins, nutrients and minerals. They take good care of the skin by […]

15 Benefits of Gold for Skin Care #New Beauty Hacks!

Every woman wants to be beautiful, and a number of them don’t mind using up their savings to visit a beauty center to get a smooth and pretty face. But did you realize something? Among all the beauty products you see in stores, gold has become a common ingredient. Yes! Gold which is normally used […]

10 Fabulous Benefits of Goji Berry in Skincare

Goji berries are a bright red color fruit with high beta-carotene is become widely sell in the market. Some people might know what a goji berry is, but some people might not. But nowadays there are a lot of beauty products contain goji berry such as body lotion, shampoo or any other skincare. This is […]