12 Unexpected Kai Lan Vegetable Health Benefits

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Kai Lan Vegetables Health BenefitsKai Lan is is a kind of vegetables that have same species Brassica oleracea with brocolli and cauliflower. Kai Lan has thick, flat and glossy green leaves. It also has thick stem with many little flowers. There are many Kai Lan vegetable health benefits. We can find more it in many foods from Tionghoa or Canton.

Commonly in China, Kai Lan will be stir fried that mix with chicken, ginger and wine. The other names of this vegetable are Chinese broccoli, Chinese kale,and Gai Lan (In Cantonese).

Kai Lan Nutrients 

Based on the research, Kai Lan is a vegetable that has high nutrients levels. Because Kai Lan contains many nutrients such as Beta carotene, vitamin k, vitamin c, lutein, zeahanthin and high calcium. Because of that, Kai Lan can be do as natural antioxidant and anti inflammatory for our body.

Kai Lan is a vegetables that contain higher vitamin C than orange. It can provide 134% nutrient that our body was needed whereas the contribution of orange is only around 113%. Besides that, Kai Lan also can provide higher vitamin A than another green vegetables.

These are contains of nutrition per 100 gr from kailan, such as :

  • energy : 117 kj
  • water : 91.2 gr
  • carbohydrate : 5.63 gr
  • sugar : 1.25 gr
  • protein : 2.8 gr
  • fat : 0.4 gr
  • fiber : 2 gr
  • Vitamin A : 681 µg
  • Beta carotine : 8173
  • Luthein : 18246 µg
  • Thiamin : 0.053 mg
  • Riboflavin : 0.07 mg
  • Niacin : 0.5 mg
  • Vitamin B6 : 0.138 mg
  • Folic : 13 µg
  • Cholin : 0.4 mg
  • Vitamin C : 41 mg
  • Vitamin E : 0.85 mg
  • Vitamin K : 817 µg
  • Calcium : 72 mg
  • Potassium : 228 mg
  • Sodium : 23 mg
  • Magnesium : 18 mg
  • Iron : 0.9 mg
  • Zinc : 0.24 mg
  • Selenium : 0.88 mcg
  • Copper : 0.11 mg
  • Mangaan : 0.416 mg

The contain nutrients in Kai Lan give many health benefits for our body, such as

  1. Reduce Risk of Cancers

According to scientists, Kai Lan is the source of fitonutrient that is very important for our body. Sulfur and vitamin K in Kai Lan can give possitve effects for reducing risk of cancers like breast cancer. Its system controls estrogen in our body.

That’s proven by scientists that antioxidant and anti inflammatory in Kai Lan can help to attack cancer with trigger enzyme in our body. So thay, many scientists are recommended kailan as one of anti cancer vegetables. For more information about cancer, You have to read how to prevent cancer naturally, list of medicinal plant used for cancer treatments, and 7 benefits of soursoup for cancer treatment.

  1. Reduce Cholesterol

The Kai Lan vegetable health benefits is not only for anti cancer, but there are still many health benefits of Kai Lan such as it can help to reducing cholesterol levels and avoid heart disease. This thing because Kai Lan has high enough fiber. This fiber will help to clean large intestines and reduce cholesterol.

  1. Very Good for Pregnant Woman

There are many natural nutrients in Kai Lan like calcium and zinc. This vegetable is very good for consume by pregnant and breastfeeding woman. Because it can help the growth of fetus in woman’s womb and increase the produdtion of breast milk. Folic acid in Kai Lan is also very good for the growth of nervous systems.

  1. Help to Take Care Skin Healthiness

The other Kai Lan vegetable health benefits is it can help to take care our healthiness and beautiful skin. Kai Lan has natural antioxidant like vitamin C and vitamin E. These contains are very important play to take care healthiness skin and support the production of colagen to avoid wrinkles.

  1. Help to Weight Loss

With consume Kai Lan, its mean that we have to burnt calories in our body. The natural fiber in kailan can help to completing our fiber necessary. This fiber will make us full for a long time and it can speed up processing our metabolisme. And finally, it can help to loss our weight. You may also read tomato health benefits, benefits of juniper berry essential oil for weight loss.

  1. Help us to take care our brain

Another health benefits of Kai Lan is a kind source for omega3 acid where as we know, Omega3 acid is very good for helping us to take care our brain healthiness. Besides that, Vitamin K in Kai Lan also can help us to reduce risk of brain disorder like Alzheimer.

  1. Help to reduce risk of Diabetes

Omega3 acid in Kai Lan is very important content for our body. Because it can reduce risk abnormal glucose  in blood like diabetes type 2. Besides that, that contain is influential for our healthiness.

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  1. Help to take care Bones and Teeth

The other nutrient in Kai Lan is Calcium. Although it is not playing totally in our body, but calcium from Kailan is higher than calcium in milk. Of course, it is very good for our bones, teeth and it can avoid osteoporosis. Based on that, the scientists are recommended someone that have alergic with milk to consume Kai Lan.

  1. Help to Avoid Constipation

Kai Lan is a kind of vegetables that have low chalories, high fiber, and no fat. Of course, it is very good for us to consume Kai Lan. Because it can help us in digestion processing and defecation processing.

  1. Avoid Anemia

There is zinc in Kai Lan too where its is higher than meats. As we know, zinc is an important compund in our healthiness, for example, it help haemoglobin and enzyme production that it can reduce risk anemia, send oxygen to all part of our body, regenerating cells, help heart functions, and many more another functions.

  1. Help us to prevent blood clotting (Coagulation)

Vitamin K in Kai Lan also can help us to prevent blood clotting (coagulation). But for caution is overdosis of vitamin K will give bad effect for several people. For example, patient who consume anticougulan has to avoid this vegetable, because Kai Lan can disturb its work.

  1. Help us to take care eyes healthiness

There are vitamin A, Luthein and zeaxhantin in Kai Lan can help us to take care our eyes healthiness. You may also read health benefits of taurine for eyes and benefits of cucumber for eyes.

From this article, we know that there are many Kai Lan vegetable health benefits. Based on scientists, they are not find bad effects of Kai Lan for someone who consume it.