7 Best Benefits of Ice Bath for Weight Loss

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People do the diet to manage their body weight such as controlling the food consumption and applying the healthy lifestyle. In this case, the consumption of healthy foods will boost the energy needed by the body. This will be very good to promote the healthy diet. However, there are other ways to help you lose the weight. One of them is to take the ice bath. You may be surprised with the statement. But, it is worth to know that having the ice bath for weight loss is something that should be taken into account.


As a result, if you are curious what things can be done by having the ice bath, then you can check the benefits of the ice bath for weight loss below.

1. Burn Fats

The main point of taking an ice bath is to lose the body weight. It is known that ice bath can release the excess fat. This is related to the ability of cold shower to burn more calories from the body. However, the idea of this one will be concerned with many guides. For example, it is important to know you have to set the proper temperature for the ice bath. Otherwise, if you put too much ice for the shower, it will lead to the risk of hypothermia. Indeed, it could be deadly. Thus, it is good to take an ice bath, yet, if you do it with a right way, then you will get the best results for sure.


2. Burn Calories

When you decide to take an ice bath, then you are ready to achieve the benefits of the ice bath for weight loss. This is associated with the ability of ice bath to set the cold temperature which can generate the body heat and burn more calories. In this case, you are entering the phase known as “nonshivering thermogenesis. While the temperature becomes lower, then it will help to generate the heat and burn calories. Therefore, the ice bath is something that is worth for losing the body weight. Then, do you want to try?


3. Lowers the Leptin Levels

One of the great benefits of the ice bath for weight loss is its ability to lower the leptin levels. So, what is leptin levels? It is known that if you could lower the leptin sensitizing effect of the body, then it will help you to burn fats and prevent the risk of chronic degenerative disease. As the consequence, you can take an ice bath as a way to lose the body weight then.


4. Increases Irisin Levels

Many people are wondering whether ice bath can give the good results for losing weight or not. In this case, a study by an author Dr. Francesco Celi, in an interview with National Geographic.stated that cold showers can help to control the body weight. It is linked with the ability of cold temperature to raise the irisin levels. Consequently, it is good to know the information of ice bath. It gives you the knowledge that ice bath can be a great way to lose the body weight. Also, it is important to know, you should have the healthy diet to boost the best results of the diet. One of the ways to achieve that is by consuming great foods such as vegetables and fruits as well.


5. Promotes Nutrients in the Body

Surprisingly, ice bath can help you to promote the nutrients levels in the body. This is linked to the fact that cold water immersion can lead to promoting the blood flow away from the muscles into the core to keep the vital organs warm. As the consequence, the blood will leave the muscles and bring extra oxygen as well as promoting the nutrients. Indeed, it will help you to enrich the blood rushes back into your muscles where it has the oxygen and nutrients for sure. Therefore, taking an ice bath will not only give you the results of losing weight but it may help you to achieve more nutrients from oxygen.


6. Regulates Blood Pressure

The next benefit of the ice bath for weight loss is to regulate the blood pressure in the body. As a result, ice bath can promote the circulatory system and increase the work of blood vessel. Thus, if you want to have the healthy circulatory system, then by taking cold therapy and ice bath will give you the great results for sure.

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7. Improves Mood

Have you ever taken a cold shower after having all bad days? This situation related with the advantage of the ice bath to improves your mood. Then, if you experience the discomfort in your day, it is better to take the ice bath. It will be the cold therapy which affects the brain health. It will help to and pumps your neurotransmitters to clean out the cobwebs for a happy feeling. Not only for that, it will help you to control the body weight as well.
After knowing the advantages of the ice bath, then you can read the following tips for taking an ice bath below.


Tips for Taking An Ice Bath

  • It is important to know that taking an ice bath may lead to hypothermia. It will lead to the low-temperature levels that can make the body temperature in a dangerous phase. As the consequence, hypothermia can also affect to the muscle weakness and lack of heart function. Then, for preventing this case, it is best to set the right temperature for your body. You can check whether the temperature suits you or not.
  • For the tips. You can lower the thermostat from 74 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit to burn the calories based on the reports the 2014 Cellular Metabolism study.
  • Then, you can take another cold shower for a few days in a week. You can check the results one a week if there is any difference of your body weight.

As a conclusion, the ice bath is something that should be taken into account for losing weight. You can burn fats and calories at the same time while taking an ice bath. Indeed, you may suffer from discomfort at first, but you will never know the advantages of this before you try one. Then, you can get the great benefits by taking an ice bath, the longer you go, then the more you can achieve the weight loss. What you really need to know, it is safe if you used it with caution and you will prevent the risks for sure. Thus, stay healthy and have the good ways for losing weight!