3 Benefits of Juniper Berry Essential Oil for Weight Loss

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Juniper berry may look exactly like blueberry in shape, color, and size. However, it is not actually a real berry. Instead of fruit, it is actually the seed of the juniper tree. A kind of conifer plants mostly find in Europe. Juniper berry essential oil comes from fresh or dried berries. In some countries like French and Bulgaria, this essential oil has been used to cure many kinds of illness. Long ago, people even use this oil to fight witches. Such a powerful essential oil, isn’t it?

Nutritional values of juniper berry essential oil

What does make this oil so beneficial for human? Well, that is because the substances contained in the oil such as flavonoid and polyphenol known to be the powerful antioxidant to fight the bad free radicals. Because of those nutrition values, juniper berry is also good for skin, as mentioned in The Health Benefit of Juniper Berry for Skin.

And nowadays, this oil is also known to have abilities for weight loss. Do we need to add juniper berry oil to our diet menu? How to use it? You better keep reading till the end of this article, since there will be so much fun fact about juniper berry oil for weight loss. So, here are some more Benefits of Juniper Berry Essential Oil for Weight Loss:

  1. Reduces appetite

Juniper berry oil is one of the essential oil with fragrance. It gives you a sweet and woody aroma. Therefore, people commonly use this essential oil for air refresher. Besides the fragrance, this oil also has anti bacterial effect which is very suitable for an air refresher.

So, what is the correlation between the use of juniper berry oil with your effort to lose weight? Well, the use of fragrance essential oil is very good to help us sleep and feel relaxed. Besides, a study revealed that a calm and relaxed state of mind will help you to reduce your craving for anything else, including food.

Sometimes, the reason of why we are eating is not merely because we feel hungry. Sometimes it is just a “temptation” to taste food when we don’t really need to eat. To heal the temptation, we needed something to satisfy it. Therefore, aroma therapy can help us to suppress the appetite by giving such calm, relaxed and the sense of fullness. the sense make us slowly forget about our desire to eat. Besides used as air refreshner, we can also use the essential oil in a form of topical so that we can apply it or simply sniff it anytime anywhere we need.

A research found that sniffing juniper berry essential aroma during the cooking can reduce our desire to eat. In the other words, we can say that the aroma of juniper berry essential oil is very effective to suppress the appetite. It will definitely support our weight loss diet program. Indeed, there are more health Benefits of Juniper Berry Essential Oil for Weight Loss

  1. Detoxification property

Juniper berry essential oil is famous for its ability as natural diuretic. Therefore, it is powerful to get rid of the toxin in the body and flush it out with the urine. It will also help reduce eudema and excessive body fluid. The body fluid reduction will also give temporary weight loss effect. Besides, it is also able to clean liver from the harmful toxin.

  1. Maintains healthy digestive system

Juniper berry essential oil has a very big role during the healthy digestion process. The oil is able to release beneficial digestive enzyme. The digestive enzymes are able to boost digestion process. They quickly breakdown the fats, and make sure the quick nutrition absorption thought out the body. The use of juniper berry essential oil will also make sure that there is no fat accumulation.

When we use essential oil for our weight loss program, we still need to do a lot of exercise. It is due to the optimally diet program. The beneficial values of simple exercises such as the benefits of diaphragmatic breathing and the benefits of taking 10000 steps a day are also give significant effect for our weight loss program.

How to use juniper berry essential oil for weight loss

As mentioned before, fragrance is beneficial for our weight loss program. Therefore, we can use the essential oil as the air refresher. We can also add the essential oil to our aroma therapy candle. For topical oil, we can put the essential oil in a small glass bottle. Make sure that the cap can cover the bottle perfectly, so it will not spill when we aim to bring it wherever we go.

An expert also recommends using the essential oil for our bathing. We can add some drops of juniper berry essential oil to the water. Combine the essential oil with the other oil such as amaranth oil and primrose oil. The beneficial values of that oil are included in The Benefits of Amaranth Oil and The Benefits of Primrose Oil.

The expert also recommends using the lukewarm water to help the optimal relaxing process. We can also use the juniper berry oil as the massaging oil. Combine the essential oil with coconut oil or your basic lotion to make sure it is gentle and safe for your skin. Using this oil for massaging will help in reducing eudema.

Besides the external use, we can also use juniper for our food. This is the way how juniper berry essential oil will help our digestion. Use juniper berry essential oil to cook our vegetable, or add it into our smoothies and milk are recommended to boost the digestion and further to lose weight.

Cautions in using juniper berry essential oil

Although juniper oil has been proved beneficial for our health, especially to lose weight, there are some cautions in using it. First, pregnant woman is better not to consume this essential oil. It may cause damage to the fetus or create uterus contraction.

People with kidney dysfunction are also better to keep away juniper berry from them. As the juniper berry is a powerful diuretic, it makes the kidney work harder to release urine.

According to a research in 2014, the use of juniper berry essential oil may also inhibit the drug metabolism Enzyme. Therefore, use this essential oil while taking medicine may disable the medicine function. It is better to get doctor advice if you want to use this essential oil when you also need to use medicine.