10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Frog Meat

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Based on the research, there are many health benefits of frog meat. So,what do you think when you hear “Frog”? Yes, many old people feel disgusted or scared with this amphibian. But it was different  with the children.

The children is  usually like the frog because it has funny shape. It  like to jumping and no biting them, too. The frog has short and plump body. Its back is rather down. Frog’s skin is smooth and moist. The frog also has long hind legs. Because of that, some people love the frog.

Frog Meats Nutrition

The frog of meat is usually used in many event. For years in restaurant of Tionghoa, the frog has been known as a kind of food which it is so delicious. They call this food as swie kee (swie: water, kee: chicken). They gived that name because its legs make people remember about drumsticks.

Based on the research of Food Weight per 100 gr, these are more information about the contents of frog.

The frog can be used for the importance of feeding, but besides that, there are many health benefits of frog’s meat, such as :

  1. The Source of Animal Proteins

The meat of frog is very good for our healthiness because it has high content nutrition as the source of animal proteins. Even, many people believed that the frog can cure some diseases, it is the same with the health benefits of eating insects.

  1. Cure The Impotence of Man

We can make juice from the frog meat, and its really has benefits for curing the impotence of man. In Peru, this juice is called as viagra because it is very fit for the man who has a problem with his impotence. Even, the people in Peru believed that the juice of frog also can increase their energy.

  1. Solve The Heart Defects

The one of health benefits of eating frog is curing the wound of heart deffects. Before eating the frog, we have to cook it. And one of the way to cook a frog is cutting it into pieces and mixed it with stinky beans, garlics, and pepper that ground softly. After that, all of that contents are boiled into water, then add salt and two teaspoon of honey. When you boiled the frog, you didn’t have to cook it more than 20 minutes. Therefore its extract meat would be lost. Beside that, you can consume garlic for make your heart more healthy.

  1. Prevent Asthma

Beside impotence, The juice which made from frog meat can prevent Asthma, too. This juice is very famous in Peru. It calls extracto de rana. It is the best selling in Lima town market. 

  1. As Antibiotics

The skin that stick on frog meat have many good substances. They have function to kill microbes which caused diseases. That is proven by scientist of United Arab Emirates University team, they did the research for making modification about substances that Stick on frog’s meat. So the people can use it as antibiotics. One of antibiotics can fight staphylococcus aureus that caused many patient die in the hospital.

  1. Cure Wounds Quickly

The scientist of Prof chris shaw found, fire billed of frog’s meat produced proteins that can cure wounds quickly. Even, it can cure the patient in many diseases.

  1. Prevent Bronchitis

Besides the health benefits of frog meat prevent asthma and impotence, the juice from the meat of frog can prevent bronchitis, too.  In Peru, This juice are very famous. It calls extracto de rana. It is the best selling in Lima town market.

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  1. Cure The Stroke Defects

According to Prof Shaw, the meat of frog has potentials to curing many diseases and another conditions where needed to repairing blood vessels quickly such as solving the stroke defects. 

  1. Good for Diabetes Sufferers

Same with heart sufferers, diabetes sufferers also can eat the meat of frog to curing his diseases. Because based on the research, the meat of frog can cure the wound of diabetes sufferers. They also can do some diabetes treatments.

  1. Cancers Prevention 

Based on the research of Prof Chris Shaw who come from United Kingdom, he succed to indentification of 2 proteins which produced of frog’s meat, can solve cancers. Two proteins of the frog are waxy monkey. It can inhibits the growth of blood vessels and kill cancerous tumor. We also have to know about 38 best ways how to prevent cancer naturally.

Beside that, a doctor from Jakarta also used mucous of frog’s meat as materials of alternative medicine for cancers.  With intravenous, this treatment is same as chemotherapy, but it is not hot like commonly  chemotherapy.

Caution of Eating Frog Meats

Although there are many health benefits of frog meats for our body, we have to be carefull with it. Based on the warden of wildlife, if we ate frog meat too excess, it  can cause some deseases, start from cancer until renal failure, stroke and disable.

It’s happened  because the frog get agrochemistry and there is cancer elements in frog meats. Beside that, in frog meats, there are many worms. It also can make us get headache. So, if you want to consume frog meat, you have to be careful.   You can eat the frog that do not have toxin. So that, you can prevent bad effects from frog meats