6 Powerful Health Benefits of Atis Leaves for Diabetes

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Many diabetic patients prefer herbal medicine rather than drugs. It is due to the side effects of herbal medicine are less harmful. Therefore, there are many types of herbal medicine for diabetes, including atis leaves. The health benefits of atis leaves for diabetes is now become popular and well known in medical world. It is the same beneficial as the list medicinal plants for diabetes.

Atis leaves comes from the plant which produce atis fruit. The fruit also well known as custard apples. It is sweet, creamy flesh and have oval round shape. The leaves believe can cure diabetic due to it benefit for the blood sugar level in human body. Therefore, consuming atis leave extract will benefit to reduce diabetic symptoms.

Atis plant is native to America and West Indies. But the plant is common is Asia region too, including in Indonesia. The plant can reach up to 6 meters and has irregularly branches. To cultivate the tree also not difficult. It will grow well in a fertile soil with enough water. Hence, many people in tropical countries grow the plant in the backyard.

There is some nutrition value in the atis fruit, including contain carbohydrates and sugar. But there is no further information for nutrition value of the leaves. Below are some health benefits of atis leaves for diabetes:

1. Anti Diabetic Properties

Atis leaf has many anti diabetic properties. This property helps to control the glucose level. Furthermore, it helps to enhance the glucose intake by the muscle. Therefore, the process of glucose utilization by the body can be optimized. Hence, it is good to consume atis leaves extract in a daily basis for diabetes.

It rich with minerals that can benefit for health especially in Ayurveda. The main benefit of the leaves for diabetic has proven to reduce the glucose inside the blood. It has quick healing capability and could be used as a combination with other ingredients. Therefore, it work fast to eliminate diabetic risk.

2. Full of Fiber for Digestive

The leaves are rich with fiber. Therefore, it helps to optimize the digestive in controlling the body metabolism. This will lead to slow absorption of the sugar to the human body. Hence, the blood glucose level can be keep as minimum. Furthermore, the body will avoid to gain more weight and body metabolism rate will increase. This means that the sugar level in the body is converted maximum to be an energy.

3. Regulates Sugar in The Body

The extract tea of the atis leave would not cause sudden spikes in the blood sugar levels. Therefore, it helps in keeping the digestive tract working well. It will regulate the sugar in the human body. Hence, it will help to avoid the risk of diabetes. This is the same health benefits of okra for diabetes.

4. Boost Body Power

Boiling the leaves and consuming the extract every day will stimulate the metabolism rate and energy levels up through the day. It helps to flush out the toxins from the body. Therefore, the body will feel more energetic and powerful. Once the body is powerful, it will able to avoid diseases such as diabetes.

5. Anti Inflammatory

The leaves has anti-inflammatory properties and a soothing effect. Therefore, it helps to heal wounds caused by diabetic condition. It will soothe the ache inflammation which normally spread out in the diabetic patient. Furthermore, it will lead to fast recovery of diabetic wound. This is the same as health benefits of arnica as an anti inflammatory to the swollen inflammation.

6. Prevent Complication Diseases Due To Diabetes

Potassium and magnesium present in high quantities in these leaves. It is known to relax the muscles of the heart. Therefore, another health benefits of atis leaves for diabetes including to help in preventing the risk of strokes and heart disease. Which normally happen as complicated diseases due to diabetic condition.

How to Use Atis Leaves for Diabetes

To get the health benefits of atis leaves for diabetes, there are several steps. Below are some step by step method to extract the atis leaves:

  1. Determine how many leaves you need. Put it in a plate and smash it into some pieces.
  2. Boil some water in the pan.
  3. Put the smashed atis leave into the boiling water.
  4. Turn off the heat and let it for several minutes until the water color is change.
  5. Sieve into an empty mug, strain the leaves.
  6. Remove the strain and let the extract cool down.
  7. The atis extract is now ready to consume.
  8. You may add some lemon for more flavor, since there is some health benefits of drinking warm lemon water too.

Side Effects of Atis Leaves

Even though there is some health benefits of atis leaves for diabetes, the leave also has some side effects. Below is some caution when decide to consume atis leave extract:

  1. Atis leave may produce allergically reactions such as itchiness or redness. Therefore, sensitive persons with allergically history shall be carefully when consuming the extract.
  2. Diabetic patient who frequently consume the extract shall be carefully not to drop the blood glucose level. Otherwise, it will cause nausea and dizziness due to the dropped blood glucose level.
  3. Pregnant woman shall avoid this extract tea since it can lead to miscarriage. It is better to consume virgin coconut oil due to the health benefits of coconut oil during pregnancy.
  4. Diabetic patient who consume the extract in the middle of the medical treatment shall consult with the medical practitioner first. Since the interact reaction of the extract can interfere the medicine result.

The main important content is vitamins and minerals inside the atis leave. Which can be beneficial for the diabetic. This is the different way with the fruits, which might be harmful for diabetic patient due to the high sugar content.