5 Health Benefits of Soaking Hands in Hot Water for Pain Relief

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Soaking in hot water has many benefits to reduce the pain, improve the blood circulation, and any related psychological issues like the stress, and sleep problems. It also reduces the inflammation in your hands due to arthritis.

Getting your hands swollen will hamper you doing the daily tasks. Some people leave the carrier and hobbies due to this problems. Using arthritis gloves becomes a way to relieve the pain. Others would use paraffin and dip the thumbs into warm, melted wax would keep the arthritis hands relaxed as it improves the blood circulation and help them get its flexibility back.

For you who suffer from arthritis that crawling into your thumbs, it is an excellent idea to soaking them in hot water. It costs you less than the wax or paraffin. You can also do it at home with ease.

To understand the thumbs, you should know about the central joint named carpometacarpal joint (CMC joint). CMS joint has the full range of motions that give it complete function for holding, grasping, squeezing and pinching. Due to its capacity and versatility, the CMC joint ends to wear down very quickly. Many people develop arthritis of the first CMC joint by the age of 50.

This painful condition can render the hand virtually useless. And not just one hand is affected; usually, both sides are concerned with the dominant hand being the worst side. This are health benefits of soaking hands in hot water for pain relief:

  1. This is for joint treatment to make it warm, Arthritis Glove, and possibly an injection. The treatment ends with repair surgery.
  2. However, don’t worry, you can use the hot water to reduce the pain as the first step. Or, you can find the same benefits of warm water which best for your skin.
  3. Adding some salt to the hot water will increase the relieve process since the magnesium in the salt help the pain gone and to get a better result, you may find it in the benefits of drinking water from the copper vessel.
  4. In some place, people also prefer to add ginger and lemongrass. Its substance provides the sense of warmth and healing the pain, and erase the bacteria in your skin pores.
  5. To reduce the pain from arthritis develop in your hands, you can boil water and add the herbs and salt into it, leave it warm. Then soak them in the mixture for about twenty minutes. Do it twice a day will give you the best result to treat the inflammation. Also, you can get more benefits of a hot shower.

Soaking hands in hot water also help you to soften the skin which often dry and cracked due to the hazarded outer layer. Exposure to the sun, cold air, dirt, chemicals are decreasing the moisture. Our skin can rejuvenate itself, but the cause above damaged it easily. Pollutant and UV radiation can also accelerate the dryness and age to the hands.

To bring back the moisture in your hand skin, adding the Cananga flower gives you incredible benefits. Cananga flower which also known as ylang-ylang and bears the botanical name as Cananga odorata; and mostly grow Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia, nourish and soothe the skin irritation, inflammation, due to its antiseptic properties in it. That’s the health benefits of soaking hands in hot water for pain relief.