17 Benefits of Applying Dabur Honey on Face #1 Beauty Secret

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Honey has been known as powerful natural ingredient for both health and beauty. There are lots of Benefits of Honey for weight loss . In addition, we can easily find honey on mother’s kitchen shelf. However, we can use any honey available in the market. Especially for beauty treatment, it is highly recommended to use the pure honey. Well it seems that we cannot easily find the pure honey in the market. Most of honey in the market is packed and labeled as food grade.

On the other hand, it may contain additive sugar and artificial preservatives. The additive substance is not good for skin. Recently, the hunt of marketed pure honey which is good for skin might show the light. Indian women and beauty bloggers around the world are talking about the benefits of applying Dabur honey on face.

Dabur honey is the largest player among the branded honey market as the quality guarantee. The honey source is selected from Himalaya forest. The quality check is being ensured even from the raw unfiltered honey. The packing process also guarantees the hygiene by applying the high quality technology. As the result, Dabur scored the highest level on honey purity in a recent study of all honey in marketplace. From the purity certification, we can also be sure if this honey is both beneficial and safe for our skin.

Benefits of Applying Dabur Honey on Face

Despite the quality guarantee, Dabur honey can give you the guarantee for the safe skin treatment. Well, there are lots of benefits we can get from using Dabur honey for skin. The benefits as listed as follows.

  1. Moisture the skin

The ability of honey to moisture the skin is the reason why honey is included in many lotion products. The same quality also owned by Dabur honey. It is able to deeply moisturize skin as the enzyme in honey is easily absorbed by skin. To moisturize the face skin, you can use Dabur honey as moisturizing mask.

  1. Good for glowing skin

Besides moisturizing skin deeply, applying Dabur honey on face can also make your face naturally glowing. To get the glowing skin, we can both apply honey directly on skin and consume honey regularly.

  1. Keep skin hydrated

Pollution, air conditioner, and whether are the factors behind your dry and dull skin. However, those conditions cannot easily avoid as we have to do our daily activities. Therefore, the only solution is by nourishing our skin with the proper skin care. Besides the branded skincare you can get from cosmetic booths, you can also use honey.

The pure honey such Dabur honey is very recommended to hydrate your face skin. Honey is able to draw moisture from air into skin. Thus, applying Dabur honey on face will keep you face freshness and elasticity.

  1. Deep clean pore cleanser

Using cosmetics may support your perfect whole day performance. However, after the hectic day, sometimes we are too tired to take off the makeup and rush to bed. You know, that’s the main culprit of your blackheads. Sometimes facial wash cannot perfectly wash away the dirt and make-up residue. We need something which deeply cleans the pore.

Surprisingly, this pure honey is one of the powerful deep pore cleansers.  It is able to completely remove dirt from pores. Further, it also hydrates and tightens pore perfectly. To apply Dabur honey as cleanser, we can mix the honey with some oils such coconut oil. The addition of coconut oil in the mixture will give you the benefits of coconut oil as makeup remover .

  1. Reduce blemishes

Not only removing dirt, honey is also able to remove scars or blemishes. Sometimes acne leaves scar on our face. In this case, honey is able to lessen the inflammation and quickly heal the skin. Moreover, the antioxidant property also helps in repairing damaged skin. 

  1. Gentle exfoliator

Skin exfoliating is important to eliminate the dead skin. Commonly we can simply use the skin exfoliator available in stores. However, the artificial exfoliator sometimes causes skin irritation. On the other hand, we can use honey as the natural skin exfoliator. It is much gentler than the artificial exfoliator, yet performs the equal result in exfoliating skin.

  1. Brighten skin

As cleanser and exfoliator, honey helps you to remove dirt and reduce blemish. On the other hand, it will also reduce the skin pigmentation. Thus, applying Dabur honey on face regularly will give you the clearer and brighter skin complexion.

  1. Sunburn remedy

Besides the ability to nourish skin, honey contains anti-inflammatory property. This is the reason why ancient medical treatments suggest honey as the first aid in treating burns. We can also use honey for treating sunburn as it decreased skin inflammation. Applying Dabur honey on skin will also provide nutrition for the damaged cell.

  1. Avoid acne

In addition to the anti-inflammatory property, Dabur honey also has its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. These qualities will not only deep clean the pore, but also get rid of the exceeding oil on face. Removing dirt, oil, and keep the skin clean is the best effort in using honey to avoid acne.

  1. Slower aging

Any kinds of honey including Dabur honey are rich with antioxidant. We know that antioxidant is powerful to block the factors of aging. It is also happen on skin. The antioxidant will maintain your skin elasticity and make you look youthful.

  1. Reduce wrinkles

The antioxidant in Dabur honey is also able to reduce wrinkles. Women in their 30’s are sometimes afraid of the wrinkle as the sign of aging. In this case, we can use Dabur honey as a home remedy to prevent the presence of wrinkle on face. Honey facial mask will be simple yet powerful for you. To add the health benefits, we can also add some yogurt as it provides the health benefits of yogurt for beauty

  1. Good for chapped lips

Lips are also the essential part of face. The chapped lips will distract your overall appearance. Honey is a natural ingredient which is beneficial for lips. It has been used for long ago. We know that the beauty secret of Cleopatra is honey. She applied honey on her face, including her lips. It will make your lips glowing while give the needed hydration for your lips.

How to Apply Dabur Honey on Face

Regarding to the benefits of applying Dabur honey on face, here are the recommendations about how to use the honey. There are many ways in using honey according to your concern. So, take a look at the list summarized bellow:

  1. Facial cleanser: mix one tea spoon of milk powder and honey on your palm. Apply it all over your face. Massage gently, and rinse off with warm water. Use it for your daily facial wash.
  2. Make up remover: mix honey with coconut oil or olive oil in equal quantities. Apply it on your face. Massage thoroughly to lift your make up. Wipe it using dry cotton ball or tissue. Next, apply your favorite toner. The mixture can also be used to take care of your acne. Instead of toner, you can rinse off with cold water to get rid of the oil in your face.
  3. Rejuvenate skin: make a concoction consists of honey and lemon juice. Apply the concoction on face and let it dry for about twenty minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Lemon and honey is a good companion, since they have the benefits of honey and lemon for health.
  4. Brighten skin: prepare half cup of honey. Add bit of rose water into it. Use the mixture to massage your face. Use it regularly. Besides, rose water is also good for acne. it has the  Benefits of Rosewater for Acne 
  5. Exfoliate skin: mix half cup of honey with coarse salt or chopped almonds. Use the mixture while you massage your face gently. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Thus, applying Dabur honey on face will be such a simple yet effective facial treatment for you.