13 Unexpected Health Benefits of Eating Snake #Shocking

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Between of All species snakes in the world, Cobra is a kind of snake which has dangerous venom. Especially, the part of its body which produced the venom. But the other part of Cobra has used for anything, like its blood.

Beside that, meat of Cobra also have many benefits for our healthiness and now many people are eating it for their healthiness. Even that is not only blood or meat of cobra, but bile and marrow of cobra can be benefits for our healthiness.

The Benefits of Cobras’s Venom

The health benefits of eating snake come from its toxic and venom, too. According to the research, the toxic and venom of cobra are not dangerous at all, they can be useful for relieves stretching, anti-allergic, prevent microbes and cancer like benefits of soursoup for cancer, even it is proven that the toxic and venom of cobra can be used for avoid HIV treatment.

According the research in Singapore, the neurotoxin, muscle poison, heart poison, anticoagulant are researched to get potential molecules for medicines.

Nutritional Values of Cobra’s Meat

Besides that nutritional values of cobra are much more than lizard. Clinical trials declared that the protein content of cobra (18,45%) are much more than lizard (16,65%). This is also same with the other nutrition values like fat, calcium, and phosphor.

However, the protein content of cobra is not different with the other farm animals like cow, goat, etc. But for nutrition values (fat, phosphor and calcium), cobra has much more nutrition values than the other farm animals.

There are many health benefits of eating snake such as :

  1. Cure Skin Diseases

Cobra meats can be benefits for cure skin diseases such as eczema, ulceration, panu, ringworm. So that, the people eat its meat, blood, bile and marrow. They makes them become to capsule, oil or ointment.

Based on the research, extract of cobra’s meat have indication as antiallergic or itching because the extract of cobra’s meat can reduce allergic effect in human intestines which it’s given 1,5% of 10 ml histamin. And after the people consumes the extract of cobra’s meat, they will feel the contraction in their intestines will be less.

  1. Cure Impotence

For man who wants to increase their sexual hormone, they can consume the meat and blood of cobra. He can mix them with the cap of cobra. The meat of cobra can increase the libido and a man who consumes it, can survive longer than usual to his sexual. Besides that, the meat of cobra also can make his body more healthy. You can also try to check out the Health Benefits of Goat Kapura (Goat Testicles) for Manliness

  1. Cure Asthma

For the people who have asthma, they can try to consume the meat of cobra. So that, they will feel the benefit from it fastly. Now, there are many places where sell the cobra meats. It can be fried or cooked as satay.

Besides, the people who have asthma also can do herbs treatment with the leaves of kidney tea plant, otaheite gooseberry, and the leaves of fig.

  1. Cure Diabetes

In fact, the venom of cobra can reduce the pain of diabetes. It is based on the result of research from National University of Singapore that the venom’s cobra is 20x stronger and greater for less pain from diabetes than morfin.

The medicine from cobra’s venom has not effect for our body eventhought we had consumed it for a long time or more than 2000 tablets. It does not like morfin or aspirin which have effected if we consumed them for a long time. Beside consuming the meat of cobra, we also can do herbs treatment as list medicinal plants for diabetes.

  1. Cure Liver

The other health benefits of eating snake is curing liver. So, many people believed that the bile of Cobra can cure liver. For consuming it, they make the bile of cobra become capsules or they will fry it.

  1. Cure Blurred Vision

For the people who have blurred vision, they can drink the capsule of cobra’s meat directly or mix it with soup or puree. You might also read benefits of honey for eyes.

  1. Makes Your Skin Smooth

As you know, Vitamin E is good for your skin, but now, not only it, the meat of cobra is good for your skin, too. For the woman who wants to have a good skin, she can try to eat the meat of cobra.

The seller is not only sell the meat of cobra, they also sell the flour of cobra. They make the flour of cobra from bone and meat of cobra which they will be dried and mashed. So it makes you easier to consumes the meat of cobra, you just mix it with your soup and puree.

Besides for smoothing your skin, the meat of cobra also can be used for another problem of your skin like

  • Bright your skin
  • Loosing black spots
  • Loosing your acne scars
  • Cure burn bruise
  1. Cure Heart Diseases

For the people who have heart diseases, the capsule of meat cobra can help them for curing their heart diseases.

  1. Cure Hypertension

The meat of cobra has toxic substance, it call Acidic PLA2. This subtance is useful for anticoagulant. So that, the people believed that the bile of cobra can consume and cure hypertension. Also check out about Health Benefits of Squirrel Meat for Your Amazing Life and Health Benefits of Duck Meat

Cautions of Eating Cobra

Besides give benefits for our healthiness, the meat of cobra also has bad effect for us. In fact, all nutrition food may not good if we consume them without noticed the condition.

The person who consumed cobra’s meat will get some diseases like Trichinosis, pentastomiasis, gnathostomiasis and sparganosis. Microbiology risk is caused by pathogenic bacteria especially Salmonella, Shigella, E. Coli, Yersinia enterolitica, Campylobacter, Clostridium, and Staphylococcus aureus.

To avoid these diseases, before consuming the meat of cobra, the people have to freeze the meat for making bacteria non-active. Besides that, the processing and the way cooking of cobra’s meat must be exactly. So that, the pathogenic bacteria will be die.