9 Health Benefits of Macadamia Oil for Skin Treatments

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Macadamia nut is coming from the macadamia tree. It is originally coming from Australia and famous for its taste. This nut is not only delicious to eat. But it can extract in to an oil. Macadamia oil commonly known as a skin cosmetic oil. Since there are many health benefits of macadamia oil for skin. Therefore, some cosmetic brand produces a fragrance fixative of this oil.

The macadamia tree is well growth in a fertile and well-drained soil. As most of tropical plants, it need a rich sun to grow. It has a shallow root and their grow consider quite slow. Therefore, except Australia, the tree is commonly growth in South Africa. Amazingly that the biggest production of macadamia fruit is currently hold by South Africa rather than Australia. The biggest world trader of macadamia is coming not from the origin country.

There is no further explanation on the nutrition facts of macadamia oil. Except that every 1 teaspoon of the oil is contain 120gr of calories and 14gr of fat. In general, macadamia oil contains vitamin E. It is also rich in polyphenol, flavanols and fatty acids. This content is important. Since the omega 3 fatty acids health benefits is including to maintain the body health.

Below are 9 benefits of macadamia oil for skin:

1. Reduce Wrinkle and Finelines

The oil contains anti-oxidant that offer a great anti-aging benefit. Therefore, it helps to reduce wrinkle and finelines. It produces a younger look to the face. It avoids the signs of early aging.

The high amount of palmitoleic acid is the main reason. As in elderly, the palmitoleic acid is decreased. The skin then start to lose its taut and firm appearance. Macadamia oil can restore the lost palmitoleic acid. Hence the skin will repair their firmness and keeping a youthful look.

2. Moisture the Skin

Another health benefits of macadamia oil for skin is to moisture the skin. It helps to maintain the water and oxygen content of the skin. Therefore, the skin can keep nourish and well protected. Furthermore, it will avoid a dry skin and supply the skin with enough of vitamin E. As we know that there are some health benefits of vitamin E.

3. Avoid Skin Disease

The oil can help to prevent skin disease such as eczema. The anti-inflammatory capability helps to soothe the skin irritation. Furthermore, it can soothe the inflammation of the skin. Including to prevent acne. The vitamin E will produce a new good skin cell to replace the damage irritated skin. Therefore, the skin can maintain healthy and free from the possibility of skin diseases.

4. Reduce The visibility of Dark Spot

Macadamia oil contain natural UV protection that benefit the skin to avoid the sun effect. It has a natural SPF. Hence, another health benefits of macadamia oil for skin is including to reduce the visibility of dark spot caused by the UV light. Furthermore, it help to avoid skin cancer, that normally comes from UV radiation. The oil also known contained cinnamic acid that can benefit as natural sun protection properties. This is the same benefit as the health benefits of drinking flaxseed oil.

5. Maintain Skin Elasticity

Polyphenol hold a big role to maintain the elasticity of the skin. It keeps renewing the skin cell in certain periods and replace the dry skin with a new firm skin. It also benefit to hydrate the skin. Therefore, it can bring a younger look and bring back any stretch skin. As most of the elderly experience lack of their skin elasticity. Hence, the oil can help to slower down the aging process of the skin.

6. Soothes Sunburn

Burn skin might cause inflammation and can fell so painful. Hence, the oil can help to soothe the ache due to sunburn. It helps to bring a cool feeling of the irritated skin. The same health benefits of jojoba oil for skin that also good to recover the burned skin. It brings a fast recovery.

7. Recover Skin Scars

The capability of maintain skin elasticity help to a pregnant woman. Since pregnancy will stretch the stomach skin. Furthermore, the oil will help with to recover the scars over a pregnancy. Therefore, it is common to use the macadamia oil to prevent stretch marks. So that after pregnancy, the skin elasticity can back to normal.

8. Soothe Inflammatory Skin

The oil can also help with the relieve of itchiness of an inflamed skin. It helps to soothe irritated skin and bring a fast recovery for the injured skin. Furthermore, it can prevent inflammation such as dermatitis ache due to infection of virus or bacteria.

9. Balance Oily Skin

The last health benefits of macadamia oil for skin is to control the sebum production. This will produce a balance oil produce and control oily skin. This will help the skin to be normalize. Not too dry but also not too oily. Therefore, it can help to prevent acne. Which commonly caused by over oil production that infected by bacteria. Hence, it produces a healthy normal skin condition.

Recommended Intake of Macadamia Oil

There are several ways to gain the health benefits of macadamia oil for skin, including:

  1. Rubbed directly into the skin area. It will bring a fast-proven benefit to the infected area.
  2. Dilute with water. Put few drops of the oil and dilute it in a glass of water. Consuming the oil will help to maintain the skin internally. The same benefit with benefits applying olive oil skin.
  3. Use for cooking. It is common to use the macadamia oil as a salad dressing.

Side Effects of Macadamia Oil

There are no specific reports of macadamia oil side effects. But, below point shall be made as caution:

  1. People with allergically problems, mainly allergic to nut, suggested to avoid this oil. Otherwise they might experience allergically reaction.
  2. Too many dozes can cause constipation. Furthermore, it also leads to diarrhea.