8 Health Benefits of Willow Bark – Known As An Analgesic

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Take care of a tree means take care of all the creatures when it comes to the medicinal health benefits, or you can also read health benefits of banyan tree fruit. It is especially for willow tree bark, where is popular due the benefit that can replace the need of aspirin, or you can read Indonesian herbs health benefits. Furthermore, it is according to a study in the year 1829 that found salicin has similar effect to acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), or you can read health benefits of aspirin for heart disease.

The natives of the tree are Europe and Central Asia, which has relation with the people who are taking chemical properties and composition of the willow bark. It has been consumed for centuries by ancient Greek and Egyptian physicians. In addition to the medicinal benefits, for nearly 5,000 years it makes an important role in medicinal properties. For the details, here are health benefits of willow bark:

  1. Treats fever

Anti-inflammatory properties in willow bark play an important role in reduce fevers. Fevers occur due to an infection that affects the body, while it is important to reduce it to make other systems in the body work again normally. Moreover, willow bark has been proven for thousands of years in treat fever.

  1. Promotes the health of the skin

The health of skin is very important for certain person while high antioxidant compounds in willow bark will give a great impact to skin. Topically or consumed, willow bark make the flow of blood increase through the skin including to reduce wrinkles and age marks. Furthermore, the inflammation in the skin will reduce and relieves the pain of insect bites as well as irritation.

  1. Acts as pain relief

High of antioxidants with organic compounds also be the reason that willow bark acts as analgesia. It has been successfully used to relieve pain from injuries and illness traditionally. More than 2,500 years ago, the fact found that willow bark was recorded as the earliest herb in traditional medicine in Chinese.

  1. High in anti-inflammatory properties

Inflammation probably takes in different part of the body. To reduce the inflammation in your respiratory tracts, gastrointestinal system, or joints, willow bark is a great option because it will make the symptoms soothe quickly. Take a decoction or a tea of this bark even will take away the inflammation and topical pain from arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, gout as well as other conditions.

  1. Reduces migraines

Willow bark will significantly give the benefits in reduce chronic headaches and migraines. It lowers the pressure of blood in the small capillaries including blood vessels in head. Moreover, it can prevent regular headaches or acts as preventative method.

  1. Treats stomach problems

Willow bark is high in tannins that help to soothe the stomach as well as reduce the risk of gastrointestinal distress for those who are with other illnesses or when the immune system is weak. While willow bark is slow-acting, the effects make it long-lasting and herbal remedy that as your health regiment. However, consult to a doctor or trained herbalist for daily consume is recommended.

  1. Supports in lose weight

The other benefits of willow bark is to lose weight, that would be perfect if combine it with other fat-burning and metabolism-boosting substances. The treatment in lose weight by taking willow bark also should be in advise of doctor or trained herbalist.

  1. Treats menstrual problems

For women who are having abnormally heavy periods or several menstrual problems, drinking small glass of willow bark is believed to reduce the pains including cramping to mood swings even for stress hormones in the body. The relaxing characteristics make willow bark is beneficial to those circumstances, as they support in the balancing of women hormones.


Side effects in consume willow bark are such as upset stomachs, itchiness and rashes, especially for those who are allergic of other analgesics like aspirin, or you can read health benefits of low dose aspirin. The caution also should be noticed for those who are having blood or kidney disorders. It can exacerbate the conditions, so make sure that it administered properly.

The health benefits of willow bark also you can find in health benefits of white willow and both are beneficial for the health of all of your body. Consult to a doctor is necessary for the treatments of several conditions in take willow bark.