7 Health Benefits of Fingerroot (Natural Way to Fight Bacterial Disease)

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health benefits of fingerrootFingerroot is a low herb that creeps in the soil which has a lot of benefits for your health. It has a thick rhizome and its size is around 5-30cm x 0.5-2 cm. And then, it has a hairless petiole which is grooved. The leaves size is around 5-11 cm wide and the followers have various colors; yellow, pink and white or it’s also called Health Benefits of Okra (Lady Fingers)

The fingerroot grows in the tropical climate in a lowland area. Its flowers grow in January – February and also in April – June. It can grow very well in a hot and humid climate. The fingerroot is originally growing in Southeast Asia and China. Besides its uniqueness, there are many health benefits of fingerroot that is very useful to fight against many bacterial caused disease.

Health Benefits of Fingerroot

Actually, it is the main food ingredient for a lot of Asian countries. It is usually used for traditional treatment for many sicknesses. The rhizome is used as a tonic for the new-born baby and beauty aid for the teenager. Furthermore, people used its leaves for allergies, neutralize a poison and for infections. For this, you may also check out the nutrition on Benefits of Assam Tea

The recent study tells us that the isolated bioactive in the fingerroot can cure a lot of diseases. Here we discover 7 health benefits of Fingerroot as a natural way to fight bacterial disease especially for you.

1. For Preventing Helicobacter pylori

The Helicobacter is the bacteria that cause gastritis, peptic ulcer and also the dyspepsia. Then, the Fingerroot can prevent the infection caused by the Helicobacter pylori. Furthermore, the oil which extracted from its root can produce anti-Helicobacter to prevent Helicobacter activities.

2. For Preventing Bacteria

A lot of diseases come from a Pathogenic bacteria that attack the human body. Fortunately, the Fingerroot can produce a substance to help our body and prevent the activity of a lot of bacteria such as; L. Monocytogenes, S. Aures and B. Cereus.

Other than that, it can inhibit spoilage diseases like L. Plantarum and L. Cellobiasus. Inaddition, the Fingerroot also can produce antimicrobial activities substance against Staphylococcus.

3. To Help HIV Patients

Amoebiasis cause by the infection of Entamoeba histolytica which causes acute and chronic diarrhea for HIV patients. Actually, it is a cheap and natural way to treat such a dangerous disease. Meanwhile, for the treatment, you can check Health Benefits of Bitter Kola

4. For Inhibits Giardiasis

Nutrient deficiencies and diarrhea are caused by the B. Rotunda activity against G. Lamblia which is the main reason for giardiasis inflammation. Then, the extract of methanol and chloroform produce a bioactive agent to prevent the giardiasis activities.

5. For Preventing Cavity

Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus is an oral bacteria which cause dental caries and tooth decay. The Fingerroot can produce bacteria to decompose the sucrose and fructose that can damage our tooth.

And then, the extract of B. Rotunda has an active agent against S. Mutans that can be used for mouthwash. In addition, you can mix the fingerroot with the toothpaste to multiply its benefits.

6. For Treating Ulcers

In Thailand and Indonesia, people use fingerroot as a medicine for treatment of ulcers. Moreover, it can exhibit the cytoprotective effect on the rats with ulcers, based on recent research, just like Thailand Herbs and Spices and Its Health Benefits

7. Obesity

Indeed, obesity is the common problem for people in this modern day. The accumulation of fat can disturb the metabolism of your body. The worst case is, it can cause a liver disease. Then, one of the health benefits of fingerroot is to help eliminate the fat in your body. In this case, you can just consume the extract of fingerroot regularly.

Finally, that’s all the health benefits of fingerroot. There are much more Indonesian Herbs and the Health Benefits. It is no need to be expensive to get healthy. With a natural and traditional way, you can achieve it a better way. I hope you enjoy our article and can share the words with people you love.