10 Health Benefits of Eating Raw Bell Pepper (#Best Diet)

To live healthily, we must take a good care of our bodies. How do we achieve a healthy body? By maintaining our weight, so we won’t either be over weighted or under weighted. According to WHO, there are over 600 million people in the world who are obese. In which, 39 percent of adults are […]

25 Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water

Do you need a substitute for coffee or tea in your morning routine? Do you want a kick-start for the day but you don’t want caffeine? Try drinking warm lemon water in the morning instead. Lemon has a lot of nutrients that is helpful to prepare yourself before doing your chores for the rest of […]

17 Health Benefits of Yellow Bell Pepper (No.11 is Incredible)

Living a balanced life is a must for everyone. We can achieve a balanced life by consuming healthy vegetables, one of them is Yellow Bell Pepper. It’s a vegetable that we can find everywhere in our foods. From Pizza, barbeque, to salad, we will find Bell Pepper in the serving. Bell Pepper has a latin […]