5 Virtuous Health Benefits of Gargling with Warm Water

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Did you know that maintaining your mouth’s health means that you also maintain your body at the same time? The mouth turns out to be a marker of a person’s body health.

This one part of a body does not only function as a route for the entry of food and drink into your stomach. The mouth can also be a doorway for various diseases and bacteria.

Cleaning the mouth via natural ways like having the benefits of Guava as mouthwash, is better than using medicine. And it’s an important thing to do to maintain your mouth’s good condition. 

Maintaining the mouth’s health can help you avoid various diseases. Not only bad breath or cavities, but also heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and premature labor. Like other areas of the human body, the mouth also contains bacteria that are generally harmless. 

Maintenance by brushing teeth and using dental floss regularly can keep the bacteria in the mouth under control. Conversely, if oral health is not maintained, these bacteria can grow uncontrollably. As a result, oral infections can occur, such as tooth decay and gum disease.

There are easy and fun ways to do this. Preparing natural potions like the Guava leaves benefits, or even trying a method, a simple one by using warm water combined with salt.

Back then, the civilization was not familiar with toothbrushes and toothpaste. However, it doesn’t mean that ancient people did not care about the cleanliness of their teeth and mouth.

A salty warm water solution has been used for gargling since 5,000 years BC by the Romans and Ancient Greeks. Moving forward several centuries later, the documentation from the book The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs notes a saltwater solution was also used by the Chinese and Ancient Indians to clean the mouth. Some record records even report adding a few drops of vinegar to salt water for gargling.

As you can see, warm water alone doesn’t function better if not combined with salt. They make a great combination for a healthier mouth. Providing an easy and simple way to make your mouth clean. But aside from those, there’s actually the other benefits you can get from gargling with warm salty water.

1. Natural Cure for Toothache

If you have a toothache, you cannot immediately go to the dentist. It’s too painful to walk around with aching teeth. Doctors can only treat it when the teeth are no longer painful. So you can make a quick rinse with warm salt water to treat a toothache.

Combine the warm water with salt to reach a more optimized result. Do this regularly within a week to reach even better.

2. Curing Sore Throat

One of the benefits of chewing Gums is to make your mouth smell better and also can be a natural cure for sore throat. Warm salt water has the same function. A warm salt water can relieve pain and itching due to sore throat (pharyngitis). The way it works is the same as when treating a toothache.

As explained above, salt absorbs water contained in the mucous membrane. Our throats are also covered by this membrane. Well, the membrane that dries up is no longer ideal for bacteria to survive and eventually die. This absorption of water can also help reduce the effects of inflammation so that the throat feels more relieved.

Laryngitis, tonsillitis, and other throat problems can also be treated by gargling warm water

3. Get Rid of Bad Breath

Other than the health benefits of Sumac, you can try gargling warm salt water to get rid of bad breath. Bad breath may be caused by eating smelly foods, like onions for example. This could also lead to something more serious..

Gargling with salt water can neutralize the bacteria that cause bad breath due to food. Salt can change the pH of the mouth, thereby inhibiting the production of microorganisms of bacteria that make bad breath.

However, if your problem is caused by a more serious illness or condition, this method may only be effective temporarily. Bad breath, which is a complication of the disease, does not disappear instantly with just gargling. The underlying disease must first be handled by a doctor until it is over.

4. Relieves Nasal Congestion

Exposing your nose to the steam produced by hot water may help to relieve nasal congestion. Eating warm food like having the health benefits of Tomato Soup, can be an alternative. Another alternative to try is gargling warm water.

Gargling with a warm salt water can also relieve nasal congestion due to colds. Apart from killing bacteria that cause infection, this saltwater solution also liquefies the mucus that has accumulated in the nose.

Nasal congestion due to bronchitis, sinus infections, and allergic reactions will also be relieved this way.

5. Curing Tongue Problems

Sometimes, the tongue can be coated with white plaque if we are not diligent in cleaning it. Don’t worry just yet! The white coating that is on the surface of the tongue can be removed by gargling with a warm salt water.

Gargling with it can even heal burns on the tongue. The sodium chloride compound within the salt may help in reducing the pain and inflammation.

However, the dose of salt to treat the problem of tongue burns should be less than normal so that it doesn’t worsen the condition.

How You Do It

It’s not a complex process actually, all you need to do is :

  • Prepare a cup of warm water and pure salt (don’t use salt that combined with other spices or monosodium glutamate)
  • Add a half spoon of salt into 250 ml of warm water
  • Gargle to all corners of your mouth about thirty seconds
  • Let the water out and do the same steps once again
  • After you done, brush your mouth with toothpaste and finish it with flossing your teeth