10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Fresh Mussels

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Mussel is a kind of molluscan that many people in Indonesia love it. Mussel nutrients are similar to shell but its price is cheaper than shell. Mussel can be processed become many foods, like shell. But there are also people who did not love it because it is fishy and sometimes it has bad smell.

According to gossip that go around us, Mussel is a kind of materials which has toxic, so many people go far away from it. But, there are some mussel that have no toxic, although some people have allergy with Mussel. Besides that, there are many health benefits of fresh mussels. What are they? Here they are

  1. As main material in foods processing

There are some foods that use Mussel as its main material. Commonly, Mussel is used for stir fry foods or become soup. Usually, its refined will be umami, fresh and spicy that it will be more delicious if we ate it with warm rice.

  1. Give more energy

Mussel has high calories contents. 3 ounces of Mussel contain around 145 until 150 chalories. It is a high source of energy especially when it was consumed as herrings. Besides that, Mussel refined like soup will give us more energy, although we we consumed it without rice. With high and a lot of nutrients, Mussel is really good and efective for someone who has doing diet programs.

  1. It contains high proteins

The one health benefits of fresh Mussel is it contains high proteins. Protein is a kind of substances that very important for our body. These are some benefits from protein in Mussel :

  • For tie fats
  • It can give energy for our body
  • It can add stamina and energy for doing activities
  • It is good for the growth and increasing muscles mass
  1. It is good for take care our healthiness

What’s more health benefits of fresh mussels? Mussel has many vitamins and minerals that very important for our body. If we consume Mussel regularly, it can make our healthiness in good condition. It is also very important to take care our immune and avoid some diseases like cough, flu and cold.

  1. It has a lot of Selenium

Mussel is one of selenium sources that its contain very high selenium. Selenium is a kind of substances that has many benefits for our healthiness. Although our body does not need a lot of selenium. What are benefits of selenium for our body? Here they are some benefits of selenium for our healthiness :

  • As antioxidant and avoid free radicals
  • It is good for producing sperm
  • It can control symptoms of lupus.
  • Prevent cancers
  • Take care cardiovascular system
  • Prevent cataract
  • Prevent infections from viruses
  • Reduce dandruff
  • Prevent elderly old
  • Take care immune system
  • It is very good for controlling reproduction process
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Take care our brain healthiness

For more information about selenium, you have to read health benefits of selenium.

  1. It is good for take care eyes healthiness

Mussel has vitamin A for our healthiness, too. Of course, High vitamin A in Mussel is also very good for our eyes healthiness. Vitamin A in Mussel will prevent disorder of eyes healthiness like cataract, nyctalopia, myopia, and  hyperopia, too. You may also read vitamin A benefits for eye vision.

  1. Help to make bloodstream easily

Iron in Mussel has very important benefits to make  bloodstream easily. This bloodstream will really help us to optimize blood supply to all of vital organs in our body. Besides that, good bloodstream will help you to take care immune system and prevent some chronic diseases.

  1. Produce Erythrocytes

Mussel is  very good for curing some diseases like anemia. Anemia is a condition where your body has lower blood than normal. Iron is a kind of subtances that very important in producing blood, so that Mussel become more important for you who often feel some sympstoms of anemia.

These are some symptoms of anemia :

  • Feel weak easily
  • Often tire out
  • Get diseases easily
  • No spirit to do activites
  1. Make our body more fresh

Mussel soup will be useful for making our body more fresh. Mussel is usually cooked become soup and added many fresh spices that warm our body. This thing can make your body more spirits and your stamina will be back like before, so that you can continue your next activities.

  1. Cure Hepatitis (liver)

The most important health benefit of fresh Mussels that is found by people is Mussel can cure hepatitis, Hepatitis is a kind of cronic diseases that dangerous for our healthiness because it can disorder detoxification function that was done by heart. You may also read health benefits of tea and health benefits of garlic.

The way for consuming Mussel is you can boil Mussel with salt, sugar and saffron. After that, you only drink water from its built. 

The Cautions of Mussels

Accord to scientists that Mussel is a kind of river animal that can absorb pollutants from river fast, include bacterial like salmonella and hepatitis virus. It also contains Vibrio vulnificus that can cause serious diseases, especially for someone who have heart disease, diabetes, symptoms of digestion and immune systems.

Another dangerous pollutant in Mussel is as we know with hard metal such as mercury. It is very dangerous especially for fetus if it was ate by pregnant mother. For get omega 3, Pregnant mother can choose another alternative sources more safely, such as peanuts, grains and sea fish.

Tips for consuming Mussels :

  1. Boil Mussel well done. It can make bacterials and viruses died.
  2. Buy Mussel in Supermarket or trust seller that can be sure if their Mussel was come from area which far away from pollutants.
  3. Boil Mussel first, before it was stir fried, grilled or fried.
  4. Clean Mussel with through water until really clean before it was cooked
  5. Avoid to buy Mussel that have bad smell like metal or chemicals, include remis has been slimmy.

That are some health benefits of fresh mussels that we have to know. Although there are some people do not like Mussel, but Mussel has many benefits, right? Hope this article will be useful for your healthiness.