13 Amazing Health Benefits of Tomatoes in Pregnancy

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Tomatoes are plants that cotomatoesme from the Americas. Tomatoes can be consumed in several ways including making tomato juice or used as a cooking ingredient. Various tomatoes are widespread as well as the increasing number of enthusiasts who consume tomatoes show that there are Health Benefits of Tomatoes that are very good for your body.

Tomatoes have various types. There is a tomato granola, a tomato that has a round shape and has a flat fruit base. Tomato granola can you eat directly. Then, there is a gondol tomato that has oval-shaped tomato. Gondol tomatoes you can see in two colors, there are green and white. Vegetable tomatoes are often used as a food ingredient has a solid structure and small. And the last is a tomato cherry or tomato ranti that has a smaller size than vegetable tomatoes. Which one have you seen and consumed?

Like many varieties of tomatoes, the color of tomatoes is also not just one. Tomatoes have different colors such as the most common colors are red, followed by green, yellow, orange, blackish purple, and dappled colors. Waw, very interesting isn’t it?

Tomato itself must be very often you make as an ingredient in your cooking. Not only that, tomato juice is a very common juice that provided in various restaurants. However, not just the health benefits of tomatoes for the body, you also need to know specifically the health benefits of tomatoes in pregnancy. What are the benefits? See the list below.

  1. Giving calcium during pregnancy

Compared to other people in general, pregnant women need higher calcium intake. Within 1 day, pregnant women should at least get 1.5 g / day of calcium. If pregnant women get a small intake of calcium, it can cause problems like cramps during pregnancy, imperfect fetal growth, bone loss experienced by pregnant women, and hampered the development of the baby. Thus, the Benefits of Calcium are very important for pregnant women.

Like one of the Health Benefits of Milk, tomatoes also contain enough calcium that needed by pregnant women. Calcium in tomatoes is very useful to prevent the occurrence of pregnancy problems and is very good for the development of the fetus.

  1. As a source of vitamin A

Benefits of Vitamin A is very important during pregnancy. Pregnant women need 2,566 IU of vitamin A in 1 day. 4330 IU is the amount of vitamin A that needed by mothers who are breastfeeding. Like the Health Benefits of Carrot, tomatoes contain much-needed vitamin A during pregnancy. This vitamin A will help improve tissue after birth and maintain normal vision function and help pregnant women fight infection.

However, you also need to consider that taking vitamin A in excess of the amount that should you take can cause problems. Excess vitamin A is a danger to the fetus. Excess vitamin A can cause defects in babies born and suffer from liver toxicity.

  1. Benefits of vitamin C

One of the Vitamin C Benefits is to help in the process of iron absorption. The process of iron absorption can be done by vitamin C reaches 30%. Pregnant women really need this iron. They should get at least 200-300% iron content. Pregnant women need iron up to 1040 mg in one day.

Not just for the mother, but this iron also brings benefits to the fetus. Iron is beneficial in forming the placenta, forming red blood cells and is needed during childbirth. So, when the need for iron getting bigger, pregnant women need vitamin C to help the process of absorption of iron into the body. Tomatoes also contain vitamin C in sufficient quantities such as those owned by the Health Benefits of Oranges. So, it is highly recommended that during pregnancy, you should consume tomatoes.

  1. Benefits of protein

Nutrition is needed by pregnant women. If the pregnant mother is malnourished, this will affect the baby’s low weight. So, the consumption of healthy food from the pregnant mother brings a good impact on the baby. One of the nutrients that pregnant women need is protein. In general, a person needs 50 g of protein in 1 day is enough for them. However, for pregnant women, they need 60 g of protein each day. Tomatoes also provide protein content that very useful for pregnant women and their fetuses. One of the health benefits of protein is to:

  • Help the formation of blood.
  • Helps the formation of amniotic fluid and fetal cells to be more perfect.
  • The growth of tissue, placenta, and brain cells.
  • Establish antibody cells for pregnant and fetal mothers.
  • Keeping the bones of pregnant women and fetuses healthy during pregnancy.
  1. Benefits of carbohydrates

One of the health benefits of tomatoes in pregnancy is to provide the carbohydrates that really need by pregnant women. This carbohydrate is very useful to provide energy to the body. What are the benefits of this energy for pregnant women? This energy will assist in the process of forming the placenta, fetal cells, blood vessel formation, body metabolism and fat reserves.

However, you also need to be careful when consuming tomatoes in large quantities. Large amounts of carbohydrates can lead to an increase in blood sugar levels, which can lead to diabetes and Health Risks of Obesity for pregnant women.

  1. Prevent cancer in pregnant women

Tomatoes contain good compounds that greatly support the health of pregnant women and the development of the fetus. The complex compounds present in tomatoes are solanine, saponin, folic acid, citric acid, bioflavonoid lycopene, and β-carotene. Based on the research, lycopene compounds useful in inhibiting the growth of endometrial cancer cells, lung cancer, breast cancer. This is because lycopene compounds in tomatoes have antioxidant properties. Cancer prevention capability by lycopene is higher than that of β-carotene.

  1. Overcoming low blood pressure

Mothers who during pregnancy are very easy to have low blood pressure. This is because the development of the fetus that suppresses the large blood vessels which it will make the volume in the blood system extends until blood pressure decreases. Based on the research, tomatoes containing lycopene, salt, and bioflavonoids can help overcome low blood pressure. However, for pregnant women who have hypertension before, must be very careful in this regard.

  1. Supports the development of cell cycle

One of the health benefits of lycopene compounds present in tomatoes is to improve communication between cells. This helps increase the gap junction between cells. Thus, the development of cell cycle will be better in assisting the formation of fetal cells. This is because the compound lycopene has antioxidant properties.

  1. Overcoming anemia

A study that has been done in 2012 proves that many pregnant women have anemia. This is because pregnant women experience iron deficiency by 35-75% and will increase with increasing gestational age as described by WHO. If the formation of red blood cells does not go perfectly, this will affects the development of the fetus. However, consuming tomatoes will help pregnant women overcome this problem. Lycopene compounds that work with vitamin C in tomatoes can help the absorption of iron in the body goes well.

  1. Benefits of tomato juice

Tomato juice will help increase hair growth and improve the vision of the baby, while he was still in the womb or when he was born. Tomato juice also helps in lowering blood pressure and reduces body weakness. So, it would be great if, during pregnancy, pregnant women drink tomato juice.

Another health benefits of tomatoes in pregnancy are:

  1. The content of Vitamin C in tomatoes has a role in the formation of healthy bones, teeth, and gums.
  2. Lycopene compounds in tomatoes help in preventing preeclampsia.
  3. Lycopene compounds in tomatoes also have a role in facilitating the process of childbirth.

The best way to consume tomatoes!

There are several ways you can consume tomatoes, for example:

  • You can consume directly, by eating raw tomatoes.
  • You can make tomatoes as one of the complementary ingredients for your salad.
  • You can cook the tomatoes.
  • Another option is to make tomato juice.

You can choose according to your taste about how to consume tomatoes during pregnancy.


Although tomatoes have many benefits for pregnant women and babies, there are some things you should know when consuming tomatoes during pregnancy.

  1. If you are consuming large amounts of tomatoes during pregnancy can cause heartburn caused by their high acid content.
  2. Consuming tomatoes in large quantities can also cause indigestion problems, such as abdominal pain and abdominal bloating due to gas buildup.
  3. According to some studies, consuming large amounts of tomatoes during pregnancy can cause a little change in skin color in pregnant women and the fetus in the womb.

So, because there are so many benefits of tomatoes for pregnant women and fetuses, don’t forget to include tomatoes in your daily menu during pregnancy.