29 Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Pigeon Meats

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Do you know Pigeon? this animal is so beautiful, charm, smart, delicious and nutritious. The animal which belong to AVES and invertebrate classification can be found around the world. This beautiful bird has plump body with short neck and beak.

The roles of pigeon in the world

This bird has glory loyalty and dedication because since 1500 years ago, this bird has known by millitary. It can send a letter like a postman. Not only its glory smart, the meat of pigeon also has chosen by the people for cooking.

The history of pigeon’s meat

The young pigeon or we usually called it as squab (28-30 days), becomes the most birds that looking for processing to delicious food. The people choose squab because its meat and bones are softer than the big pigeon. The difference texture of their meat are effected by environment where they live. The meat of pigeon which lived in the farm will be softer meat than the pigeon which growth by  naturally.

Not only about its good taste that makes someone interest to consuming this beautiful bird. But it also has great nutrition in its meat. So the people want to eat the food from the meat of pigeon. These are health benefits of eating pigeon meats.

The pigeon meat contains many proteins

One of substances in its meat is protein. The value protein in its meat is 17.5 g/100gr and It is almost same with protein of cow, 18.8g/100gr. Many benefits of proteins for our body, such as

  1. As one of the building blocks of body tissue. If we consume enough proteins, it will help the growth of children and adult because the necessary of proteins for our body are enough.
  2. As supporting substances of metabolism in our body. Proteins as supporting substances is every activities of our organs and metabolism.
  3. Increasing the function of our immune
  4. Making our hair and nails are more healthy
  5. Helping to produce enzyme in our body and reduce our exhaustion

The benefits of this bird as source of  protein can be relied for human healthiness.

Pigeon meats contains high mineral contents

Some contents of another mineral in its have many benefits for our healthiness. One of those mineral is Selenium. These are some benefits of selenium for our body :

  1. Protecting our body from free radicals.
  2. Increasing the function of thyroid
  3. Reducing the risk of Rheumatiod Arthritis
  4. Reducing muscle pain
  5. Protecting from skin and hair discoloration or you can use coconut oil for your skin and hair.
  6. Reducing the risk to get cancers or check benefits of pomegranate for cancer, too.
  7. Also reducing the risk to get heart diseases 

Another minerals that have benefits of pigeon’s meat for our body is Zinc.  These are benefits of zinc for our body :

  1. Prevent skin diseases like warts
  2. Increasing the function of immune system
  3. Supporting of cell growth
  4. Accelerating of wound healing
  5. Increasing sense of smell
  6. Stabilizing our blood sugar levels and appetite
  7. Controlling our metabolism
  8. Reducing our depresion
  9. Supporting the great growth of children

Pigeon meat is good for our Organs and Blood

Beside the high of its Proteins and minerals, there are another nutritions in this bird that also have many benefits for our body, such as

  1. Optimizing the function of liver and kidney
  2. Increasing our memories and intelligence
  3. Reducing blood pressure
  4. Controlling blood sugar

Besides the pigeon meats, the liver and bones of pigeon have benefits, too

Another health benefits of eating pigeon meats are

  1. The liver of pigeon also contains choline that help our body to use cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis (a disease in which plaque builds up inside your arteries).
  2. While in the bones of this bird, there is a substance that increasing elasticity of skin and improving blood circulation.

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Side effects of pigeon’s meat

In fact, all nutrition food may not good if we consume them without noticed the condition. If we consumed too excess, the meat of pigeon will also given bad effects for our body. The fat contents of pigeon’s meat especially its skin is high enough. So that, it is not good if we consumed in large quantities and it was not balanced with another nutrition food.

After read nutrition and benefits of meat which have been had this beautiful bird, are you interesting to consume it? The good processing of pigeon’s meat and another nutrition food as balancing are the best choice if we want to consume it. Especially if you do exercises and healthy lifestyles, our body will get the best benefits from all the food which we consumed. So, let’s get your health benefits of eating pigeon.