20 Miraculous Benefits of Amla for Beauty Treatments and Health

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Amla is one of the super food which quite good for human healthy. The fruit belongs to berry variety and it is called Indian gooseberry also. The fruit has much nutrients and active essence which really boost health and beauty. The physical appearance of amla looks like “cermai” fruit in Indonesia with bigger size and shaped. Amla is brown yellow, the taste is quite bitter and sour.

Amla has been long processed into many products to aid some problems such as acne, falling hair, or others diseases. The fruit is particularly processed into oil for Indian traditional medicine treatment. In India, they use amla essence oil for both man and woman to treat hair fall and hair treatment. However, in this article it will be further explained the benefits of amla for beauty treatments, yes, your number one face enemy!

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Amla Nutrients

All parts of amla tree can be utilized as healthy treatment. In India, they use amla’s leaves, fruits, roots and seed to be part of their ancient medicine remedies. It has no wonder since amla fruit has much nutrients and benefits for human healthy. Amla has these following nutrients which you might be amazed of:

  • vitamin C
  • protein
  • carbo
  • sugar essence
  • fiber
  • fat
  • polifenol
  • tannin
  • calcium
  • zinc
  • magnesium
  • potassium.

Amla fruit also contains wonderful askorbat acid which is 160 times bigger compared to apple. The amino acid and mineral of the amla are similar to apple, even bigger. The amla roots and leaves has flavonoid to cure many healthy problems.

Amla Essence for Skin Treatment

Amla tree (Phyllanthus emblica) is sometimes called gooseberry and blossoms sour fruits just like berry fruits family. In Ayuverda teaching of Indian, according to Herbal Health Journal, amla is mostly used for therapy and cosmetic. Amla essential oil is not made from tree or fruits extracted but dried fruits then soaked into sesame or coconut oil. The oil is then purified and ready to be used. You can also produce amla essential oil by boiling amla fruits.

Acne is such horrible case for everyone particularly those who are already struggling with acne for the rest of their life. The reasons of acne appearance are very various. Your unhealthy life style, bad habit of face treatment, hormone, and genetic inherited are just some of them. Now, amla essential oil is widely used to cure acne by its multiple benefits. Benefits of amla for acne can be simplified by the following nutrients.

  1. Removing Free Radicals

Vitamin C to nutrient and stimulate cells regeneration by removing free radicals. The vitamin works by stimulating skin cells to regenerate and push out the dangerous chemicals of free radicals.

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  1. Producing Good Hormone

Amla has much of mineral to produce more beneficial hormone to fight against bacteria or acne stimulating. Therefore, by having abundant of hormone, the skin will be much healthier.

  1. Preventing Bacteria

Askorbat acid which is contained inside amla has 160 times bigger than in apple. It is very powerful to cure and prevent acne by its ability to protecting skin from foreign materials of stimulating acne.

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  1. Inflammation Healing

Amla also has natrium and potassium as the natural healing of inflammation due to acne growing.

  1. Extracting Skin Cells

Fiber and tannin as natural water serum contained by amla is really good for extracting skin cells into new and fresh ones so that acne will not come up.

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Benefits of amla for beauty treatments have been widely known and most of people particularly in India admit that this method is way more effective than chemical treatment. You may apply amla essential oil along you face or any others area which are infected by acne.

How to use it:

It is very easy, just simply pour the oil into glass of water and mix with water. Use the mix to cleanse your face every single night before you going to sleep. It is not only removing the make up or foreign materials but also help the skin to regenerate when you get sleeping. Otherwise, you can directly apply the oil into cotton and gently apply it on your face while doing massage.

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Health Benefits of Amla

Amla has no only benefits for acne, it has much more health benefits for curing several diseases. The following are some of amla health benefits for treating sickness.

  1. Cancer Fighting

Amla has much of anti-oxide contained due to its high level of vitamin C. a research done by American Science Institute stated that amla fruits and roots can be utilized to prevent and fight the growth of cancer cells. Eating the fruit raw can also best cancer treatment method for its maximum result.

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  1. Colon Maintaining Health and Constipation Reducing

Since the fiber and multiple mineral contained inside amla are much, amla can be consumed to control colon moving so that they keep working properly and less the constipation risk. You may also drink amla juice to cure ulcer or any other diseases related to digesting system.

  1. Weight Loss Supporting

Amla helps body detoxification process in order to release out the poisoning essences out of your body. If you have such good detoxification, then automatically your weigh will loss. Therefore, it will be much better for you to consume amla fruits regularly if you are in diet mode.

  1. Hyper Tense Controlling

Amla fruits are very effective in order to control hyper tense pressure. Furthermore, amla fruits also make your body and mind become more relax and calmer. You may pour amla powder with honey and you can drink the drink herb regularly every day for the best result.

  1. Blood Circulation Improving

Amla can increase blood circulaton inside the body, lessen blood circulation to the heart, and the last very powerful benefit is to cleanse out the poison out of the body in order to protect heart disorder. Scientifically, amla has been widely used as the treatment herb medicine of heart sirosis and hepatitis. Something which not many people knows before.

  1. Heart Strengthening

Amla keeps the blood veins and artery to be always clean and get rid of such cholesterol or plague stack. The zinc inside promotes new red blood cells forming and it leads to the possibility of having less risk of stroke and heart attack.

  1. Cancer Preventing

Amla has much of anti-oxide which quite strong to fight against free radicals and prohibit carcinogenic cells of cancer triggering. If you consume the fruits either in powder or extract, you may get rid of lung, skin, and heart cancer.

  1. Natural Diuretic

Amla fruit has such natural diuretic character which helps the body to release out of the poison and reside. If you have such good diuretic process, then you will be much healthier and get less risk of having kidney stones.

  1. Body Stamina Improving

Amla works very effective to maintain body stamina. In order to prevent the body to get easily exhausted, you may mix one table spoon of amla juice with honey. Drink regularly every single day to get the best result.

  1. Digesting System

Amla has much fiber to ease colon moving. Therefore, the reside and dust food in the colon will be easier to be released out. This fruit can also be sued to neutralize the acid level of the body and cool the stomach after eating such hot and spicy food.

  1. Skin Smoothing

Vitamin C contained by amla is very rich and this has led to its powerful impact on preventing aging and natural anti-oxide to stimulate skin in order to be healthier, smoother, and glower. Eating amla regularly or consuming the juice will get rid of acne, release poison out of the body, and make your skin looks way fresher.

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  1. Hair Growing

Amla can be one of the best and effective fruits used to maintain hair growth and prevent the hair problems such as hair fall and dull. You can boil amla powder with water and mix them with yolk and lemon squeeze water. Apply the mix on your hair and hair skin and then let them for a while about 2 hours. Cleanse with water and shampoo and if you do it regularly, you will be amazed with the result.

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Benefits of amla for beauty treatments are quite less known, therefore, by reading this article you now know that the fruit is very powerful to heal not only acne, but also some others disease which you might never think of before. Those are benefits of amla for acne and health which you already know to add your knowledge.