11 Health Benefits of African Bitter Kola You Never Know

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Bitter Kola also known as garnicia kola. It is originally comes from western and central Africa. As a tropical flowering herbal plant, it has been used for a long time as healing properties. Botanically belongs to plant family Guttifereae.

Beside garnicia kola, bitter kola also have bunch of another name such as Bokyi, Edyn, Efrie, Ekin, Cida Goro, Efiat, Emiale, Igoligo, Aku-Ilu, Akaan, Okain and Orogbo. Maybe you never know that there are many Health Benefits of Bitter Kola

This particular plant has proved to cure human body in many ways. The parts that can be eaten from the plant are the seeds, stem bark, latex or gum and sap. Bitter cola is one of many vegetables that are better to be eaten raw to gain its high nutritional content. Just like its name, it is tasted bitter but there is no doubt on its sweet side healthy benefits for us. Here are some health benefits of African bitter kola that you never know.

Nutrition Value of African Bitter Kola

  1. Protein – Garcinia Kola has 11.27% protein in it so it is good for healthy diet and as a good enhancer
  2. Carbohydrate – Carbohydrate in bitter cola is an important element, which reach 70% of the nutrition in bitter kola
  3. Vitamin B1 – Vitamin B1 in bitter kola is very necessary for healthy body
  4. Vitamin C – It also happen that this herbal plants contains rich essential properties such as vitamin C. Vitamin C benefits are literally so good either for body, skin or for your mind
  5. Vitamin E – One of many health benefits of bitter cola is because the oxidation unsaturated fatty acids from vitamin E
  6. Sodium and potassium – Last but not least, bitter kola also good for skin health or to treat any skin diseases. It’s sodium and potassium helps maintain balance of body fluids and Ph.

Benefits of African Bitter Kola

  1. Treat osteoarthritis disease – Based on the research at Obafemi Awolow University Teaching Hospital, the Medical Expert stated that bitter kola has a rich source of anti-inflammatory effects for osteoarthritis patients.
  2. Antibacteria – Based on the microbiology research, bitter kola contains a rich source of antibacterial activity on clinical isolates of staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, salmonella typhy and streptococcus pyogenes. If you are not familiar with all these bacteria names, you might want to check out symptoms of streptococcus bacteria infections
  3. Cure fever and diarrhea – Fever and diarrhea is common disease and bitter cola has always been popular with its healing activity towards these two. The seeds, bark and stem are used to treat fever, respiratory problem, soften dry throat and throat infection. 
  4. Relieve stomachache and pains – In this case, bitter cola’s leaves are used to reduce pain, swelling and increase joint movement
  5. Increase sex drive – Unlimited sexual performance is one of many perks that can be gain for weak men.

Precaution of African Bitter Kola

Herbal medicine or herbal plants rarely has any side effects but on certain occasion anything excess or wrong proportion intake will show its side effects such as nausea, upset stomach, increase weight loss, long hour sleep, increase in sex drive, irregular habit and possibly allergic reaction. It is always best to seek medical advice especially when you are pregnant and have particular medical condition.