9 Pleasing Health Benefits of Walking for Weight Loss

Walking is not only a cheap sport to do, or just usual light exercise, it also provides many benefits for the health of the body. The benefits of walking that you can get include reducing stress, losing weight, preventing diabetes, and reducing the risk of cancer, or others health benefits of walking in nature. Don’t […]

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Skipping Rope Daily

For those of you who like to exercise, you’re certainly familiar with the sport of rope jumping or skipping. This sport is one of the sports or exercises that burns a lot of calories in a short period of time.  You can make it as part of your diet and exercise routine to boost your […]

5 Powerful Health Benefits of Running A Mile A Day with Caution

Awareness of the importance of maintaining health makes long-distance running more popular among urbanites. But also be aware, in addition to bringing benefits, there are health risks that lurk in long-distance runners. You can always avoid it by doing warm ups. As is the case with running a marathon, before doing a long-distance run, you […]

6 Refreshing Mental Health Benefits of Walking in Nature

Can you remember the last time you spent quality time with some trees and grass? Global pandemic makes us stay at home most of the time. Though it’s for the better, staying at home for too long is not actually that healthy. Even elderly still need to have those health benefits of walking for seniors. […]

5 Important Mental Health Benefits of Recreation for The Elderly with Tips

Everyone must have experienced stress with a variety of causes. Stress is called normal when stress does not significantly affect a person’s life. Stress is actually a natural process of the body in responding to the surrounding environment. However, stress should be a serious concern when a person’s life is disrupted such as loss of […]

6 Proven Health Benefits of Jogging at Night

Jogging has been one of the best choices of sports nowadays. There are so many health benefits offered by jogging, such as losing weight, strengthening the immune system and even relieving stress. It is recommended for people to have 30 minutes of jogging a day as stated in 20 Health Benefits of Jogging 30 Minutes […]

7 Great Health Benefits of Exercising In The Morning

Exercise is one of the physical activities that we have to do regularly every day or several times a week. By doing some exercises, the body will get many benefits such as not easily sick, blood flow running smoothly, and not being obese. We can also get the other benefits of doing simple exercises as […]

7 Astonishing Health Benefits of Running In The Morning

As previously explained in the benefits of exercise for kids, the benefits of exercising for fitness and body health are undeniable. One kind of exercise that can be done easily and without spending any money is a morning run. What are the benefits of morning running for health?     As it turns out, there are a […]

5 Refreshing Health Benefits of Swimming for Seniors

Looking for information about the benefits of swimming therapy for the elderly?. You’re on the right page! We will review some of the benefits that can be obtained from swimming, especially for the elderly. For those who have health problems, you can try swimming therapy.  Being a senior doesn’t mean you have to sit still […]

6 Astonishing Health Benefits of Walking for Diabetic Patients

Exercise is a healthy routine. As previously explained in the benefits of doing simple exercises, by exercising, we can lower fat levels, increase muscle mass, and reduce stress levels. Apparently, exercise is also beneficial for people suffering from certain diseases such as diabetes.  Diabetics who exercise can lower stress levels, as well as lower blood […]