10 Great Health Benefits of Tatsoi Greens #Proven

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Do you know Tatsoi Green?It is an Asian variety of Brassica rapa grown for greens. Tatsoi Green is a bit foreign to Indonesian. It has little and thick textures. Its leaves are deep green, growing side by side and it is looked like cauliflower but it is smaller than that.

Based on opinion from people, this food is very delicious if we stir fried it. But, if you want it to be soup or eat it directly, its taste is also delicious , too. We will be shock when we stir fry it because its crunchy texture didn’t lose and the color of its leaves didn’t change, too. If we looked from taste, this vegetable taste is similar to mustards. But tatsoi green is more crunchy than mustard.

The Contains of Tatsoi Green

There are many health benefits of tatsoi green. Because tatsoi green has many good contents for our healthiness. They are alkaloids, potassium, iodine, and tannin. These substances are very good for our body and control our healthiness. The root of tatsoi green has characteristics. It is cold and bit. It can use as anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and decay diuretic. Whereas its leaves are sweet and warm. It can work as homeostatic and keep out of pus. These are health benefits of tatsoi green for our healthiness:

  1. Cure Enlarged Thyroid

The one of tatsoi green content is salt where there is iodine that really good for curing enlarged thyroid. So that, if you get enlarged thyroid, you have to consume tatsoi green. It will help you to cure that disease.

  1. Decaying Diuretic

In human body, there is anti inflammatory substance that can help you for decaying diuretic. This thing help us for stabilizing our healthiness.

  1. Reduce Swelling

Another health benefits of tatsoi green is reducing inflamation. Swelling will need a long time to heal, if it wasn’t helped with subtance that reduce inflamation or swelling. There is benefit in tatsoi green root that can destroy blood clotting. So that, tatsoi green can speed up cure of swelling.

  1. As Wound Cooler

In the root of tatsoi green, there is cooler substance where it give us cool sensation. Because of that, many people use it as anti inflammatory for reducing wound of diseases.

  1. Good for Insomnia Surferer

The root of tatsoi green give us comfortable and cool condition. These things give us comfortable and relaxation for our body. So that we can be sleepy and deep sleep easily.

The one way to cook tatsoi green :

  • pick enough tatsoi green
  • crush it until soft and it become pollen
  • if it has became pollen, pick it one spoon and mix it with wine
  • after that, stir it well and drink it at night before sleep

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  1. Cure Tuberculosis

The root of tatsoi green also have benefit for curing tuberculosis. Its contain can neutralize pneumonia that it is not good for our lung.

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  1. Cure Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids and dysentry can be cured with tatsoi pagoda root. The benefits of its anti inflammatory also can cure this disease. You may also read benefits of santol fruit and health benefits of eating lizard.

The way to cook tatsoi green is

  • pick up tatsoi green
  • clean it well
  • mix it with cow intestines that stir fried
  • after cooked, you can eat cow intestines and drink it soup.
  1. Great for Anemia

For Anemia sufferer, tatsoi green can be used to heal anemia. Because it has erythrocyte that it is produced by hemoglobin. You may also read anemia treatments, symptoms of anemia and health benefits of bathua leaves.

  1. Great for Fluor Albus

Fluor Albus surferer are recomended to consume tatsoi green. Because it can help to kill pathogenic bacterias. Its antibacteria contents can help to clean your vagina.

  1. Cure Scab and Pimple

The leaves and flower of tatsoi green give us benefit to cure scab and pimple quickly. Its anti inflammatory can heal the wound and help homeostatic. The way for consuming tatsoi green :

  • pick leaves and flower tatsoi green
  • clean them well
  • crush them until smooth
  • add honey
  • mix them well
  • apply it to the wound until dry

More Tatsoi Greens Uses

Beside that, There are another health benefits of tatsoi green, such as

  1. Prevent early aging
  2. Make blood flow fluently
  3. Reduce risk of cervical cancer
  4. Solve and prevent gastritis
  5. Reduce pain
  6. Take the fever down
  7. Strengthen teeth and bones
  8. Increase intelligence

How to Process Tatsoi Greens

The processing of root and flower tatsoi green is very simple.

  1. pick root of tatsoi green
  2. clean it well
  3. boil it with 400cc of water
  4. wait until boil
  5. drink it twice or three in a day

Cautions of Tatsoi Green

Although tatsoi green has many benefits for ourhealthiness, we also have to be carrefull when consume it. Because there are bad effects if we didn’t know it the dosages exactly such as  swelling face, poisoning or maybe death. The exactly dousages are depend on saome factors like ages, healthiness and another conditions. Because of that, if you want to consume tatsoi green, you have to consult with your doctor. So that, you will be prevent from bad effects of tatsoi green.

Now you know health benefits of tatsoi greens. I hope this articles will help you to take care your healthiness and add your knowledge about vegetables.